Cam Jackson’s Cringe-Worthy Moment

Welcome to Wednesday Wipe-Out!

Boy Band is a guilty pleasure of mine. It is a reality TV show on ABC where Nick Carter, Emma Bunton, and Timbaland are assembling a boy band based on weekly performances.

For the first week of live performances the group Tr5ble sang Adele’s Rolling In The Deep. Jackson was tasked with handling a critical section of the opening. My roommate Tawni and I gasped and winced as Jackson’s voice cracked during a long run. Aside from the hiccup he recovered well and had a demanding stage presence, but his mistake was bound to overshadow that, right?

I was wrong. Jackson wasn’t even put up for elimination that week, in fact his group was safe! The judges saw the serious potential he had instead of focusing on the mistake, how often does that happen?

This flub was notable as a viewer, but did nothing to hold Jackson back. We’re heading into the third week of live performances and he continues to be a strong contender.

I think we can all take a note from Jackson on how to gracefully handle mistakes: acknowledge it, let it go, continue crushing it.

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