Planning FTW

The fall semester is about to start at Northeastern Illinois University. I am a senior in the English department. I will resume living my double life as a full time professional and full time student in just a week. It’s building some anxiety for me and I’ve found a good way to quell the building nerves is to be as prepared as possible.

I started by building my calendar for the month of September. I marked off important events, spaced out some time for myself, and listed reminders to keep on track with simple tasks like brushing the cats and cleaning my home. While organization is always a struggle for me, I have been improving on it with my bullet journal and I’m confident that I’ll be able to stay (mostly) on track.

Whenever the semester starts I always struggle with caring for my body. I plan poorly and eat excessively out of stress. I stop going to the gym because I am overwhelmed about everything else that’s going on. Of course I start feeling bad about myself and often get physically ill thanks to my stupid stomach. All of this typically builds to an implosion that I’m doing my best to avoid. I’ve started thinking of meals to prepare and snacks I can bring on the go to stay on track. I’ve even begun determining what days make most sense for me to hit the gym and whether it will be better to go before or after work.

This year I also have Backwards Is Better to think about.Β I didn’t post a Wednesday Wipe-out yesterday in case you didn’t notice. It became overwhelming and I found myself desperately searching for things to write about and spin positively. I like how the posts I made turned out, but the anxiety that came with planning them wasn’t productive so for now I have tabled the concept.

So, what’s my plan then? My plan is to continue posting consistently three times a week, even if they aren’t as structured as they have been. You can look forward to more poetry, mental health themed posts, and I’ll check in mid September and let you know how my planning has been working out for me.

It’s going to take some time to get into a good routine and I am going to do my best to be patient while I work it out. No matter how hard I plan there will always be unknown variables that will challenge me, but it’s up to me to manage how I react to them. I intend to keep moving forward, thanks for coming with me.

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