Stardew Valley: Marriage Candidates Ranked

That’s right, I’m still obsessed with Stardew Valley. I spent a significant amount of time maxing out relationships with the twelve eligible partners before making my decision: CONGRATULATIONS STRAW & ABIGAIL!

The following is my ranking of marriage candidates with my reasoning why. If this is a game you are interested in playing, beware of storyline spoilers!

12. Haley – Her story was such a bore. She fits the stereotypical airhead, but I kept waiting to find out about a different side of her. It wasn’t there.

11. Alex – He plays the jock character who’s always working out and talking about his body. Nothing much changes when you start dating him, though his backstory was a bit sad.

10. Shane – I think his story ends on a positive note, but man, dating this guy was rough. All it involved was finding him drunk at various places around town. While you felt for him, it wasn’t exactly screaming marriage material.

9. Penny –  I felt like she was kind of stuck up. Her home life is pretty rough and there’s a fun scene at the spa, but she just rubbed me the wrong way.

8. Maru – She is a well-developed character. Along with working as a nurse at Harvey’s clinic, she’s a scientist like her Dad, though more of a creator. I found the protective nature of Demetrius to be kind of cute but more off-putting. It kind of emphasized the teenager thing. If that portion were removed, I think that the robot cutaway would have been way cooler. Either way, the robot scene is still one of the best!

7. Sebastian – To be honest I figured based on looks he was who I would end up marrying. The elusive goth thing pulled me in and I thought the Dungeons and Dragon scene was a lot of fun. He’s the bad boy who’s misunderstood and takes you for a ride on his motorcycle. Once the good times fade, he’s kinda whiny and I didn’t think that’d be fun all the time.

6. Leah – I believe she is the only character that gives you a real gift. She gives you one of her sculptures. I thought that was a really sweet move, but the rest of her story was your character encouraging her art career. There isn’t anything wrong with that, but it got a bit dull.

5. Elliot – Ah, the writer. One could expect his story to be a good one, and it is. He invites you to a reading of his new book and at another point takes you out on a romantic boat ride. Beyond the events, I didn’t find his character very interesting.

4. Sam – This was a surprise for me, his character is pretty juvenile and I never thought I would like him so much. He’s a boy in a band and you’re his muse. The short courtship culminates on a bus ride to see his band play. It’s killing me that I can’t remember the band name, according to other sites it depends on which genre you choose.

3. Emily – She is a lot of fun to date. One of her cutscenes is a trippy dream sequence and I think it might have been my favorite of all of them. At another point you witness her save a parrot. How sweet! Overall she’s a good pick, but what can I say, the “spark” wasn’t there.

2. Harvey – He was my pick to marry for a long time. I like the fact that he’s an adult and I found his romance storyline really cute. For the date he takes you up on a hot air balloon despite being terrified, how’s that for romantic?

  1. Abigail – My beloved wife! There are so many reasons why she is my favorite of the villagers. She has witty and gloomy remarks on life that I found poetic. Her cutaways are fun and happen all over town, from playing video games in her room, playing music by the lake, to rescuing her from the mines.  She even plays the drums in Sam’s band! Sure, similarly to my complaint with Maru there is a scene Pierre gets all fatherly in, but it’s while Abigail is wielding a sword in the graveyard…. so it is easy to overlook. We are still pretty early in our marriage, but so far she has been a delight. 🙂

P.S. I feel I have almost peaked with this game so I will need suggestions for a new obsession as there is plenty of summers left. Please and thank you!

2 thoughts on “Stardew Valley: Marriage Candidates Ranked

  1. We have the same best and worst 😀 I watched someone on YouTube do a Haley playthrough and just couldn’t understand why he found her to be attractive at all, I guess some people just like that lol


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