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It is in ours! Installing a motion sensor light switch is something I never thought I would do. When Lutron contacted me to see if I would be interested in installing their occupancy sensor light switch in our home I thought, this is the perfect opportunity to try something new and possibly save on our electrical bill. Living with four generations under one roof, the lights get left on all the time and we never know who did it. We have had these switches installed for two weeks now in two of our bathrooms and we LOVE them.

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Aim the Security Light Sensor. Aim the motion detector sensor and the motion detector light bulb at the field of view you want covered. (Later, you can aim the detector lower to reduce the field of view if nuisance trips are a problem.) Point the light bulbs to the area you want lit. Keep the bulbs as far away from the detector as The Family Handyman. I chose to have the light come on at the high setting (high sensitivity) and shut off after one minute of no motion. Can I just tell you, installing this occupancy motion sensor light switch by Lutron was SO simple and really has made a difference in the lights being left on. I . How to Hook Up Motion Sensor Outdoor Lamps. Outdoor lighting provides enhanced safety and security if it automatically turns on when anyone approaches your house at night. Most motion-sensing.

Article Summary. Co-authored by 12 contributors Community of editors, researchers, and specialists April 14, References. Part 1 of Turn off the power to the light.

Since most outdoor motion sensor lighting is installed in place of a current porch light, you will need to begin the project by removing the old light. Unscrew the existing light. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the existing light in place.

To be doubly safe, have a wire tester handy and test the wires connected to the old light to ensure no power is running to them before you actually touch them. Remove the wire connections. You will see three separate wires attached to the light. There will be a white wire the neutral wirea green or copper wire the ground wireand a black or red wire the hot wire.

Motion Light Installation

Occasionally, especially on older homes, the hot wire may be a color other than black or red such as yellow. Check the current electrical box.

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If the current light fixture is especially old, you may want to use having the light off as an excuse to change out the electrical box housing the wiring. This is especially true is you see any evidence of moisture or degraded seals around the box. The box will simply be screwed into place, and you can remove it and feed the same wiring into a new box before screwing it back into place.

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Part 2 of Mount the adjustable crosspiece from the light package to the electrical box. The motion sensor light kit you purchase will come with a small crosspiece bracket with several different holes, allowing you to attach it to electrical boxes of different sizes.

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Place the rubber gasket that comes with the light around the outside edge of the new fixture. The new light package will include a rubber gasket that fits tightly against the base of the fixture where it attaches to the wall.

Slip this gasket over the wiring on the light and into place. Connect the wiring with a wire cap. You have to make sure you connect the wiring properly. You will tighten the copper ground wire down around this screw by simply loosening the screw, looping the ground wire over it, and tightening the screw back down to make constant contact with the wire.

Screw the light assembly into the electrical box bracket with the gasket in place. Once the wiring is all connected and taped off, you can simply push the wiring into the electrical box to give yourself more room to fit the light assembly on the wall.

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Your particular setup will likely have one or two screws that you use to attach the light to the cross bracket that you already attached.

Make sure the rubber gasket is properly aligned on the back of the fixture, hold it against the wall, and screw it into place. Screw in the bulbs. Once you have the assembly properly in place, you are ready to screw in the bulbs that came with it. Seal the fixture. After you have restored the power to the light and ensured that it works, you will want to seal the light fixture where it attaches to the wall plate.

Use a silicone caulk around the casing where it attaches to the wall.

Motion light hook up

Part 3 of Turn the power back on to the fixture. The first thing you need to do is go back to your breaker box and turn the power back on to the fixture. Walk in front of the sensor. With the power to the light restored, walk in front of the sensor to ensure that the light comes on.

Install the light bulbs and turn the circuit back on. If the light switch is currently off, turn it on and leave it on. The fixtures should all turn on for a few seconds and then automatically turn off. Once it becomes darker outside, adjust the sensitivity and range on the motion sensor so it works the way you want it to. Jul 30,   Simplest Method: Install a Motion Sensor Light Bulb. Technology is a fantastic thing. When it comes to motion sensor technology, someone, somewhere, thought out this genius device: motion sensor light bulbs. These bulbs are an easy and efficient way to get motion sensing ability to your existing outdoor lights with little effort. In this video, Ask This Old House Master Electrician Scott Caron installs a light above a garage to illuminate a dark driveway. Steps: 1. Find an existing source of power near the location of the security lighting and shut off the power to that source. 2. Cut existing wire connections using the wire cutter.

Then you can worry about adjusting the settings. Adjust the angle of the lights. This step is likely easier to do at dusk or in the early evening.

Most motion sensor lights consist of two separate lamps that you can easily swivel and position how you want. Turn the lamps until you have a spread of light around the area that satisfies you.

Adjust the angle of the sensor. The sensor for most models of motion sensor lights is on a pivot that allows you to angle the sensor toward a specific location such as your driveway or a gate.

The sensor will have a rather wide field of view, so you can angle it toward multiple spaces at once in many cases. Adjust the sensitivity. Depending on your model of light, it may come with a switch or a knob to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor. Set the timing.

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Most motion sensor lights also have a time setting beside the sensitivity setting, allowing you to determine how long the light stays on when the sensor trips it. Yes, if the sensor setting is on dusk to dawn you can leave the light switch on.

And bonus, you can install it in just 15 minutes.

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The light itself it a smart light. You can set it to respond to motion, or you can control it from anywhere using the included mobile app.

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This method is surprisingly simple and very similar to the Kuna Toucan, or to installing a PIR light bulb. These devices, which come in various shapes and sizes, all work with the same idea in mind.

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They allow you to keep your light fixture AND your light bulb while adding in a motion sensor. Look familiar?

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It should. Simply unscrew your light bulb, plug this in, and then screw your light bulb back in. A simple, effective, motion sensor for your existing outdoor lights. Many PIR sockets are rated for indoor use only.

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The Defiant, for example, is listed as an indoor device. However, most users tend to put this one outdoors, and the company that makes it markets it as an anti-theft device, hinting that it has outdoor potential as well. Disclosure Mission. Best Security Systems Reviews.

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