Three Tips To Get You Through Finals


If you’re like me you can procrastinate no longer. Suddenly in the same week you have 2 different papers for 2 different classes due that are weighted towards 1/2 of your grade. It’s okay if you panic, I always do at first too. Remind yourself that you’ve been here before and you’ll get through it. Here are my top three tips for getting through finals:

  1. Meditate – It is crucial to take a few minutes a day to clear your mind. Last week I had a headache that followed me from work to class to studying and all it took was a minute of meditation to realize I was tensing from stress and BAM! Headache gone and effective studying resumed. In the past I’ve recommended Headspace and for beginners I still do (at least for the free trial). I found Andy’s voice and the graphics in the app helpful while I got the hang of meditation. The app that I use now is Insight Timer. It’s free, has endless options, and there’s a neat community you can interact with.
  2.  Turn Off Your Phone – Do it. No excuses. Nothing is going to happen in the next two hours that you NEED to know about immediately. If you’re working on a laptop turn off the Wifi unless you desperately need it for research. We think we’re better at multi-tasking than we actually are. Commit to focusing on the work you need to do and turn off the technology so you can get it done!
  3. Dedicate A Study Space – A cafe or library is optimal for studying. If you can’t get to either of those try to setup a space in your home that you can dedicate strictly for work. If you’re like me you plan on studying when you get home, but as soon as you’re on the couch it’s hard to focus with everything going on around you and easy to give in to the temptation of the TV.

These are my top three tips, but there are endless suggestions to help you be successful at the end of this semester without losing your mind. Make sure you eat quality meals and get quality sleep. You can’t churn out work worthy of academic praise when you’re running on empty. For more tips check out Billie Streufert’s exhaustive list of 25 tips the best of which being her final one:

“Finally, examine your beliefs about learning. It does not happen quickly and intelligence is not fixed. Stay positive and persist, believing that talent can be developed. You can learn material by working hard, seeking help and using effective strategies.” – Billie Streufert for USA Today Online

Keep persevering and nothing will be able to stop you from achieving your goals, we can do it!

2 thoughts on “Three Tips To Get You Through Finals

  1. I keep wondering about getting a simple phone for myself, rather than a smartphone – for some of the reasons you have written about here. It’s SO tempting to jump down the social internet rabbit hole when you should be doing other things.


    • I do it all the time! And have a guilty smile on my face knowing that I’m putting off work that needs to be done haha. I am considering a ‘social sabbatical’ and removing the apps from my phone for a weekend to see if it helps.

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