Take Control Of Your Narrative

On many occasions we are our own worst enemies. One of these occasions is when we listen to ourselves say the words, “I can’t.” Once those words are in our minds or on our tongues we immediately find the reasons to back them up. For me, public speaking was always out of the question. I’m anxious, my face gets too red, I do weird things with my hands, I talk too fast… and by that point I’ve convinced myself it is beyond my capabilities.

If I listened to that negative self talk I never would have volunteered to speak at ABOUT WOMEN earlier this week. I would have robbed myself of this wonderful experience. I got to speak openly and honestly about my experiences with denial and offer some options for others to deal with it that worked for me. There was an audience of about twenty and for ten minutes I had their undivided attention. They rewarded me with a generous applause and after my time I listened to three other women. Each of us had a very different story, but I related to all of them.

We battle ourselves and the world on a daily basis. I cannot overstate how truly MAGICAL it is that this space exists where we can have open and honest discussions about the things we deal with. I’m glad that I challenged myself to ignore my internal chatter and do something I’ve never done. I’ve been doing that a lot this year and it has been incredibly comforting to find that I am capable of so much more than I ever allowed myself to believe.

Give yourself the life that you deserve. Stop listening to anyone (yourself included) who tells you that it’s selfish, beyond your capabilities, or stupid. It won’t be easy. Change is hard, but it is possible and your dreams are worth the work.

Thank you Nikki Nigl and my fellow speakers Kirstin, Leah, and Felicia for a night I will never forget. I’ve absorbed so much from all of you and I can’t wait to listen to four more women speak at next month’s ABOUT WOMEN event REGRETS: Learning To Not Have Them.

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