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Published: Oct 6, Tony was not the person someone would call a good father figure - frankly it was quite the opposite. Having his way with so many women - being dubbed a playboy - a ladies-man, even. So it was no wonder when people got to know his little secret - you. His daughter - his offspring - one of the proudest achievements of his life. He was proud of you in every way - how you aced your finals - how you've not been like him.

I would know.

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We hang out. Maria inhaled deeply. He spends more time with you than with me. When my dad's out saving lives, my boyfriend is out there too.

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And I can't tell him to choose because that's a shitty thing to do It's just Tony sat on the edge of her bed. He reached out and placed a hand over her leg. Look, don't break up with Peter because dad doesn't have boundaries. I'll lie low. I'll turn it down a notch. I promise. Tony scooted to the center of the bed and embraced his daughter.

He kissed the side of her head before getting off the bed.

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He came up to me for help. He needed a wingman," said Tony. Maria shook her head, chuckling. She supposes she should be grateful her boyfriend and dad get along so well. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

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Comics Spider-Man. Tony and Pepper's daughter, Maria, is dating Peter Parker. It isn't at all what she expected. AU, one-shot.

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Peter blushed, refusing to meet Maria's eyes. I feel like I'm betraying him," admitted Peter, his voice smaller than normal. He's like a father to me and to secretly date his daughter-" "It's not like I'm unwilling," interrupted Maria. If we had his blessing.

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Breaking apart for air, Peter said, "You're such a bad influence. He began to sputter, his brain coming up empty on what to say.

Maria only shrugged and nonchalantly added, "He's cool. Tony folded his arms. Are the two of you dating? Maria beamed at him, taking his hand and squeezing it reassuringly. He gave Peter a good, solid, pointed stare.

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Pepper didn't look up from the folders she was reading. I know you know. About Peter and Maria! Love is a very strong word.

Nobody's getting married yet. Maria groaned. Another awkward chuckle. Your face so close to his. Your eyes so intense. So why was he doing it? You were. You were the one that closed the gap and kissed him. And oh how sweet your lips were and.

"no, honey, i don't have powers, i just kinda kick ass. i'm tony's daughter." EXTREME BLUSHING FOR PETER; partially because he's embarrassed, partially because that's tony stark's daughter he was checking out, and partially because you just called him honey. Being Tony Stark's Daughter And Dating Peter Parker Would Include fair warning: this is an absolute shit post ; natasha and wanda forcing you to tell them how the two of you met; when peter walked into robotics club with ned one day, he heard screaming and . Oct 06,   "Parker" The angry voice of Tony Stark echoed thru the Stark Tower. "Get your lips away from my daughter!" Yeah - Typical Tony Stark. ironman parker peter spiderman stark tony readerinsert peterxreader peterparkerxreader spidermanxreader starkreader daddytony reader- readerinsert-

It took the both of you out of your trance and you got back on your feet quickly, looking at each others awkwardly, blushing like crazy. This never happened before. You mean an empathic guy like you? An extremely intelligent guy like you?

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A nice and funny guy like you? A caring guy like you? A rather hot, damn dem abs really, and cute guy like you? Peter can feel the heat rushing to his cheeks and his hand squeezes yours without him thinking about it. He reaches for your cheek automatically and brush a few clumsy fingers on it, before settling his palm under your chin and bringing your face up to his.

Peter Parker and Tony Stark being father and son for 4 minutes straight

Kissing you is the sweetest thing he ever felt. Andthis is how it begins. So damn awkward. He would always be so busy with Stark Tech and the Avengers. Why was he home so early?!

With a nervous chuckle, Peter pulls away from you and shoves his hands in his pockets.

Jul 18,   The daughter of the multi millionaire, Tony Stark, meets the loner Peter Parker. OR Alissa Rose Potts Stark is 16 and daughter of Tony Stark. Being a young Stark has i Reviews: Imagine being tony stark's daughter and dating peter parker - Want to meet eligible single man who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the right man offline, internet dating can provide. Find single woman in the US with relations. Looking for sympathy in all the wrong places? Now, try the right place. How to get a good man. Tony folded his arms. "You know what 'sort of dating' means, Mr. Parker?" Peter swallowed hard. "It means on and off, casual, no commitment, friends-with-benefits kind of dating, the sort of dating I do not approve my daughter to be in. So you think real hard if you want 'sort of' to be your answer." "Dad." "Um." "I'm gonna ask you again.

With a little tremor in his voice he says :. You go to stand protectively in front of your boyfriend, and, staring your father down you say :. But mostly busy. In those eight months we barely saw each others! I love him. So likedeal with it. Not gonna change. The happiness you feel is overwhelming and all you can do is hide your face in his shoulder, as he wraps his arms around you, smiling like an idiot, and you.

But your dad is having none of it, and says :. You completely ignore your dad as you pass right by him and leave the place. It just, kind of didYour daughter is the most wonderful girl in the world. This is important. You are important.

And he has to stand his ground. He says, feeling more sure than ever. I love your daughter. I just know it. Spider sense if you want. Double check.

And alright. He truly loves you. You have my blessing. Not just for your status and money, but for you. And would stand up to the great Iron Man. So far, all of the kids failed. ButWell, you were almost sixteen.

Tony stark daughter dating peter parker

You were starting to be a woman. You were going to leave your dad soonOk, maybe he was dramatizing things a little bit butThe thought of you growing up so fast was unbearable. He wanted you to be six again, to be amazed by everything he did and not to smugly do things even better than him! In fact, Tony Stark was pretty sure he hated him dating his daughter. This is a terrible start to me trying to write a Peter Parker fic.

I feel like I got everything so wrong, that they were all so out of characterUh. I tried.

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You seemed so unhappy to see him -Who the Hell are you? Writing inmates became a secret passion project. Helping those on the inside maintain their connection with the outside world in a positive way was something Peter felt a calling in. Hiding it from his overprotective father was fine, as long as he kept an emotional distance, and he always did. Blonde curls spilled down in front of his blue - blue, such a pretty blue - eyes.

He was wearing jeans and a grey flannel with the arms rolled up to his elbows. His skin was golden, as if kissed by the sun. And he had freckles - freckles splattered over his nose and forehead and cheeks, which were turning red very quickly. Or, Harley comes to New York for the summer, and Peter's head over heels for this southern boy. The devil comes in many forms. Some just aren't as obvious as others. Tony Stark thought he'd met a few in his life.

Pep, I have to tell you something. But I always thought that when I do have a kid it will be with you. Fast forward to 15 years later - It took 15 years before Tony Stark saw Pepper Potts again and he honestly thought the day would never come. Yet, here she was in front of him and he realized his feelings for her never changed. She was his first great love.

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She still is. An AU reimagining where Tony and Pepper broke up fifteen years ago - he had a kid, she moved away - but now she's back as his company's new CEO. He's going to try to win her back.

He knew it wouldn't be easy, he did hurt her pretty bad after all, but he's also about to find out she had her fair share of secrets as well, things she should not have kept from him.

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And then a certain Peter Benjamin Parker-Stark sets them up, not knowing about their history, that they knew each other from way back. Peter Benjamin Parker was your average, awkward, middle-class, nerdy teen from queens.

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Oh and yeah he's Spider-Man. The two boys are completely different yet the same person.

In the wake of the loss of his daughter he tried-tried to do right by her. He became Iron Man, he was an Avenger, he protected his world because he couldn't protect his daughter, but through it all, he hoped to be reunited with his daughter. Peter Parker is Tony Stark's Biological Child Parent Tony Stark Tony Stark Has A Heart. When Peter Parker returns from dust, he longs to re-establish a connection with his friend and mentor Tony Stark. But while Peter's been gone, Mr. Stark seems to have acquired a daughter and an unusually close relationship with Thanos' daughter Nebula. Besides, Peter was a nice boy. He knew it. Peter was a great boy. But still, Tony Stark wasn't sure he liked him dating his daughter. In fact, Tony Stark was pretty sure he hated him dating his daughter Fin. This is a terrible start to me trying to write a Peter Parker fic.

No one is meant to find out about Peter Parker's little secret until he's But when a nosy reporter leaks a video of Spider-Man taking of his mask and calling Tony Stark dad, well The early chapters are more based on Pepperony, the circumstances of Peter's birth and baby Peter before the main plot begins.

Journey until he turns 18 when the world will mind out who he is. Starks are supposed to be made of iron, but Tony and Anya prefer rubber. Not only can Erik not track them down if their not made of iron, but rubber bounces back much more easily. Being told to not reveal their powers to the rest of the world for most of their lives never sat well with either sibling, and Charles and Erik believe that they should just be grateful that the two at least waited until they were both adults before doing something this risky.

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