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Fans were pretty shook when the news hit the web that Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul were married. They tied the knot on July 28, , and it was truly a magical day. No need for crazy speculations - this is coming from a place of nothing but love. I love you, Jakey, thank you for this past year. But wait, who did Tana date before Jake?

Lil Xan has only been in the spotlight for a short while, but fans are already obsessed with him and his music. With touring, recording musicand keeping up with fans on social mediait might be hard to see how he would be able to fit in a date or two.

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However, as fans already know, Xan is taken and things seem to be pretty serious between him and his current bae. The two of them got close pretty quickly, with Annie joining him during his tour. The two of them announced their engagement on January The couple later announced that she was pregnant with the couple's first child in February.

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Since then, Lil Xan has openly called Annie his wife, however, they haven't officially confirmed if they have gotten married or not. Annie announced on April 11 that she suffered a miscarriage in an Instagram post.

Lil Xan posted a message on his Instagram a couple of days later saying, "sorry that I've been inactive lately I've been battling my demons and it takes time to get over something like this.

We're gonna b e okay and I love you guys.

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Before Annie revealed she had a miscarriage, people on social media accused the couple of faking the pregnancy, claiming the pictures Annie shared of an ultrasound were really from Google. Annie was definitely not here for the rumors.

May 15, YouTuber Tana Mongeau alleged in a video that Noah Cyrus, who also dated her ex Lil Xan, hates her.; Noah didn't love that allegation, so she just responded via Twitter. May 01, Lil Xan. In a YouTube video uploaded in May , Tana spilled all the tea on her romance with Lil Xan. It turns out, the two met through mutual friends in early and had a brief fling. But in the end, the rapper cheated on her and moved on with Noah Lillie Gissen. Tana Mongeau and Noah Cyrus seemed to have been hinting that they were in some sort of a relationship for months. Between flirty social media posts and Mongeau's "husband" Jake Paul saying he approved of Mongeau and Cyrus hooking up, it seemed clear that something was going on between the two.; Mongeau seemingly confirmed that she and Cyrus were dating on December 3, when she Author: Kat Tenbarge.

In an interview with E! She soon learned that another girl also considered herself to be his girlfriend, but he brushed her off, and said she was a crazy ex.

Soon enough, Tana learned that Lil Xan had been cheating on her the whole time. They ended things, and he went on to start dating Noah.

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Tana joked that the hardest part of the whole story wasn't that she got cheated on or that Lil Xan lied to her; it was that she loved Miley Cyrus and her whole family, and she was disappointed that her younger sister didn't like her.

Realizing that Miley's little sister hates you sucks.

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Lil Xan apparently went right up to Tana to talk to her, but Noah was not happy to see Tana. Tana said she truly had wished them the best and even wanted to tell Lil Xan not to mess up his relationship with Noah. Noah then referenced a tweet that Tana had previously put out about being "eskimo sisters" with her and, according to Tana, "shoulder checked her" as she left the red carpet.

Noah later responded to Tana's video, saying there was no bad blood between them.

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Now, Noah is with Tana and things are truly full circle. Mongeau also said she had heard that Cyrus hated her from unnamed sources.

Dec 05, Soon enough, Tana learned that Lil Xan had been cheating on her the whole time. They ended things, and he went on to start dating Noah. Tana joked that the hardest part of the whole story wasn't that she got cheated on or that Lil Xan lied to her; it was that she loved Miley Cyrus and her whole family, and she was disappointed that her younger sister didn't like Shannon Raphael. Oct 15, As much as Tana Mongeau values her independence, the popular YouTuber has been involved in several relationships over the course of her burgeoning career. From Bella Thorne and rapper Lil Xan .

Luckily for Mongeau, Cyrus quickly cleared the air. After the video debuted, the singer tweeted "lol this is hilarious i deff dont hate you and for sure turned the opposite direction of you no shoulder check.

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Cyrus added that the two should "hangout and talk about how bitchy girls are to other girls tanamongeau dm me. As a side note, this isn't the first time Mongeau has accused another woman of hating her for having a mutual fling or ex, only for that woman and her to become some sort of item.

Is lil xan dating tana

That was also the origin story of her friendship-turned-relationship with Bella Thorne. It's unclear whether Mongeau took Cyrus up on her offer immediately, but any romantic prospects were overtaken that summer by the YouTuber's whirlwind, and at least partially staged, relationship with fellow influencer Jake Paul.

Mongeau and Paul got engaged in late June and got "married" a month later, although the wedding wasn't legally binding, so they're not technically married. The two are still calling each other husband and wife for now, but the so-called marriage has been rife with cheating rumors.

She said she would want to be exclusive with Paul if he wanted that too, but she doesn't think it will ever happen.

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Perhaps spurned on by the cheating rumors, Mongeau started posting innuendos about her relationship with Cyrus pretty soon after the two started publicly hanging out. In September, Cyrus shared a flirty video of her and Mongeau with the caption "tana tastes like skittles.

The general understanding of the posts was that Cyrus and Mongeau had started hooking up, which had some fans asking whether it was hypocritical of Mongeau to call Paul out for cheating that summer. In an interview with "Entertainment Tonight" a few days later, Paul addressed the relationship between Mongeau and Cyrus and said he would be totally fine with them hooking up, because his marriage to Mongeau was "open.

Lil Xan - Betrayed

He even suggested that the three could be in a throuple three people dating each other of sorts. While Mongeau says she doesn't like that her marriage is open, she's not opposed to open relationships in general. Mongeau actually FaceTime called her way into the interview at one point, and the two said "I love you" to each other.

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When Sang pressed for more details, Cyrus clarified that they weren't dating but acknowledged that "it could be" more serious in the future. Despite being "just friends," Cyrus has still fed into the fan theories that she and Mongeau are hooking up and even that they're secretly dating.

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Fans of the pairing were referring to it as "Toah" - a mash-up of their names - and Cyrus clarified on Instagram that it was "Nana. Things seemingly got even more blatant in early October, when Mongeau and Cyrus were photographed holding hands out and about in LA. Around this time, Cyrus and Mongeau began appearing regularly in each other's social media posts, especially Instagram stories.

They were clearly spending a lot of time together, with Cyrus in particular getting to know all of Mongeau's friends. On a visit to the Knott's Scary Farm Halloween event at Knott's Berry Farm, Mongeau posted a set of photos with Cyrus, including one of them in the bathroom together - but nothing that made it clear whether they were dating or still just friends.

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