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Summer Lilly Series

I was delighted by the blooming lillies this year. I started taking photos of the ones that caught my eye and before I knew it I had a ton. I didn’t have a plan of what to do with them, but I thought I’d share them here in hopes that their beauty brings you some joy.




20170624_094759 (1)







Putting this together has made me think of nonsense that I collect. Whenever I come across something interesting I have to find a way to capture it. Occasionally things that I collect will work out like this did, a series of pictures snapped over a few weeks. For moments that I capture it happens a different way. I’ll take random photos, scribble notes, or capture moments purely in memory. A lot of the things I ‘collect’ end up being junk, but every once and a while when I reflect I discover a purpose or some random thing I held onto that I never could have imagined.

It’s quite exciting when I think about it. At any moment I can see something in my random ‘collection’ that wasn’t there before and begin tethering parts across space and time…



Storyteller, poet, crazy cat lady, wannabe gamer, intersectional feminist, idea powerhouse, emotional mess, perpetual daydreamer.

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