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Love that supernatural, cafepress mentally dating app 10x07 girls girls girls. From season of wild Read Full Article finds out that supernatural. He goes so far as to send a fake text from Amelia Richardson to Sam to get him out of the way and defends Benny's killing of Martin Creaser as self-defense, knowing that the mentally-unstable Martin had been after Benny and having gotten the story from his great-granddaughter. However, when Sam made Dean choose between them, Dean ultimately chose Sam over Benny and cut all ties with him, something Benny was understanding of despite his deteriorating situation.

Dean's plan is to kill Benny to send him back so he can lead Sam and Bobby out the same way he did Dean and come back with Sam.

Dean knows that he is asking a lot, but Benny agrees without hesitation, telling Dean he doesn't fit in on Earth anymore. Benny agrees to come back with Sam, but secretly plans not to return, keeping this from Dean.

Dean kills Benny who rescues Sam and Bobby as planned, but stays behind to hold off other vampires. Dean is devastated to learn that Benny didn't come back with Sam and buries his body instead of burning it so he can possibly bring Benny back in the future.

Benny's sacrifice earns him Sam's trust and he agrees to Dean's action, ending the animosity between Sam and Dean about Benny. In The Werther Projectwhen under the influence of the Werther BoxDean hallucinates that he is back in Purgatory with Benny who he is glad to see until he realizes that Benny isn't real. Dean kills his hallucination of Benny to return to the real world, though he does this knowing full well that it is not his friend that he is killing.

Dean is obviously startled to have Benny brought up again but doesn't answer her questions. Upon returning to Purgatory, Dean finally learns that Benny has been killed by his own kind for his actions and was devastated by his friend's death, stating how he couldn't even repay the debt he owed to Benny for saving his and Sam's life.

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Dean learned he was a descendant of Cain from Michael. He also learned because of this lineage anyone related to him can serve as a vessel to the Archangel. However, he first meets Cain while hunting for the First Blade and was shocked to hear he was alive. He is further shocked when Cain prevents his and Crowley's escape. Dean then hears of Cain's reputation as a demon and was shocked that he knew of who he was in their meeting. Dean learned that Cain was the one who trained the Knights of Hell, Abaddon included as well the fact that he wiped out the order.

Dean is also put off by him sacrificing his own brother Abel and is disgruntled by the demon 's unwillingness to help at first. However, he was sympathetic towards Cain's loss but is undeterred in his attempts to get the First Blade from Cain to kill Abaddon. On Cain's end, he is intrigued by Dean, having heard stories of him and admires his skill and determination. Eventually, Cain agrees to give Dean the Mark of Cain and asks in return that Dean kills him someday after killing Abaddon.

Dean watched in awe, as Cain slaughtered Abaddon Loyalists single-handedly. After learning that Cain has returned to his old ways, Dean becomes determined to kill Cain despite the fact that doing so could result in him falling completely under the Mark's influence.

When Dean and Cain come face to face, Dean notes that Cain had asked Dean to kill him in the future, but Cain is dismissive of this and tells Dean he believes he is doing Dean a favor by killing him. Cain states he cares for Dean but stated a prediction of what he thinks is to come for Dean rattles him and after defeating Cain.

Though Dean could have immediately ended it, he asks his ancestor if he can stop so he doesn't have to kill him. When Cain refuses to stop, Dean kills him but is left conflicted by Cain's predictions about him killing CrowleyCastieland Sam due to the Mark if left unchecked.

Dean first meets the Leviathan in the form of Dick Roman when they are investigating the so-called Jersey Devil and realize Dick is a Leviathan.

They first meet face to face when Sam and Dean rescue Bobby from him which results in Bobby getting fatally wounded. While Bobby is in the hospital dying, Dean confronts Dick outside, promising to kill him and pointing out that Dick can't kill him there as there is a crowd.

Dick is simply amused by his threats. Bobby's death sends Dean into an obsession with Dick and finding a way to kill him, which is apparently impossible. Dean spends three weeks learning all he can about Dick and his activities and hires Frank Devereaux to track his movements. Dean's obsession with Dick takes over his life to the point that when he's not working on a case, he focuses solely on Dick rather than his usual pursuits, worrying Sam.

However, when confronted by Dick while rescuing Charlie BradburyDean chooses to flee rather than fight as he can't kill him yet. After learning how to kill Dick from The Word of Go Dean grows more obsessed with getting him as he finally has a way. After Bobby turns into a Vengeful Spirit over his own obsession with killing Dick in revenge for his murder, he tells Dean to kill Dick, but not for vengeance, but for the job. Dean finally loses his obsession on the matter, but is still determined to kill Dick in order to stop the Leviathans and save the world.

When finally face to face with Dick armed with the one weapon that can kill himDean keeps his cool despite Dick's taunts, having apparently taken Bobby's request to heart and uses his smarts against him rather than brute force.

Thanks to this method of confronting his most hated enemy, Dean is able to catch Dick off-guard and finally kill him with the help of Castiel who restrains Dick for him.

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However, as a side-effect of killing Dick, Dean and Castiel are dragged to Purgatory themselves with his essence where Dean remains trapped for a year. Despite encountering several Leviathans in Purgatory, Dean apparently never encounters Dick again after his death. Dean killing Dick also effectively ends the threat of the Leviathans as it leaves them completely disorganized as Dick is the only leader they have ever had.

The Leviathans revert into ordinary monsters, just harder to defeat and at least most of them are brought down by demons under the command of Crowley once Dean has dispatched their leader.

Dean's only known biological child is an Amazon by the name of Emma. During a case, Dean had unwittingly conceived her with her mother Lydia.

As an Amazon, Emma grew quickly and was born within two days after conception. Dean had the fortune of meeting the girl while she was still a toddler, but he didn't know at the time that Emma was his until he did an investigation on Amazons. Dean was shocked to realize he produced a child and didn't like Sam's jokes about being a father. Once Emma turned sixteen, she was assigned with the task of killing her father and uncle. Emma lied to Dean about running away from the Amazon leaders so he would drop his guard, but Dean knew it was a trap and held her at gun point before she could stab him.

Emma was impressed with him as she was told that he was a challenge. Both Emma and Dean knew that Dean was too soft and could not bring himself to kill Emma, his own child, leading Sam to shoot Emma in order to save Dean. This left Dean noticeably upset in the following weeks, but he soon came to forget, or simply not think about, his daughter. It is unknown if Dean considers her to be a family member or just another monster, given Dean's unforgiving attitude towards monsters in general.

However, he has made it so he won't hook up with random women and make another child. Dean first meets Gadreel when he prays for help to save Sam and the angel comes to answer his prayer. Dean kills an angel that beats down Gadreel, saving him, but not trusting him, Dean traps him in Holy Fire.

Eventually, desperate, Dean tricks Sam into saying " Yes " to Gadreel so the angel can heal him from the inside. Though Gadreel allows Sam to have control, he periodically emerges to aid Dean at times though Dean covers these times up so Sam won't expel Gadreel and die. Dean calls on Gadreel to help locate Castiel when he is being hunted by Reapers and Gadreel resurrects Castiel and Charlie Bradbury for Dean despite knowing it will weaken him because their deaths affected Dean badly.

However, over time, Dean grows less trusting of Gadreel, especially after encountering Chef Leo who allowed something in and it ended badly when he lost control and due to Gadreel's reaction to Castiel's presence. After Gadreel promises him that there is not much time left before Sam is healed, Dean pushes him to hurry up and grows more and more suspicious as Gadreel tells him that Castiel is a threat because angels are after him when Dean knows that no one knows that Gadreel is in Sam.

However, he has no choice but to comply with the angel's demands as he will leave Sam otherwise and he might die. When Dean learns that the real Ezekiel is dead from Castiel, his suspicions are confirmed and he uses a sigil to try to suppress Gadreel so Sam can expel him. This backfires and Dean is forced to watch as Gadreel takes full control of Sam, murders Kevin and leaves. Dean ends up having to team up with Crowley to save Sam, again going to desperate measures to get rid of the angel he once trusted despite Gadreel's threats to harm Sam if they attempt to expel him.

Dean goes as far as allowing Crowley to torture Gadreel and even possess Sam to force the angel out. Finally, Crowley succeeds and Gadreel is expelled but Dean's relationship with Sam is severely damaged by the event and Dean decides to hunt by himself to prevent anyone else from getting hurt by him, something Sam doesn't even try to stop.

After Gadreel is captured, Dean tortures and nearly kills him under the Mark of Cain 's influence, but ultimately spares his life after realizing he wanted death and resolved to leave him to rot.

However, Dean reluctantly trades him for Castiel to Metatron. When Gadreel changes sides and asks for a second chance, Dean pretends to forgive him, but his own anger augmented by the Mark of Cain causes him to try to kill Gadreel with the First Bladeleaving Gadreel seriously wounded. Despite Sam's insistence that Gadreel is their one chance to beat Metatron, Dean shows no remorse for his actions. Dean is not too impressed by Garth's clumsiness and his apparent inept attitude.

However, he changes his perspective when Garth protects someone from the demon Jackson and successfully trapping Guy in a devil's trap.

After the conflict was resolved, Dean told Garth that he didn't suck though is dismayed by a hug from him. Dean was also annoyed by Sam's remark on making a friend. In later seasons, Dean continues to rely on Garth in cases such as having him protect Linda Tran and her son Kevin Tran as well as for finding his grandfather Henry Winchester who time traveled to the future. Dean now seems to regard Garth as a friend as he was worried when he went missing and was sad to see he was now a Werewolf.

However, Dean accepted Garth and believed he could keep himself under control.

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He even allowed Garth to hug him before he changed his mind, while being pleased Garth found happiness with his new family. Knowing that Garth would be a prime target because of his status as a werewolf, Dean orders him and Bess to hide until its safe.

In Nightmare LogicDean calls Garth to warn him of Michael's enhanced monsters and traps for hunters. Garth also told Michael that he still is Dean's friend when the latter recognized as such. After learning Garth took Michael's grace, Dean wondered if they could truly save him.

For most of his life, Dean lacked faith in God, he felt this way after his mother's death and for all the pain that befalls people with the supernatural. Though he noted that the freak death of a human criminal seemed like "an act of God. He even stated his reasons to Sam and Bobby but only calmed down after they informed he was lucky to be alive again.

After the failure of their plan to kill Lucifer with the ColtDean placed his faith into Castiel's plan to defeat Lucifer by finding God but lost his faith in everything when God, after sending Joshua to save them, told Sam and Dean through Joshua that he had no intention to help them further. Before this, as stated by Joshua, God had helped the Winchesters by teleporting them onto an airplane as Lucifer rose, resurrected Castiel to help them in the battle and granted them salvation in Heaven after Walt and Roy killed them.

After the Apocalypse is stopped, Dean is disgusted when Castiel has a renewed faith in God and states "if you see him tell him I'm coming for him next. As Chuck Shurley, Dean was at first aggressive towards God before he was revealed as a Prophet and at first disbelieving about his prophetic books.

However, he later turned to Chuck as a source of information for finding the locations of where Sam was confronting Lilith and the final battle between Michael and Lucifer.

Despite this though, he threatened Chuck about not making anymore books during a fan convention. After Chuck reveals himself to be God to the Winchesters, Dean refuses to believe it's actually him until God teleports them to the Bunker and calls in the spirit of Kevin Tran before he sends him to Heaven, proving his claims. Dean was very shocked to actually meet God being silent in the meeting with him but unlike Sam who is awed by God's presence, Dean is a little more bitter due to God's refusal to help with problems in the past and his apparent lack of care about humanity.

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As God explains his reasons, Dean gets visibly emotional and starts crying. God eventually tells Dean to stop putting his abandonment issues with his father on him, as the latter looked at him with a sad expression. When God steps out as Sam and Dean talk about a plan for Amara, he states he always had faith in them before he pokes fun at Dean's previous lack of faith.

After learning from Metatron of God's plans to sacrifice himself to AmaraDean tries to talk him out of it and is shocked to learn that God sees him as the "firewall" between Light and Darkness. Dean tried to say he couldn't handle such a thing but God tells him he knows he can since that was why he had Castiel save Dean from his torment, causing Dean to have a different perspective of him. After God is mortally wounded, Dean manages to save him in the end by convincing Amara that revenge isn't worth it.

Rather than killing Amara, Dean is able to get her to finally reconcile with her brother and end her long-standing grudge against him.

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In doing so, Dean uses his own relationship with Sam as an example of why Amara should forgive God. After God is healed by Amara, he removes the soul bomb in Dean and departs Earth with her, telling a curious Dean that he knows the Earth will be fine without him because it's got Dean to protect it.

Dean's opinion of God seems positive up until he loses his mother, Crowley and Castiel during a confrontation with Lucifer. Dean tries to get God to help and bring the three people back, and blames God for putting everything on his and Sam's shoulders. When God doesn't answer, Dean believes that God just doesn't care.

It appears he has still hasn't gotten over this as seen in A Most Holy Man where he tells Father Lucca Camilleri that he knows that God exists, but believes that God doesn't care about any of them and won't help. Lucca explains to Dean that he doesn't literally expect God to show up and perform a miracle but that he sees good acts as being God's work.

This seems to cause Dean to let go some of his old pain. After seeing God again in The TrapDean immediately punches him in the face even though it has little effect.

Dean comments that God knew he had to do that which God acknowledges before punching Dean back, sending him flying across the room. During The GamblersDean and Sam decided to undo the curse God put on them and went up against the goddess of luck Fortuna.

They told her they plan to take the fight to God or go out trying, something that caused her to restore their luck. Dean was surprised when Billie later revealed that God's book in Death's Reading Room reveals that Jack is the one who ultimately kills God. It also turns out that Dean and Sam will have role in this as well.

Dean and Gordon meet in Season 2's Bloodlust. At first, Dean and Gordon hit it off pretty well, they even do a hunt together, though once Dean realizes how psychotic Gordon is, they become enemies.

This is especially true when Gordon begins to hunt Sam down in Hunted.

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In that episode Gordon takes Dean prisoner. They remain enemies until Fresh Bloo when Sam kills Gordon. Dean later mentions Gordon's death to Lenore with a pleased tone, much to Sam's annoyance. Henry is Dean's paternal grandfather.

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Dean first met him in As Time Goes Bywhen the latter time traveled to get away from a demon named Abaddon. After learning who he is, Dean was shocked to meet him as the latter was to meet him and Sam. Like with Samuel, Dean was distrustful of him and resented him for not being there for his father and does not accept Sam's belief that it wasn't his fault. Dean is also annoyed that Henry is disappointed in him and Sam not being in Men of Letters before criticizing him for abandoning his family.

After Henry reads John Winchester's Journalhe tries to undo his mistake and traveled back to his son. Aware that this would alter history, Dean stops him and admits to him that he was wrong to believe that he ditched his father after finally seeing that he was not entirely at fault. He forgave Henry in John's place.

When Dean learns Abaddon has taken Sam hostage in exchange for Henry, Dean immediately wanted to save his brother and knocked out his grandfather to bring him along. On the way, Dean earned Henry's respect by going out of his way to save Sam and calling him his only real family.

This causes Henry to make a plan, though Dean was worried for Henry's safety as a result but the latter was insistent.

The two were able to defeat Abaddon but at the cost of Henry who uses his final moment to express pride in them and their father. The brothers then bury their grandfather in the cemetery of his fellow deceased Men of Letters, and realize the significance of all Heaven positioning the brainy Winchesters and brawny Campbells together to produce them. Whether intentionally, Dean later avenged his grandfather by killing Abaddon under the influence of the Mark of Cain.

During LebanonDean spoke fondly of his grandfather when talking to John who was pulled into the future and remarked he'd be proud that John made it to the bunker and learn of his legacy. Dean first meets Kevin Tran when he comes to the hospital where an insane Castiel is incarcerated. Dean banishes HesterInias and Castiel to protect him and encourages him when he has trouble translating the Leviathan Tablet.

After returning from PurgatoryDean is upset to learn that Sam abandoned Kevin when he needed them, feeling that Kevin was their responsibility. However, Dean loses Kevin's trust when he is willing to sacrifice his mother to kill Crowley. After he, Sam and Castiel rescue Kevin however, he seems to regain it. Dean keeps up with Kevin at Garth 's houseboat, bringing him food and seeking his help with matters relating to the Trials of God and other things.

Dean is also slightly stunned at the fact that Kevin cut his own mother off to be alone. When Kevin translates the first trial, Dean pushes him a bit hard in his efforts to close up Hell despite Kevin's clearly stressed condition, giving him pills to help keep him awake. When Kevin starts hallucinating Crowley, Dean encourages him and grows frustrated by his hiding of the demon tablet. After Kevin's kidnapping and believed death, Dean grows upset, saying that they should've brought Kevin to the Men of Letters Bunker for his protection and berating Metatron for staying out of things, using Kevin's story to push him into action which results in Kevin's rescue.

After getting the angel tablet, Dean again pushes Kevin hard to translate needed information and this and Crowley later result in Kevin nearly leaving the Bunker before Dean convinces him he considers Kevin to be family. Dean grows to rely on Kevin for information from the Bunker when needed, but doesn't let him in on the secret of Sam's possession when he learns that the angel possessing Sam is not Ezekiel and turns to Kevin for help in suppressing the angel so Sam can expel him.

Dean can only watch, horrified, as Gadreel murders Kevin and later gives him a hunter's funeral. Dean swears to Sam that he will get revenge on Gadreel for Kevin's death, but also states that it is his fault and he believes he is going to Hell for letting Kevin die like that. When Kevin returns as a ghostDean waits for him to manifest and does his best to apologize, something Kevin complains about when he finally becomes visible.

Kevin asks Sam and Dean to rescue his mother from Crowley, telling Dean that its how he can make it up to him. After Linda is rescued, Kevin tells Sam and Dean he doesn't blame them and asks them to get Gadreel for him which they agree to. Kevin asks them to put aside their differences and be brothers again which Dean agrees to and seems about to try after Kevin's departure, but Sam simply walks away from him despite promising Kevin the same. Dean and Kevin meet briefly in All in the Familywhen God reveals that Kevin had been residing in the Veil for the last two years.

Kevin tells them he has always trusted the brothers. God then delivers Kevin's soul to Heaven where it belongs.

During Devil's BargainDean was shocked to hear from Castiel that an Alternate Kevin used a spell that allowed Lucifer to return and that the latter worked for Alternate Michael who wants to invade their world. In Raising Hellthey meet again where the latter rescued Dean from violent ghosts.

Dean was surprised at the reunion but horrified to learn Kevin was sent to Hell. Kevin helped in detaining the ghosts and Dean promised to help him go to Heaven.

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However, Belphegor informs them that a soul cannot enter Heaven once going to Hell. Kevin assured Dean that he'll be fine wandering, rather than go to Hell again.

Dean first heard of her from Bela Talbot and was made aware that she holds his deal. During No Rest for the Wicke Dean sought to kill her, to prevent his soul from going to Hell as per his deal. Despite his efforts, he failed and Lilith commanded a hellhound to kill Dean. Due to her, Dean was ultimately sent to forty years of torture due to Hell's time flow. Dean was resurrected by Castiel, though became on stopping Lilith because of her breaking the 66 Seals to release Lucifer.

Dean was forced to pray to Castiel who supplied him with a method of stopping Lilith. Dean brought Chuck Shurley and she retreated, since Chuck was protected by an Archangel.

In Lucifer RisingDean learns the angels want her to succeed in freeing Lucifer. After Castiel rebelled, he told Dean that Lilith is the last seal and killing her will ultimately trigger the Apocalypse.

Dean tried to stop Sam from killing Lilith but Ruby prevented him.

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After Sam killed the demon, Dean was horrified to watch the release the Devil and start The Apocalypse. Dean would not hear of Lilith for a decade, until she is resurrected in Proverbs Lilith masqueraded as a helpless woman who was attacked by werewolves and deceived Dean. Lilith also brings up on how she was suppose to seduce him, realizing that won't happen now and he confirmed it. She soon revealed God resurrected her to steal The Equalizer. Dean refused her demands and attempting to attack her with an Angel Blades but she easily repelled him.

Lilith soon threatened Sam which was more than enough to get Dean to comply. While he was getting the gun ready she remarked on how she should've focused on him rather than Sam the While he was getting the gun ready she remarked on how she should've focused on him rather than Sam the first time.

However, Dean's compliance was a lie and Lilith begins inflicting wounds on him, threatening to cause a death by a thousand cuts. Dean was saved when Sam arrived and shot Lilith in the head with a devil's trap bulletimmobilizing her, but Lilith causes the ground to shake and pushes the bullet out of her head with telekinesis.

Intercepting the Winchesters outside, Lilith correctly predicts that they have kept the gun in The Impala and retrieves it from the glove compartment. Lilith causes the gun to melt and vanishes after promising to see them again.

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Dean was predestined to be the archangel Michael 's true vessel, however Dean hated Michael, as Michael wanted to battle Lucifer, which would have led to the end of the world and the death of his brother. In return, Michael didn't really hate Dean, although he considered him inferior since he was a human.

During Changing ChannelsDean learned he was Michael's vessel because his relationship to his father was similar to the latter's with his father. Dean realized who he was as they spoke and demanded he heal Sam who was wounded by AnnaMichael stated he would after they talk.

He went so far as explaining himself to Dean in an attempt to convince him to become his vessel, comparing his love for Lucifer to Dean's love for Sam. For a time, Dean considered letting Michael use him, but changed his mind as he didn't want to let Sam down.

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This forced Michael to take Dean's half-brother Adam Milligan as a vessel instead. When Dean later saw Michael possessing Adam, he wished to apologized to his brother for his fate but Michael coldly told Dean that Adam "wasn't home right now". Dean then warned Michael that he was coming after him next, something Michael didn't take seriously. Because of Dean's refusal to play his part, Michael insulted him as he deemed him no longer part of the story, and attempted to remove him from Stull Cemetery.

He was stopped by Castiel. Dean would not hear of Michael for several years aside from hearing from God and Lucifer that he went insane.

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Dean expressed worry at the Archangel likely coming after him and Sam for revenge but didn't seem relieved to hear Michael is sitting idle. In Our Father, Who Aren't in HeavenDean is the most adamant about seeking out Michael's help when they learn that he might know something that can help defeat God.

Supernatural (12x18) - ''Don't do the hot coffee thing''

While God and Lucifer claimed Michael to be insane, Dean believes that they were simply lying and is proven right. Michael isn't pleased to see Dean again, angry that Dean abandoned Adam in the Cage while letting Lucifer free upon the world. However, after realizing the truth, Michael becomes more cooperative and provides Dean and Castiel with the spell they need to trap God and the rift they need to Purgatory.

However, Sam was devastated when he woke up and discovered she wasn't cured, and in their final, tragic moments together, Madison begged Sam to kill her in order to prevent her from killing anyone else - something he ended up doing, even though it hurt him as she was the first woman he had opened his heart to since Jessica died. The first time Sam and Meg met, they were both trying to make their way to California.

He was unaware that she was actually a demon working for Azazel and was possessing an innocent girl to get close to him. They spent some time waiting at the bus station and got to know each other pretty well. Meg pretended to sympathize with Sam's frustration over Dean and unsuccessfully tried to push him to stay away from him. Meg later complained to Azazel about him not letting her kill Sam and Dean, which she could have easily done. The second time they met, Sam realized that something wasn't right about her - just before she tried to have him and Dean killed by daevas that she was controlling.

Despite her psychotic tendencies, she appeared very attracted to Sam and seemed to want to try and get together with him, although that was actually just an act to gain his trust. A few episodes later, Sam captured her and performed an exorcism on the demon in order to save the real Meg Masters. However, he was reluctant to continue the exorcism after she gave them John's location, as she could still be useful and exorcising the demon would probably kill the girl she was possessing.

Sam reluctantly finished at Dean's request and sent the demon to Hell. Although the real Meg died, she was grateful towards Sam for freeing her of the possession she had to endure for over a year.

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The demon later returned and possessed Sam, and tried to make it look as though he was evil to try and force Dean to kill him. Bobby eventually forced the demon to flee, but Sam was left with the knowledge of what he had done while possessed.

When Meg returned for the Apocalypse, she was possessing a new body but Sam was able to identify her on the spot after she greeted him. Meg taunted him about his lack of power against her, but fled when Dean killed her minions. Later, after Dean shot one of her Hellhoundsanother one fatally injured Jowhich resulted in the death of both her and Ellenleaving Sam devastated.

While soulless, Sam proposed an alliance with the demon against Crowley in an attempt to kill him and get his soul back.

After Crowley was "killed," Sam went to kill Meg, but she fleed again. When Dean allied with Meg to protect CastielSam was reluctant to trust her, but Dean told him it was more like an "enemy of my enemy" situation.

Sam worked with Meg to stop Kevin Tran from running off with The Word of God and was a little shocked when angels believed he was in a relationship with her. Sam's distrust of Meg went so far that he and his brother snared her in a Devil's Trap when she returnd from killing two demons, but after she explained that her goal was to kill Crowley and not to mess with them, Sam freed her and she earned his trust.

This caused him to be more comfortable around Meg and even ally with her to destroy the Leviathans. After Dean returned from Purgatoryhe indicated that he may have looked for her for help, but said that he didn't know where she was.

After they rescued Meg from Crowley's demons, Sam once again allied himself with her against Crowley and displayed only slight distrust in her. Despite this, he worked with her to demon-proof the building where the angel tablet was and, at her prodding, confessed everything that had happened. Meg was aware of his desire to have a normal life from the time she possessed him and actually sympathized with his situation with Amelia Richardsonindicating that she understood what it was like to have someone you love change you, because of her love for Castiel.

Meg and Sam fought side-by-side against Crowley's demons and when Crowley himself showed up, Meg told Sam to get Dean and Castiel while she held Crowley off. Despite learning Sam and Dean's plan to seal the Gates of Hell with all the demons inside, which would include her, Meg didn't betray the trust Sam placed in her and fought against Crowley, who beat her badly.

The daughter of an auction house owner, Sarah got involved with Sam in Provenance when he tried to use her to get information about a haunted painting. He realized he was attracted to her but didn't want to get close in case she got hurt. She reminded him that it was her choice and she helped out on their ghost hunting mission. When Sam and Dean had to leave, Sam finally made his move and kissed her, deciding to stay in town a few days so they could be together, showing he had begun moving on from Jessica.

Dean later suggested they go visit her again, but Sam refused. They eventually reunited in Clip Showbut by then Sarah was happily married with a daughter and Sam was happy for her. Sam was devastated when Crowley killed her and considered giving in to Crowley as a result. During Sam's soulless period, when Dean was kidnapped by fairies in Clap Your Hands if you BelieveSam ignored him and had a one-night stand with a "hippie chick" from a local group of UFO followers. Dean was later angered by Sam not looking for him when he disappeared.

During the time Sam was trapped in the television show "Scooby-Doo" in the episode ScoobynaturalVelma fell for Sam's "broad shoulders" and the two shared a kiss. When Sam was 6 months old, Azazel entered his home in Lawrence and fed him demon blood. This was a ritual meant to turn Sam into a Special Child. Mary's interruption of the ritual led to her death and the destruction of Sam's home. As a result, Sam grew up without a mother and was raised to become a hunter so he could one day avenge Mary's death and kill the demon responsible.

As Sam and his family hunted down Azazel, said demon kept a close eye on Sam and every other Special Child, although he came to favor Sam above all others. He instructed various demons to possess people close to Sam, from his teachers to his friends, as a means to keep an eye on the boy. When Sam ran away from his family to begin a new life in college, Azazel felt he could not allow Sam to waste his gifts as a soldier by living a normal life, so Azazel instructed another demon to possess Sam's friend Brady and have that demon introduce Sam to Jessica Moore.

Azazel planned to have Jessica killed from the moment Sam met her, and it was Jessica's death that drove Sam to become more focused in his hunting in hopes of avenging both Mary and Jess. Azazel teleported out of the nursery to avoid being shot by the Colt. Unbeknownst to Sam, Azazel went onto possessing John Winchester and lured Sam and Dean into a trap by pretending to be their father. This became Azazel and Sam's first very first official meeting since Sam was a baby.

Although Sam threatened to kill Azazel for what he did, Azazel did not take him seriously and instead focused on Dean. As Azazel tortured Dean, John regained control of his body long enough to give Sam the chance to kill the demon, but Sam refused, since Sam did not want to sacrifice his own father for the mission.

Azazel fled the scene, much to John's chagrin. Months laterAzazel kidnapped Sam and many other Special Children in order to have them fight each other to the death, and take the winner as the leader of his demon army. Azazel was rooting for Sam to win, and personally spoke to Sam in his dreams to give him encouragement.

Sam was killed in battle by Jake Talleybut was soon resurrected by Dean's deal with a crossroads demonsomething Azazel thanked Dean for. When Azazel threatened to kill Dean again, Sam tried to save his brother but was pinned to a tree, forced to watch as Azazel pointed the Colt to Dean's head.

In the end, it was John who helped Dean execute the demon and avenge Mary and seemingly Jessica. Sam would not discover until a few years later that Azazel had ordered Brady to kill Jessica, and through Lucifer, Sam would also discover the number of people Azazel had possessed to watch over Sam.

All these demons and their hosts were killed by Sam himself, thus ending Sam's connection to Azazel once and for all. Years later, Sam learned what kind of demon Azazel was from Crowley and Castiel.

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He was shocked to hear how powerful the Princes of Hell were. When Dean returned from Purgatoryhe purposefully kept Benny away from Sam, something Sam was angry about when he found out. Sam immediately realized Benny was a vampire and only refrained from attacking because of Dean. Possibly because of his own bad experience with supposedly redeemed monsters, Sam refused to trust Benny and yelled at Dean for always throwing in his face that he never tried to rescue him, pointing out his Benny secret.

He also threatened that he might one day kill Benny and sent Martin Creaser to track him. When it appeared Benny was killing again, Sam wanted to hunt him down immediately, but did give Dean time to try and find out the truth. Despite this, Sam refused to believe it and sided with Martin, even after he knocked Dean out.

Sam only abandoned the hunt after Dean faked a distress text from Amelia. He later forced Dean to choose between him and Benny, saying that where they would go in the future depended on that and Dean chose Sam. Later, when Sam was trapped in Purgatory with Bobby's soul, he was shocked to see Benny, who saved him and Bobby.

Despite his distrust of Benny, Sam did stop Bobby from attacking immediately, calling Benny a "buddy" of Dean's, though he was not at all pleased to see him. Both Benny and Sam pointed out the irony of the fact that Benny was rescuing Sam, who wanted to kill him. Despite this, possibly putting his trust in Dean knowing what he was doing, Sam at least reluctantly trusted Benny and lead them to the portal out.

Sam even offered Benny a ride out, but Benny chose to stay behind, both because he no longer felt like he belonged on Earth and to protect Sam from a group of vampires who were arriving.

Understanding this, Sam gave him his Purgatory Blade.

He told Dean of his fate, along with the fact that he didn't think Benny would have returned anyway. Benny's actions in Purgatory finally earned him Sam's trust and acceptance, and when he learned that Dean buried Benny's remains rather than burning them, he told Dean he finally understood that Benny was different and to go ahead and leave the door open to bring him back again in the future.

In order to save Sam, Dean tricked Sam into saying " Yes " to the angel Gadreel, believing he was Ezekielso the angel could heal him from the inside of the damage induced by the Trials.

Gadreel acted as Sam's "angelic pacemaker" through the first half of season 9, keeping him alive and slowly healing him, but keeping the truth from him by erasing his memory so that Sam couldn't expel him, which would mean death. Gadreel occasionally used Sam's body to do various tasks, but always returned control to him. Gadreel's presence protected Sam from Vesta and saved him when Chef Leo mortally wounded him, but after agreeing to work for MetatronGadreel took full possession of him, trapping Sam in a fantasy world within his mind where he believed he was hunting with Dean.

With help from CrowleySam learned the truth and expelled Gadreel, but it severely damaged his relationship with Dean. It was shown that Gadreel at least mostly healed Sam as he claimed before being expelled, despite telling Sam he might be all that was keeping him alive, and Castiel planned to finish what Gadreel had started.

Sam later told Castiel that he could kind of sense Gadreel in his head and he felt that Gadreel felt misunderstood, not evil. After learning the truth about Metatron, Gadreel came to the Winchesters and Castiel to offer his help. Despite what Gadreel did to him, Sam was willing to forgive him and let him help and was furious when Dean tried to kill the angel.

Sam helped Castiel track down and save Gadreel and the three worked together to stop Metatron. While Dean got killed by Metatron, Gadreel sacrificed himself to redeem himself for all of his actions, including what he did to Sam, and to save Heaven. Sam seemed to consider Gadreel a friend after everything he did when he switched sides, as when he told Dean off for going with Crowley rather than his "real friends", he specifically referred to Gadreel as one. Unlike his brother, Sam was always a strong believer in God, and prayed to him throughout his life.

It should be noted that God, as Chuck, expressed disappointment in Sam's addiction to demon blood.

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He chose not to add this piece of information to the Supernatural books to keep Sam from appearing "unsympathetic".

Sam was initially disbelieving of Chuck's prediction that he would sleep with Lilith.

Jun 16,   The perfect Spn DeanWinchester Supernatural Animated GIF for your conversation. Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. Products. Dean Winchester. supernatural. Dean Dating. impala sad. Share URL. Embed. Details. Mar 27,   If Supernatural fans can count on anything, it's the show's course, Sam and Dean Winchester are actually brothers, and Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are basically BFFs in .

When Lilith did arrive, Sam intended to kill her, but almost got killed himself until Chuck arrived at his location. This sent Lilith running in fear of the archangel that was guarding Chuck. Sam met Chuck again in The Real Ghostbustersduring which Sam threatened to harm Chuck if he continued publishing the Supernatural books. Sam was, however, glad to know that Becky liked Chuck. Afterwards, Sam rarely spoke of or even mentioned Chuck, and since Sam was a practical person, he did not rely much on praying, though he still prayed, even after he felt God had abandoned him and Dean during the Apocalypse.

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