Conquering Fear One Win at a Time

Three opportunities this year have challenged me, brought me confidence, and helped me begin walking a path I once feared.

Early this semester we had an assignment to visualize a blog and the content we would curate. I felt like the assignment was mocking me. Years ago I tried starting a blog that left me frustrated enough to give up, but then I started thinking about how excited I was when I worked on it. I met with my Becky Sarwate to go over this idea that I could not get out of my head. She looked at the initial concepts for Backwards is Better and asked why it wasn’t already out there. There was one answer as there usually was: fear.

It was time to face it or give up altogether. I went home, worked the next week to fine tune things, and launched this site. This was a turning point for me and I began asking myself that same question a lot. I had been pursuing an opportunity with a blog our university was starting but was convinced they would go with someone else or that I wouldn’t have enough time for the commitment. I stifled the fear and went through with it. The position is mine and as long as I submit quality work I will soon be a paid writer. A victory in itself.

That brings us to the third opportunity. The English department at my university is full of hope. The faculty at NEIU is passionate about what they do and they host a ceremony honoring exceptional student works written throughout the academic year. I don’t know how I missed the notice before, but this year it caught my eye and I had been writing a lot, so why wasn’t I submitting?

There was an opportunity to submit two pieces. I finished editing my second piece the Sunday that it was due, but I neglected to note the 5:00 PM deadline. Despite that failure, the first piece I submitted won in its category. This was huge for me and it serves as a significant reminder.

Find what fulfills you, work incredibly hard for it, and do not let fear stand in your way.

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