Why Backwards IS Better

Failure for me was once a dead end. It meant abandoning any project and shrinking in fear. I went from being set to graduate high school as a Junior to dropping out. It was a dark time and I was lost without hope for my future… for years.

I woke up one morning in my early twenties and realized that I needed more if I wanted to stay. There was no escaping fear and there really never is for anyone, though sometimes it can be conquered. I found an amazing GED program where I reconnected with writing and began building confidence.

That was six years ago. I’m now a senior at Northeastern Illinois University and working as a writer, something that was previously beyond imagination. I have had the pleasure of mud wrestling with the Chicago MudQueens the past year few years. I attend open mic nights and occasionally read my own work or collaborate with friends. Don’t get me wrong, I have lost most of my MudQueens matches thus far and when I read or perform it’s normally hurriedly without looking at the audience, but I have begun building a network of incredibly talented and inspiring individuals… one fuck-up at a time.

The goal here is to reflect on unfortunate events, choices, creations, laugh and celebrate the eventual success that tenacity can lead to.

Don’t just take my word for it, there is a lot of information out there and failure is pretty sexy lately. Christopher Bergland wrote a great article for Psychology Today that goes over recently published failure studies: Self-Compassion, Growth Mindset, and the Benefits of Failure

I found out that the same day I uploaded this Anna Akana, a creator I follow on YouTube who is a huge inspiration of mine, uploaded a video that relates directly to this blog: How To Deal With Failure (And The Fear Of It).

If you still want more, check out this interesting article from Stanford that views failure as a pivotal part to study in business: What We’re Missing When We Study Success.

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