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A source close to the two revealed that the two broke up recently and had already told all their close friends. Many are probably wondering "why? They've both been working on their own group comebacks as well, which meant even less time to see each other. So, due to this, they gradually drifted apart and parted on good terms, according to their acquaintances. SM and JYP Entertainments both confirmed that this was true, stating, "When we confirmed with them, they said it's true they've broken up. However, it seems the two may be seeing each other on stage still for 2PM is working on their comeback planned for June, and Girls' Generation are also expected to be returning with new music around June to July. We can't help but be a little sad that one of our favorite celeb couples are no longer an item, but we wish the best for these two charming stars!

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April 05, Well, it differs from case to case, but let me explain about the general case. If you become a k-pop trainee, you should follow the daily schedule below.

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At their school, they take classes just like the other ordinary students, but they usually listen to music during break time to make preparations for their weekly test. They sometimes write song lyrics, while there are also some passionate trainees who practice singing and dancing at their school.

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The first thing they do when they arrive at their practicing rooms is give their cellphones and diaries to people who manage them. They get their cellphones back after they finish a.

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Read more. July 29, It's not an easy question to answer because the answer to the question could be both yes and no.

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Well, I want to talk about details about k-pop idols' live performance on the stage. If you get to know about these terms, you will be able to have a good understanding of k-pop idols' live performance.

Snsd tiffany and 2pm nichkhun dating victoria. As their marriage life came to an end, they spent their last day together and reflected on their past days of opens and seemed reluctant to let victoria, as they both shed tears. Though we fought every once in a while and you would hit me, they were all precious memories to me. May 28,   Word has come that Girls' Generation's Tiffany and 2PM's Nichkhun have decided to part ways after dating for a year and 5 months. A source close . In , 2PM's Nichkhun and Girls' Generations' Tiffany admitted to being in a romantic relationship with each other. They have reportedly become lovers very recently at the time, but it's not true. They were long term couples. As it is well known, Nichkhun and Tiffany enjoyed their date very secretly.

Have you been to karaoke? Before performing their songs on k-pop chart shows, k-pop idols should make their MR, and the way how they make MR is to decrease the sound volume of their voices in original music, while keeping the sound volume of instrumental accompaniment as it is. May 06, However, there has been no opportunity to hear their love story directly, and it looked like I finally got the opportunity on April On the day, the production presentation for SBS' new drama 'You're all surrounded' was held in Seoul and Lee Seung Gi attended the event as a leading actor.

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Considerate to Yoona But, as a result, I never heard of anything about the love story from Lee Seung Gi, and that was the way how he protects his girlfriend.

Before the beginning of the event, the MC asked the reporters not to throw questions that are unrelated to the drama. Since the two have the similarity of living in the states, they started talking more and became friendly.

May 28,   It is being reported that 2PM's Nichkhun and Girls' Generation's Tiffany are no longer in a dating relationship. On May 29, the agencies of both Nichkhun and Tiffany officially confirmed the. May 13,   Changing from Short Hair to Long Hair for SNSD's Tiffany. For K-pop idols, their hairstyle is one of the things that always gain public attention. 2PM's Nichkhun as the Boyfriend of Tiffany in April , Tiffany confirmed that she was dating 2PM's Nichkhun. It was revealed that Tiffany and Nichkhun were originally friends for. It has been 1 year and 5 months since they started dating each other, but now, it has been reported that SNSD's Tiffany and 2PM's Nichkhun have decided to part ways. On May 28, both of their agencies confirmed the news of their break up.

However, they have only been dating for about four months. The two were seen dating on March 11 at an Asian fusion restaurant see the photo here. They were being extremely careful about not being seen and drawing attention to themselves, but apparently their affection for each other could not be hidden.

According to the report, Nichkhun and Tiffany seemed very happy during their dinner, laughing with each other occasionally.

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From what I know, they have been dating for four months. Because of their familiarity with American culture, they went from friends to lovers as they were able to support each other in difficult times.

Apr 03,   Tiffany (SNSD) and Nichkhun (2PM) are dating! #khunfany is real Wow, it's barely been a half an hour since this has been reported and 'Tiffany and Nichkhun' is trending worldwide The power of Snes and Hottests XD (psst, follow me on twitter: @Sisi_Mo ;D). Apr 04,   Tiffany is the next Girls' Generation member to be caught up in a dating scandal, and its with 2PM member Nichkhun. Sports Seoul reported the news and photos of Nichkhun and Tiffany . Apr 04,   The members of K-pop super-group Girls' Generation have spent almost their entire careers as single ladies, but this year has seen the girls stepping out, one by one, and confirming that they're actually in relationships. In January, Yoona revealed that she was dating Korea's golden boy Lee Seung Gi, and Sooyoung followed shortly after by confirming that actor Jung Kyung-ho is her Popdust.

Of course, as idols, they would see each other at music shows. Their respective agencies confirmed that these two top idols were dating.

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