S.A.D. Light Therapy Lamp Review

I got a light therapy lamp shortly after my post in October to assist with seasonal affective disorder. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t awkward at first sitting in front of a little box beaming a bright light in my general direction for twenty minutes after waking up in the morning. I struggled for the past two months to choose the lamp over hitting snooze and sleeping until the last possible minute. Now I’ve found myself in a daily routine that has been solid for a few weeks.

A portion of the credit for my commitment should go to my cats. We switched them to an all wet food diet twice a day and they have determined that 7AM is the absolute latest that I can sleep before they start making my life a living hell by demanding to be fed. They are ruthless. I don’t need to leave for work until at least 7:45AM and only spend maybe 15 minutes total getting ready. Instead of being miserable about lost sleep, I looked on the upside that my wake up call left plenty of time to hang out in front of the lamp.

I read, I write, or most days I play Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Whatever may happen throughout the day, it’s really comforting knowing that those first fifteen minutes are mine to do anything or nothing at all.

The light seems to be working! I feel like I’m less tense, I have more energy, and I have a more optimistic outlook on things. If you experience seasonal affective disorder and can find room in your budget I think it’s worth a shot to alleviate some symptoms.

The light therapy lamp I have is from Amazon. The brand is NatureBright. The model is not on Amazon any longer, but I found similar models elsewhere at Walmart, Walgreens, and Target. There are a ton of other brands and options out there to choose from, but make sure it’s at least 10,000 LUX.

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