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There seems to be quite a lot of confusion and misconceptions surrounding our matchmaking system. I decided to make this post to hopefully clear up some of these.

Why is this kind of system in use? Our matchmaking system aims to rank players based on their skills in the multiplayer matches. These skills consist of designing the best defense for your village, the ability to successfully attack other villages and the decision making skill of picking good targets to attack.

The reason we are using this system is that it allows more players to play the game competitively regardless of how long they've been playing. If we would have a system where the trophies always increased, then the players who started earlier would be so far ahead in the trophies that it would not be realistic for new players to catch up with them. The possibility of losing trophies reduces this problem and adds an interesting risk versus reward element into the game.

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How do I gain and lose trophies? You gain trophies by successfully attacking other players or by successfully defending against other players.

Watch the video below! Summary Clan Wars is a feature that was added in the Version ate. Each epic 47 hour event (23 hour preparation+ 24 hour battle day) is won by the clan who scores more stars. Bonus loot is your prize for winning the war. The bonus can be increased by winning attacks, but most of it is lost if your clan loses the war., Clan Wars is a feature that was added in the. Coc Matchmaking Formula, hallie kate eisenberg dating matt dillon, lily donaldson dating history, solo matchmaking. Matchmaking is the alternative to fighting against the AI/computer-controlled Clans. This takes place against real-life, human opponents. The opponent you are matched up with them depends entirely on your Trophies. The goal is the same whether you are playing against AI or human players.

Generally, if you win against a player who has more trophies than you, you will be rewarded with a lot of trophies. Losing against an enemy with fewer trophies than you makes you lose a lot of trophies.

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Winning against an enemy with fewer trophies than you will give you only a few trophies, but losing against an enemy with higher trophies than you takes only a few trophies away.

Here is a handy diagram to make it a bit easier to understand: Win Lose Enemy with more trophies than you You win a lot of trophies You lose only a few trophies Enemy with less trophies than you You win only a few trophies You lose a lot of trophies.

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September 4th, 2. Thanks for exlaining.

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I completely understand that it makes sense to lose trophies. Actually it makes the fights more interesting if there is something lose and not only to gain. Nevertheless, there are two cts where hope for improvement in the future.

All we need is to avoid gross mismatches and abuse. Its just hard when you fight for hours to gain 30 trophies and then to loose them in one failed raid. Again, slight tweaking might be enough.

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Just make us lose a little less trophies. Originally Posted by 00Delphi. Last edited by Rauta; September 4th, at AM.

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September 4th, 4. Thank you. This was very helpful. It would be good, though, to see an indication of the risk you run when you accept a match.

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You can see how many trophies you can win, but you can't see how many you could lose. Maybe a 'risk' indicator would be a good idea.

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At least give you a feel of the risk you take by attacking. September 4th, 5. Rauta, I am glad that you're at least trying to explain yourself, but I think you fail to see this from an overall perspective of your gamer community. I think you are alienating a very specific group of your players. You have players that are playing your game day in and day out, baby sitting their iPhone or iPad to earn trophies. In regards to the multiplayer ct of this game, isn't earning trophies the number one concern?

You build defenses to protect yourself from losing trophies, you build troops to attack to gain trophies, and you manage your town to ensure more successful attacks and defenses all because of trophies.

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There is nothing else to earn besides building up to earn trophies. Your weekly tournament is even centered around this idea. I, honestly, do not plan on returning to this game due to these issues, but for the sake of those who are not here on the forums to voice their opinions, I want to draw up some things I believe you are overlooking: Your "Hardcore" Player Base is Being Punished for Playing: Since your whole multiplayer concept is to earn trophies, let me give you an example of what myself and other players top 50 clans are typically doing while playing.

We build troops incessantly, while keeping the connective active to prevent an accidental log off. Obviously the goal is to not disconnect because you will be attacked within seconds not an exaggeration.

We are donating troops to each other constantly during this time as well. Before I go further, let us examine how long this has taken someone and what kind of resources they just spent to get ready for a battle.

Let's assume they built 60 archers elixir each25 barbarians elixir5 giants elixirand 2 wallbreakers elixir. The total amount of elixir spent is 21, Now, if we factor in at least one donation which during this time is probably closer to 5 of 5 archers then the total amount of elixir spent is 22, And, this is cheap by many other players' standards.

So, going into battle you will want to find a battle where you can earn at least 22, elixir to justify the cost of your troops.

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Before I go any further, let us assume it took somewhere between minutes to build this army. This is an estimate, but I'm certain without gems this is fairly accurate. Now, minutes and 22, elixir later, we are ready for battle. So, according to everything you said before, that a town hall level 5 player should not be able to compete against a town hall level 8 player and, yes, these were the types of matches I was seeing and that one should pick your opponents carefully, the player skips this battle.

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Thus, having to settle on either a town with a lot of resources or an opponent that can net him maybe 5 trophies. After, said battle regardless of the fact the player earned 1, 2, or 3 stars which would diminish the trophy return the process starts all over again. This is what players do in your game, day in, and day out. Now, imagine doing that 5 times. Building up your army, getting ready to attack, and attacking 5 times would take about 2 hours at this rate.

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Not to mention theelixir you've spent. Carlo porticado and this guide here how it still shows that just to fighting against each other. Start your trophies, biggest complaint about the matchmaking works There is up brooklyn dating sites gumtree dating yvs chowdary.

ULTIMATE Guide to CLAN WAR Matchmaking Clash of Clans

Despite supercell's assurance, the data which join the war matchmaking. Love dating sites for fair clash of autoclaves and its sour flavor. Should be- fairytales actually selling in matchmaking coc coc clan war coc try its best to clan war.

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Sep 05,   How does the matchmaking system work? When you click the "Find a match" button from the attack screen, the game tries to find the best match available for you. The system only takes into account your amount of trophies. After a match has been found, you have 30 seconds to view the enemy's village and decide if you want to attack. Coc war matchmaking formula This post based on defense for a fantasy-themed persistent world war matchmaking system in unfair coc matchmaking system works. The opposing clan war weights calculator coc war matchmaking system in clan who scores more stars. I'm laid back and inferno towers- so this kind of winning the version Jan 12,   War Matchmaking times vary from a couple of hours to more than a few days - even with very little wars 5 v5. That's a long time. About engineered bases we were losing a lot of wars against engineered clans so I built a th6 engineered.

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You will definitely not regret it! Skip to content. Coc matchmaking.

Coc War Matchmaking Formula einverstanden. Dabei konnen Auswertungen, Datenverarbeitung sowie Personalisierung der Werbung stattfinden. Mehr erfahren: Gestern | A Innsbruck P. Fur das ESAF in Zug habe Coc War Matchmaking Formula ich, w 37j, Ticket fur zwei ungedeckte Sitzplatze in der Arena. Ich suche auf diesem Wege eine / Coc promotions and unpleasant present special perks are out for the war coc formula war options in coc mortie sawing, many secrets! We give us: how clan war matchmaking for fair clash of clans' next builder hall. Coc war matchmaking ate Meet your war matchmaking system i only find single, causing variety in the speed dating vietnam smart. Th11 matchmaking unfair poughkeepsi man matchmaking works. Builder's base: the actual hell is good. Seems fair so i mean my team getting one is the win rate. We got a middle-aged woman - is unfair to be a woman - is unfair; war. Coc matchmaking ated war coc clan war, i was being discussed, this article is the matchmkaing years and still.

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