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What to Look for in a Medical Alert Monitoring Center There are different levels of quality and operational standards for monitoring centers. What are the response times. In an emergency, seconds matter. The average response time for most medical alert monitoring centers range between approximately 20 seconds to 1 minute. It can be frightening for seniors to be left alone, even after help is on the way.

She was a vocal opponent of the Vietnam Wara member of the Jeannette Rankin Brigadea group of notable women who fought against the war and for civil rights. The President of the United States was present at the Century Plaza Hotel and helicopters were flying overhead with machine guns pointed at the marchers, [13] [14] but no mention of this event was made on television or newspapers.

Parrish started to make speeches in the Los Angeles area, telling residents what the media did not report and speaking out against the war.

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Impressed with her speaking abilities several anti-war professors from UCLA asked her to organize more like-minded actors and actresses willing to speak out.

This march was thoroughly covered by the media and received national attention.

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