Snack Attack

The bag of chips sings a hymn from atop the refrigerator.

“Open me,” it serenades seductively, “Consume all of me.”

I try to keep my eyes on the screen, but they dart to the forbidden,

to that which I know I cannot indulge in responsibly.


Nothing compliments my Netflix binge better than the

salty crunch that calls and commands my attention.

Resistance gives way to compromise, “maybe… maybe

this time I’ll just eat a few.”


A lie is a lie, but I love deceiving myself and

pull the bag from the shelf. “Should I weigh out

a serving to stay on track?” I giggle in response

to my own question, while I’ll continue to act

as though I will eat only a few, I know when I’ve

grabbed the bag off the shelf that I have consented

to the events about to happen.


The next half hour is spent in a daze. The sound the

bag makes when opening is so rewarding. I continue

to watch my show, binging while binging. Harmony.

In the transition between shows I lick my fingers, brush

the crumbs off my chest, wipe the crusts off the corners

of my mouth with the napkin, and reach for my drink.

The bag is empty and despite the fullness of my stomach

so am I.


Another fifteen minutes pass and a new song begins. A sweet

melody from the freezer reminds me that chocolate is my

one true love. The countdown to the next snack attack begins.

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