Hang In There

I didn’t want to drop off the map completely so I figured I’d send out the same thing I could use right now. I send this meme to coworkers when it seems like they are having a difficult day.

This last week has been rough. The fall semester started and I (of course) got sick and missed a few days of school and work. It sets me up for failure and I’m frustrated with myself. Sure, my body let me down and at that point there’s nothing I can do besides wait for it to pass, but is that true?

I know that stress levels and eating habits contribute to my digestive ailments and create ideal circumstances for a painful flare, but what have I done to reduce stress and improve eating habits? Not enough. I meditate and have removed some foods from my diet, but I’ve been stubborn about making permanent changes that will improve my overall health.

Anyway, before I go any deeper into my failures I’ll try to remind myself not to be too harsh on myself. There’s no way for me to move forward and make decisions to better my life if I focus on the fall. Now that I’ve had time to heal I need to get back up and keep on this positive path.

If you’re feeling down as well I hope you really do hang in there. Be patient and persistent with change. Be kind to yourself and those around you. Nothing will ever be perfect, but positive progress is a possibility that we can make a reality.


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