Protest Protocol: Signs?

Last year I showed up late and alone to the Women’s March. I didn’t even make it to Grant Park. As the train crawled closer to the rally I started to see seas of people starting to flood the streets and jumped off to join in. Even though I was there late it was an experience so powerful I can’t even put it into words.

This year, your girl is getting ready! I am joining an amazing group of women to rally and march with. I’ve even spent the day brainstorming quotes to put on signs. There’s only one problem. I AM TERRIBLE AT MAKING SIGNS.

So, for anyone marching tomorrow or at any protest against injustice feeling a bit insecure about their sign making capabilities this wikiHow has your back with a step by step guide. It’s also pretty funny how detailed their breakdown of the process is.

If you don’t have a sign it doesn’t matter. If you believe we have something to fight for your presence is needed more important than a catchy sign.

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