Usher’s “Burn” and Taking Control of Your Sexual Health

I remember when Usher came out with the Confessions album. I was a freshman in high school and pretty naive about sex. Classmates were gossiping about the song "Burn" being more than a confession of cheating, but of giving someone a STD. I thought, NO WAY! Thirteen years later, maybe my classmates were right after-all. Usher's been … Continue reading Usher’s “Burn” and Taking Control of Your Sexual Health

“Witness” Katy Perry’s Departure

I fell in love with Katy Perry's second album "One of the Boys." It was catchy, angsty, and fun. As her third and fourth album came out I did not connect in the same way, but still found plenty of tracks that I enjoyed. The world tour for Prism concluded in October of 2015 and … Continue reading “Witness” Katy Perry’s Departure