Spring has Sprung: Fun Events in Chicago

I’m hesitant to say it since it wouldn’t be the first time it’s snowed in April, but it seems that Spring has finally hit Chicago. It is time to let your fingers and toes thaw and let your eyes adjust to the sun. You can feel the anticipation in the air and there’s a question buzzing around everyone’s brain: what’s happening? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.


I mentioned in my first post that I am a rookie mud wrestler with the Chicago Mud Queens and our season is starting! You just missed us guest wrestling at the Chicago Outfit’s Spaghetti Wrestling event, but we have a match 5-19 @ Baderbrau that you should be at. If you’d rather participate instead of spectating and are a woman in Chicago hit me up and I’ll tell you more about it. Photo of Pikachupacabra kicking my ass provided by the phenomenal Cormac Kehoe.


Are you a gardener? Me neither! It is hard in this urban setting where most of us are in complexes to feel connected with the ground we stand on, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t get our hands dirty when we want to. I recently discovered Gingko Organic Gardens and cannot say enough great things about them. You can sign up for their volunteer events through Chicago Cares, or just show up any Saturday after 9:30AM. This garden is entirely volunteer-run and anything harvested is donated to local food banks the same day. The land itself was purchased the vacant lot from the city for a $1 in the 90s under a land trust where as long as it remains a volunteer garden it cannot be built on. They are friendly, it is fun, and you can feel good about giving back while you soak up your time in the sun. (Photo pulled from their Facebook page)


I mentioned the Chicago Outfit earlier, ever checked out roller derby? Why not?! These women are fast and fucking fierce. I’m planning on going to the show on June 17th, maybe I’ll see you there. (Photo pulled from their Facebook page)

There are endless events going on in Chicago, but these are a few that are ongoing and that I can verify are 100% fucking awesome. Expect more posts about cool shit like this, and posts when I try new stuff that sucks major ass.

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