Community Is Key

When I rolled up my sleeves and began to pull myself out of a bout with manic depression earlier this year I had the strong feeling that I needed to be part of something larger than myself. I needed the consultation and support of a larger group, a connection beyond my circle of family and friends. A place where one can explore topics and express themselves without fear of judgement.  I wondered if something like this existed.

My friend, Kira Elliot, sent me a Facebook invite to an event called ABOUT WOMEN. I recognized the creator Nikki Nigl from a presentation on public speaking she gave during the spring semester at Northeastern for Becky Sarwate’s intense course Making Your Liberal Arts Degree Work For You. The upcoming ABOUT WOMEN event was called “Feeling Stuck: And Getting Unstuck.” Confident that there would be two faces I recognized I felt strong enough to try something new.

ABOUT WOMEN transforms a room into a magical space of kindness and acceptance. The energy is electric and we are empowered to keep asking questions and keep wanting more.

Maybe your first instinct is hesitation as mine was when Nikki said it was a ‘judgement free’ space. My immediate thought was ‘bullshit.’ I cannot accurately express how wrong I was. She amps us up and connects our experiences to create this vibrant, protective, and positive community.

We are not alone. This space reinforces that as we find ourselves relating to one another’s stories, openly sharing things we might never speak of otherwise. ABOUT WOMEN happens every third Wednesday at Pizza Serlo.

Next month’s topic is DENIAL: Being In It & Getting Out Of It and yours truly might even be speaking. If you identify as a woman and are living in Chicagoland I strongly suggest you to attend and join the convHERsation.

Nikki has a Facebook group for ABOUT WOMEN where we can keep engaging in the convHERsation. She has been posting a daily question for years now challenging women to reflect on where they are and where they want to be. This September 8th an art exhibit celebrates all 600+ of her past questions of the day. You can find all the details for the event here.


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