Health & Fitness IS Free

When I was younger I was under the impression that ‘health and fitness’ were terms relative only to the wealthy people who could afford a gym membership, nutritionist or trainer. Maybe there was a time when that logic was somewhat realistic, but there are countless free health and fitness tools we can utilize now.


In fact, there are so many free options out there that it can be daunting. Everyone has a different concept of what ‘health and fitness’ looks like and most of us are looking for a quick fix. We quickly absorb anything that someone who seems to ‘get it’ tells us.


I’ve tried so many fad diets I can’t even count them anymore… and I think I am FINALLY done. No more Whole30, no more intermittent fasting, no more adapting whatever new miracle diet comes out with even the slightest promise of results.

A resource that helped me understand how detrimental this perspective of being willing to try anything for a fast results is Elizabeth Benson’s Primal Potential podcast. It has been enlightening and I’m embracing making more effective changes to not just what I’m eating, but my food behaviors as well.

I deleted the My Fitness Pal app not because it doesn’t have value, but because I’ve been tracking food on/off for about six years now and it’s only fueled food obsessive behavior. So long to picking apart every food decision and shaming myself for not being perfect, good riddance!

I started doing yoga. Every. Single. Day. And it has been so beneficial for both the mind and the body. I’ve been practicing anywhere from 5 minutes – 40 minutes from the comfort of my own bedroom using the incredible FREE resource that is Yoga With Adriene. At the start of my journey I began her series “True” and I would recommend it for anyone looking to enrich their body and renew their spirit.


In my youth I did not embrace the great outdoors. My feelings on walking/running could have been summed up as ‘meh’ at best. No one in my immediate family committed time to fitness (not completely their fault, they worked a lot) so I didn’t have any exposure to it or anyone to motivate me to get into it. In fact, in grade school whenever we were required to run in gym class… I still walked… slowly.

At 28 years old my opinion on fitness has completely changed. I love love love taking long walks, especially by the lake. It helps clear my mind and almost always improves my mood. I also got into running and recently completed the Shamrock Shuffle 8k. I wouldn’t say I love running, but I love the way I feel when I’m done and overwhelmed with wonderful endorphins. Another bonus is that I can basically eat whatever I want (within reason) after running a few miles.


If you’re on the fence about fitness, feel like it’s a boujee fad, or aren’t sure where to start that’s okay, but I encourage you to give it a shot. Yoga/running/walking are things that are working for me now and are easily accessible, but there are endless routines and options out there to choose from like CrossFit, pilates, jiu jitsu, bouldering, and my favorite…. prancing!

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