This won’t be a post telling you how to not want what others have. You always will. Instead this post muses on being worried that you might be left out or replaced. It’s being stuck between happiness for others and fear about where you stand.

This time of year it’s a feeling I feel quite often. Over the summer break I was able to connect with friends and family, attend different events, and grow new relationships. Then the fall semester began and everything screeched to a halt.

The excitement I once had being invited to things responding, “Yeah! I’m in!” turned into looking at the ground and responding with a disappointed, “I can’t I’ve got class.” The world doesn’t stop when I’m busy. Even though I have to remove myself everyone keeps hanging out, having fun and growing closer. Part of me is happy and proud that I have been able to bring so many people together but…

Whether or not I want to be, I’m jealous. Instead of holding it in I decided to make it a funny game where I glared at those I’m jealous of whenever I walked by and they were interacting without me. It was a way for me to express how I was feeling in a comical manner and we all still laugh about it (partially because I haven’t stopped doing it).

If you find yourself feeling left out or replaced whatever you do don’t take it out on your friends and apologize for it if you do.  

If something bothers you to the point where you feel like you need to say something try not to position it in a way where they’re at fault. Own your feelings and let them know how much their friendship means to you instead of placing blame. 

For more specific instructions on handling jealousy head over to Bustle for “7 Steps You Can Take To Fight Irrational Jealousy, Because It’s The Enemy Of Love.”

One thought on “Jealousy…

  1. I have often felt like this as a mom. My friends will do fun things but I can’t because I need to parent. I sulk a little but after a while I realize that I have some incredible kids and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to parent them. But I do get it. Great words, Liz!


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