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I was appalled by fans who cut themselves or even go as far as to commit suicide when their favourite K-Pop Idol announces that they are in a relationship. It got me thinking about relationships in the K-Pop industry. I have seen a lot of reactions from the general public and fans alike relating to couples in the industry that highlight a bigger message. The forbidden love in the K-Pop industry. Hence, this is my take and observations of relationships and all that surrounds it.

InSua left YG Entertainment after 10 years as a trainee.

Feb 08, † Dating Scandals. You might think that having a group full of attractive, charming and talented individuals would automatically attract the attention of fans and other artist alike, but dating or even somewhat interacting with artists of the opposite sex is often seen as the equivalent of committing a crime. (SM, JYP and YG). But even so. I don't think they are different from other companies. And I only know two rules kekekkeke: YG: * Strict no dating policy- this is YG'S STRICT RULE. If you heard the issue about (G)Idle's Miyeon, she's one of the original line-up of pink punk (or. Apr 23, † Ikon has a dating ban for 5 about Winner though. But girls usually get alot of hate for dating than Taeyeon and Baekhyun And the rules are stict on girls because of some yg.

Like Euna, Hanna was also a contestant on Superstar K 3. She was also a close friend of Lisa during their trainee days. Jinny left YG Entertainment in the past couple years and has since competed on Produce Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter

Dating ban is often mentioned by YG artists on many television programs. Last February, iKON Bobby mentioned on MBC's "Radio Star", "Speaking of YG, everyone seems to be as free as family but actually it is very formal".After that, he also confessed that "among the rules there is dating ban and we cannot date now".In addition, Black Pink Jisoo revealed the truth in this program. Any artist who debuts under JYP Entertainment has to abide by a dating ban for the first 3 years into their career. However, that notorious ban doesn't seem to apply to singer-songwriter Baek Ayeon! JYP actually encourages Baek Ayeon to date so that she'll have more inspirations to write out in songs. Cons. YG Entertainment USA - More than half of the employees left this place within years. "People don't leave bad companies. They leave bad leaders" - Marcus Buckingham - Upper management has no idea what they are doing. No vision. - Surprisingly lots of employees and YG Artists from YG HQ in Korea DO NOT KNOW YG USA's existence.

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Sep 15, † Thus, company's dating banning is not rational and unjustifiable. Must Read: YG's 6 Prohibit List On BLACKPINK: Alcohol, Smoking, Plastic Surgery And etc. Here are all about the dating ban. From A to Z of idols' dating ban, each company's rule and idols' tips to hide it from company and fans! Jun HyoSung "This isn't about me. YG does that I also heard that a fan said when blackpink was in weekly idol in the boy group dance part they just put some of big bangs mvs bc they are from YG entertainment and didn't played any other group like EXO and BTS why bc YG told them. Even in a interview B.I was afraid to say that he likes to be in GFRIEND just bc of YG. (As BLINKs also know, YG Entertainment has a strict no-dating rule, which is why most members of BLACKPINK have been single.) Amino Apps also reports that Miyeon may have also been removed from.

I think Big Bang did have a dating ban when they debuted tbh most idols do to avoid scandals. Maybe cause girls usually get more backlash than the guys in a relationship?

I'm not sure. Ikon has a dating ban for 5 years. Idk about Winner though.

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But girls usually get alot of hate for dating than boys. Like Taeyeon and Baekhyun And the rules are stict on girls because of some yg trainee who got pregnant and then she was kicked out. It is also because normally parents keep their kids in these conditions so they allow their children to join since it is a safe environment.

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It might be because fans these days don't like it when their idols are taken cause they always imagine that they'll be single forever and since idols need to build up their fanbase when they debut, they have to have a dating ban. I think the ban makes sense because female idols get so much backlash for dating.

3 New Rules BLACKPINK Must Follow! Future of YG Artists \u0026 Trainees?

Male idols get less backlash, especially if it's in secret and not out in the open. I think if all of this news is true YG should stop this and let idols at least breathe we all hope the best for them!

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We love you blackpink and IKON! It is indeed a YG rules that boy and girls can't practice in the same room, it's to avoid dating rumors and dating in general.

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About the weekly idol, the host ask them to dance to their seniors songsthat's why good boy and Ringa linga were the only song played. Bts, exo and twice weren't their seniors.

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I was ask if he was in a girl group, which group he would want to be a member, he answered Gfriend, he wasnt afraid at all.

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