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Slingerland is a US manufacturer of drums. The company was founded in and enjoyed several decades of prominence in the industry before the s. After ceasing operation in the early s, Slingerland was acquired by Gibson , who briefly revived it and owned it until November of , before selling Slingerland to DW Drums , who have announced the intention of re-launching the brand. Although primarily known for its drums, in the s Slingerland also produced electric and acoustic guitars, mandolins , banjos and ukuleles. Slingerland - in

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Nov 21,   Dating a Slingerland snare? Thread starter terry newill; Start date Nov 20 Messages 2 Reaction score 0. Hello, trying tio get a bearing on this snare drum, it's a Niles, serial number , seems to be from what i can find on the web to be a , i figure ya'll would know better than me. any info would be very much appreciated, oh by.

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The veneers were also reissued occasionally and can make dating a Slingerland drum difficult. The best way to date a drum by veneer is to find a veneer guide online, such as the Slingerland finish guide on, and compare pictures of your Slingerland drum with pictures of . slingerland,slingerland drums,slingerland drum set,slingerland badges,slingerland history,vintage drums,vintage slingerland,slingerland snare drums,vintage drumset,vintage slingerland drum set,dating slingerland drums. The history of Slingerland Drums - The Vintage Drum Guide shows you Slingerland Finishes, Slingerland Drum Badges, Slingerland Drum Set catalog pages, Slingerland Snare Drum catalog pages and the most complete Slingerland history all on one vintage drum web site These drums are anomalies that throw the dating guide off a little and make.

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I have the largest collection of Slingerland photography. You can visit that section of the web site by Clicking Here.

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You can also find other Slingerland items in the My Collection pages of the web site. Although the Slingerland company was best known as a drum kit manufacturer, it also made guitars in the s. The guitar's pickup includes individual string magnets as well as a large horseshoe magnet. Slingerland ceased making electric instruments in in order to exclusively focus on producing percussion instruments.

The company remained in the Slingerland family untilbut continued to be a prominent drum manufacturer throughout the s. After introducing the Magnum series in the late s, Slingerland lost its footing, and the company folded. Slingerland changed ownership multiple times until it was acquired from Gretsch part of the Gibson Guitar Corporation by then in Gibson revived the brand, but had limited success, because of its stipulation that in order to become a Slingerland dealer, music stores also had to carry Gibson guitars.

This was not feasible because small independently owned music stores could not afford to carry both lines. InSlingerland released a model based on its Gene Krupa signature drum kit.

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Inmuch if not all of the remaining warehouse stock of Slingerland drums, including bare shells, hardware and complete drum sets, were sold to a private individual who proceeded to liquidate the remaining stock via. This included drums produced in Nashville and in Taiwan. Slingerland's most famous product line is the Radio King series of drums.

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These drums were introduced inand remained Slingerland's flagship snare drums and drum sets untilwhen the Radio King model briefly disappeared from the product line. Between an Radio Kings were reintroduced. Older Radio Kings are obsessively collected by vintage drum enthusiasts. The original Radio King snare drum is distinguished by its construction: rather than several plies of mahoganylike most snare drums of the era, a Radio King drum was created from a single piece of steam-bent maple with solid maple reinforcement rings to assist in keeping the drum round under the pressure of the metal hardware attached to it.

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Single-ply wood drums are known for their resonance and bright tone. Radio King bass drums and tom-toms were made from mahogany, with maple reinforcement hoops. These drums are known for their "thuddy" sound; very warm, with quick decay. The popularity of the old Slingerland Radio King snare drum is evidenced by a myriad of professional drummers who still used the snare indespite endorsing other brands.

A departure from the standard Slingerland product line occurred during World War II when wood was used to manufacture drum parts that had traditionally been made of brasschromenickeland steel.

This was due to the high demand for metals needed for the war effort. These drums were named the "Rolling Bomber" series, and are highly collectible.

Make Offer - Vintage 's Slingerland aluminum snare drum Very RARE used cond. Geisler Vintage Slingerland 6 Piece Set s, 12,14,16,20 Teal Green Blue RARE $3, Slingerland is a US manufacturer of company was founded in and enjoyed several decades of prominence in the industry before the s. After ceasing operation in the early s, Slingerland was acquired by Gibson, who briefly revived it and owned it until November of , before selling Slingerland to DW Drums, who have announced the intention of re-launching the brand. The Slingerland Drum Experts is the source for Slingerland Drum Company History and Slingerland Radio King Drums. Slingerland Company Timeline and Radio King drums sets and Slingerland History been gathered on our vintage drum guide with dating guides, serial number guides, finish guides and hardware guides. We have a huge collection of.

The Rock and Roll era of the s and s was a good time for many American drum companies, including Slingerland. Slingerland's main competitor, Ludwighad the advantage of being endorsed by Ringo Starrbut Slingerland, too, produced drums in that era and had robust sales. Short-lived in the s was Slingerland's version of Ludwig Vistalite drums.

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They stopped production quickly after their introduction due to a patent infringement suit and a cease and desist warrant from Ludwig regarding Slingerland's foray into acrylic drums. These drums today remain collectible. Slingerland marching drums were produced as early as the s. By the s, the Slingerland line of marching equipment had become very popular in marching bands, colleges, and drum corps. During the late s, Slingerland introduced its TDR marching snare drum, with a novel strainer and synthetic-gut snare that produced a distinctive sound.

Slingerland Drum Kit in Tangerine Satin Flame Vintage 1970s

Another lates innovation was the Slingerland cutaway multi-tenors that were carried in trio, quad, or quint arrangements. In the early s, Slingerland was gaining significant market share, but the company was sold, and corporate finances fell apart.

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By the late s, Slingerland had fallen behind technologically, and Ludwig-Musserand especially Pearl drumsbegan to pick up its market share. For most of the company's pres history, Slingerland's manufacturing processes were not standardized in the way that modern large-scale manufacturing companies' are.

Exceptions to nearly every strict product taxonomy existed. This is due in large part to the fact that parts would often be left over from year to year and would be used by workers even though some of those parts had been officially discontinued from the line.

Jean-Paul Gaster of the rock band Clutch uses Slingerland drums, and is described as one of the last drummers to play rock using "vintage weapons," besides Neil Hennessy of the Lawrence Arms. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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For people with the name, see Slingerland surname.

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