Big Changes On The Way: That Liz

Backwards is Better was a great space for me to explore and build my skill set. After a lot of thought about direction, it’s time I start focusing on something more personal. Backwards is Better has become That Liz ( – but you’ll still be able to get there using until March 2019).


Here’s a glimpse of some upcoming posts:

  • Suicide. I’ve been struggling to write a post about Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain, and the devastating 30 percent rise in suicides over the past two decades. I’m going to keep wrestling with this post and hope to have it up within the next week or so.
  • I Was Wrong. We Need To Talk. The hostility between divides in this country has made it incredibly easy for me to be unwilling to have a conversation with those I disagree with, but to get anywhere collectively we’re going to have to start listening to each other and asking why. I’m in the middle of writing a post on what that looks like for me.
  • GriefIt’s been over two years since my father died and it still sucks. I’m working on processing my grief instead of the all-to-familiar avoidance. It’s been hard. There have been a lot of moments I would have loved him to be here for. Even though we were close at the end there are still things I wish I would have said. I’ve accepted that he’s gone, but I haven’t accepted the expansion of what that means in lost moments and memories to be made. I’ll be sharing about how that’s going.
  • Re-Posts. I’m going to start posting links to my writing on other sites, like the first amendment freedom of speech and freedom of the press posts I write for the Illinois Woman’s Press Association’s FAN-Fair blog.
  • Highlights. Backwards is Better has amassed 85 posts over the past year and a half and I want to go through all of them and share some of the ones that stick out.
  • Mind Games. This is an idea I’ve been dreaming up for months now: how to get easily accessible, digestible, basic mindfulness and emotional resilience skills to kids and adults. We need to address the rise in suicides and mental illness overall. A project that makes emotion regulation more accessible has the potential to help people and that matters. At first, it looked like an hour-long interactive presentation in gymnasiums of elementary schools, then it looked like a nonfiction paper pamphlet or e-book, then a fiction novel, then a short video series. I’m honestly still lost on which direction to take this. Despite the uncertainty, I know I have to see this through and if I write out the concept here I think it will give me direction and hold me accountable. I’m also looking for collaborators on this. If you have any ideas or want to contribute to the project please reach out, I’d be thrilled.

These are a few of many ideas I have for this new territory. Thank you for coming this far with me, I hope we can continue on together. Let me know your thoughts, questions and if there’s anything specific you’d like to see on That Liz.

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