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Where to Find Me Around Town

Hello there! I’ve been so busy with work-related writing and creative writing that I haven’t had the time to properly nurture this blog, so I thought it was about time I shared some of what I’ve been working on:

Illinois Woman’s Press Association

I’m the First Amendment Network Contact with this lovely historic organization and it’s been a busy year for us. My latest post is on what happened to Jamal Khashoggi. Read it here and while you’re there check out my coverage of the newsprint tariff fiasco that accelerated the downfall of print publications.

We also have an upcoming workshop on communicating effectively through disagreement led by the incredible powerhouse that is Nikki Nigl on Friday, November 9th, at 7pm. Tickets are $5 for members and $10 for non-members and you can purchase yours here. This event is open to all and I hope to see you there! ✊

Best Money Moves

I have the privilege of working for an organization that’s out to make a difference. Best Money Moves is a product that helps employees reduce financial stress, get smarter about spending and reach their financial goals. Over the past six months I’ve written articles about struggles to meet basic needs, financial toxicity, work-related stresstrauma in the workplace, and ‘faking normal.’ My latest post goes over research on why employees quit, like one respondent who said they had been with the same company for 8 years without a single raise (can you believe that?!). Subscribe to the newsletter while you’re there, I write that too! 😊

Think Glink

Ilyce Glink is an award winning financial journalist, real estate and financial wellness expert, author, speaker, entrepreneur and a pretty great boss. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to learn from her and create content for Think Glink. I’ve covered topics like the creepy future of creditworthiness, tiny houses, and the fate of the American dream. If you want to read more of my writing for Think Glink, click on my name in any of these posts to scroll through the 20 or so articles I’ve written so far. And while you’re at it look through some of the categories in the navigation bar at the top and soak up some of Ilyce’s advice, it will come in handy. 😎


I love love love love love writing poetry. I’ve been nervous to put my work out there, for endless reasons, but I’d say my two main hangups are: I’m so insecure that it won’t be good enough (a theme in my life that extends far beyond the literary realm) and I don’t read a ton of poetry journals, so it’s hard to know where my work is relevant (if there’s any journals I should start following please let me know). The creative writing courses I’ve taken at Northeastern have given me the confidence and skills to be a better poet. I’ll forever be grateful to my professors for reigniting a dormant passion I cannot believe I neglected for so long. I’m working on my final portfolio for my last creative writing course now, planning a chapbook, and searching for a journal that might be interested in printing some solo pieces. I’ll also share pieces on here occasionally like I’ve done in the past with Snack Attack, Body on the Tracks, and Boyman. ✍

Everything seems to inspire me these days. After class one night my friend Loni used the word ‘funk’ and the ‘fuh’ sound bounced around my brain so many times I had to write a poem about it. It’s not finished yet but I’ve been having a blast writing it:


   a futile fight.

             a fugue fall.

                       a fickle fiend.

                                 a feisty foe.

                                           a formidable force.

                                                     a fastidious fool.

                                                               a foul flummox.

                                                                         a frantic flounderer.

Thrive Global

I’m kicking myself for my image choice, but otherwise I’m pretty pleased with the review I wrote of A Star is Born. It’s something I’m really fired up about and it was nice to find a home for my thoughts on the interwebs. I’m considering re-watching all four iterations of A Star is Born and writing a longer academic piece… at some point in the future. In general I’ve been going to a lot more movies, so who knows, maybe I’ll write some more movie reviews too. 🎬

What’s Next

As so many things have changed, I will once again be changing how I use this lovely little digital space I’ve carved out for myself. For now, That Liz will mostly consist of re-posts from my work on other sites, sharing projects I’m working on as they develop and, of course, the occasional blog post when time permits. Thanks for strolling along this zigzagged path with me. ✌


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Another Mood.

I am still riding out a bout of intense depression and couldn’t muster the strength for a real post. Instead I started playing with words, words beginning with the letter o. I challenged myself to create a poem with o-words expressing my current state of feeling. I think it turned out quite nicely and maybe the positive spin here is that even if I feel like garbage, I can still find some fun playing with words and expressing myself.


overwhelmed openly observed

obviously obfuscating outcome

obscured oxygen oozing organism

obnoxious obsession overact

opposite outlook ominous

obtuse obtrusive offensive

odd obscene outcast

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Snack Attack

The bag of chips sings a hymn from atop the refrigerator.

“Open me,” it serenades seductively, “Consume all of me.”

I try to keep my eyes on the screen, but they dart to the forbidden,

to that which I know I cannot indulge in responsibly.


Nothing compliments my Netflix binge better than the

salty crunch that calls and commands my attention.

Resistance gives way to compromise, “maybe… maybe

this time I’ll just eat a few.”


A lie is a lie, but I love deceiving myself and

pull the bag from the shelf. “Should I weigh out

a serving to stay on track?” I giggle in response

to my own question, while I’ll continue to act

as though I will eat only a few, I know when I’ve

grabbed the bag off the shelf that I have consented

to the events about to happen.


The next half hour is spent in a daze. The sound the

bag makes when opening is so rewarding. I continue

to watch my show, binging while binging. Harmony.

In the transition between shows I lick my fingers, brush

the crumbs off my chest, wipe the crusts off the corners

of my mouth with the napkin, and reach for my drink.

The bag is empty and despite the fullness of my stomach

so am I.


Another fifteen minutes pass and a new song begins. A sweet

melody from the freezer reminds me that chocolate is my

one true love. The countdown to the next snack attack begins.