The endless options we are provided with in life can make it difficult to make a choice and commit. We often wonder if putting our time and energy into something is even worth it.

Today I want to talk about Backwards Is Better and my commitment to you. I hit publish on my first post in February and let the excitement and anxiety sink in. I went into this with an idea, but without a formal plan. I made two posts that month before dropping off the face of the Earth until April. Since then I have been slowly posting more frequently and finding my footing with content, but I know that I can do better and that this blog is worth it.

This past week I’ve been contemplating my vision for this blog and how I can get there. I’m excited to share some updates that will be coming shortly:

1: Facelift – The time has come. I have gotten comfortable with the aesthetic of the blog, but it can be cleaner and more accessible. I asked my incredibly talented friend Danielle for help with re-designing the logo to bring more detail to my mascot. Here is a peek at the progress:

IMG_0586 (2)

2: Wednesday Wipe-Out – Thus far I have been avoiding a regular posting schedule because of laziness and fearing the commitment. No longer! I want my weekly post to be something fun and expansive. Wednesday Wipe-Outs will feature a fail that is not my own. I will draw from the news, pop culture, stories, other bloggers, and of course humorous photos of wipe-outs.  Keep an eye out for the first one this next Wednesday July 26th.

3: Culinary Quests – Food posts are fun for everyone! I will be making and posting a new recipe every week. Each month will have a different theme. I will be sharing the outcome regardless of whether the recipe works. You’ll either be getting a great recipe to try, or an amusing failure story.

The gate has been open this whole time, but I have stood in front of it waiting for someone to let me in, needing their approval and assuming I was unworthy to enter alone. No longer. Here’s to the hard work and the risks and rewards that come with commitment.

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