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If you're preparing to travel to Russia, chances are you've stumbled across a few stereotypes about the people of this massive Eurasian country. It's important to keep in mind while traveling that not all people fit the stereotypes associated with their native country, state, city, or even neighborhood. Read on to discover the truth about the top 10 Russian stereotypes, and experience for yourself the real culture, history, and lifestyle of Russia on your next trip abroad. Almost all Russians are capable of drinking vodka like water, and most of them will always have a bottle in their house whether they drink it regularly or not. If you are ever at an event of any sort organized by Russian people, there will be vodka there, and it will be offered to you! One of the most popular stereotypes is that of the Russian babushka, a short, old granny with a scarf wrapped around her head.

While many may consider Russian gender roles antiquated compared to other world powers, Russian citizens aren't so different in their day-to-day lives as Americans or Eastern Europeans.

Sep 18,   Because there are large numbers of Russian and Ukrainian women seeking partners abroad, some observers assume that Slavic ladies dislike local men. It's not entirely true. Eastern European women exploring options of dating internationally are fond of Slavic men, they simply cannot find the one who fits their portrait of a good partner and at the same time likes them back. Jul 13,   Russian style in architecture. But, of course, the Russian style found its most evident expression in architecture. It was particularly favoured by Emperor Alexander III, a reactionary and. - Totally Free Russian dating site Looking for single Russian women for marriage, love, and romance? Our free dating site is a great way to find an amazing women from Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the Easten Europe.

Many may perceive Russian sentimentality to dictate that men are meant to be chivalrous and hardworking while women are expected to be caretakers in the home, this isn't necessarily true when it comes to employment and daily life. Still, gender norms do exist in the homes of Russians: men should be macho, women should be kind, delicate, and beautiful.

As a traveler, there's really no difference in the citizenry's perception of you, regardless of your gender, as it compares to the United States-Russians are mostly for equal rights of men and women, but that doesn't mean misogynistic tendencies don't exist there as they do in America.

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On the other hand, Russian men are quite chivalrous to womenand if you are a man traveling in Russia, you are expected to be chivalrous as well. Although the Russian government is slowly starting to impose harsh anti-smoking regulations in an attempt to end the smoking epidemic gripping the country, Russia still has one of the highest smoking rates in the world.

Russian dating style

If you are a non-smoker traveling abroad, you're not going to enjoy the strong odor wafting outside the busiest of nightlife venues. Still, there's plenty of space in Russia, so it's not often that you will find yourself stuck in a cloud of smoke for long.

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Also, many of the younger generation of Russian citizens are extremely health-conscious and don't smoke at all. Still, Russian women in cities are known to go out and lavish outfits, complete with fur coats, fine jewelry, and flawless makeup and hair. If you're venturing out to experience the nightlife, you're sure to encounter dozens of beautiful Russian women, but strike up a conversation and you'll quickly see they're also extremely intelligent and personable-as long as you're nice.

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The authorities did not try to interfere with the styles of painting on distaffs or to regulate the patterns and motifs of handicrafts across the country. Furthermore, the reforming Tsar himself contributed to the Russian style by bringing from his beloved Holland Delft porcelain, whose white and blue colors were later copied by Gzhel craftsmen. Elements of primitive folk style came into fashion, while high society became interested in the life of common folk.

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In no small part, this trend was boosted by the Peredvizhniki Itinerant artists, who depicted the harsh reality of peasants' everyday life. In addition, at the turn of the 20th century, there emerged an artistic movement Mir Iskusstva World of Artwhich sought to express authentically Russian motifs in visual arts. A fertile source of inspiration for it were Russian fairy tales, which is particularly evident in works by Viktor Vasnetsov.

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In the world of book illustrations, the best-known example of the Russian style were fairy tale graphics by Ivan Bilibin. Russian bogatyrs and beauties in kokoshniks became popular images in marketing and trade, as they featured on various packaging.

In theater too, the Russian style became very popular.

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At the beginning of the 20th century, entrepreneur Sergei Diaghilev organized his famous Russian Seasons in Europe, bringing together art exhibitions, ballet and opera. Russian motifs appeared also in interior design as tiled stoves and traditional embroideries became fashionable. The art of jewelry joined in too: Faberge and other masters began to produce tableware and precious trinkets in the style of medieval Russia.

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The pinnacle of this Russian revival style was the celebration of the th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty in the dress code for the legendary costume ball given by the last Russian emperor Nicholas II obliged guests to dress in fashions dating back to the period prior to Peter the Great and his reforms.

But, of course, the Russian style found its most evident expression in architecture. It was particularly favoured by Emperor Alexander III, a reactionary and champion of traditional values.

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He was often compared to a Russian bear, while his spade beard presented a stark contrast with the elegant thin moustaches of his predecessors. Petersburg in the so-called Pseudo-Russian style, with its colored domes and mosaics. The building, so much at variance with the general look and feel of Peter the Great's imperial city, was built in and is very similar to Moscow's St.

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Basil's Cathedral, which was built in the 16th century. The architectural style which is commonly known as the Pseudo-Russian style has many examples in Moscow too. In the 19th century, the building of the Historical Museum was constructed next to the Kremlin, designed by architect Vladimir Sherwood.

In order to fit in with the architectural ensemble of the Red Square, the building was built with red bricks and had numerous characteristic decorative features - convex details, arches, drop ornaments and other details typical of the wooden architecture of Old Rus.

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