Summer Lilly Series

For some reason this year I was particularly delighted by the blooming lillies. I started taking photos of the ones that caught my eye and before I knew it I had a ton. I didn’t have a plan of what to do with them, but I thought I’d share them here in hopes that their beauty brings you some joy.




20170624_094759 (1)







Putting this together has made me think of nonsense that I collect. Whenever I come across something interesting I have to find a way to capture it. Occasionally things that I collect will work out like this did, a series of pictures snapped over a few weeks. For moments that I capture it happens a different way. I’ll take random photos, scribble notes, or capture moments purely in memory. A lot of the things I ‘collect’ end up being junk, but every once and a while when I reflect I discover a purpose that I had never imagined.

It’s quite exciting when I think about it. At any moment I can see something in my random ‘collection’ that wasn’t there before and begin tethering parts across space and time…

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