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Charlize Theron is single and has no interest in mingling. For an interview with E! Charlize recently made headlines after she shut down rumors that she almost married actor and director Sean Penn during their courtship. She told those tuning into The Howard Stern Show that engagement rumors were "such bulls-t" as they dated " barely a year. Charlize went on to assure listeners that she's "never been lonely" and called her children, Jackson , 8, and August , 3, the "great loves of my life.

Because you might be asexual and not attracted sexually to anyone. Because you look out for a future date but then realise you're one of a kind and are maybe therefore socially awkward. Or you have been told that you are weird more often so you be.

Two of the hardest things? Both being in love and losing love.

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Being in love is awesome when it goes the right way. Losing love feels tantamount to missing a limb.

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Yet, you are supposed just to pick up and carry on. In reality, you look around and see you enjoy life just as much, if not more, than all those people telling you what you are missing out on. We all go through a whole lot of hurt to recognize when things are good. If you never try to love, then you lose from the beginning.

Hey, it is your choice, and I totally get it.

No interest in dating

If you are someone not interested in dating, I totally get it. There are just some people who would rather be on their own.

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The truth is not everyone is meant to be in a relationship, have children, or even find love. Sometimes we fall in love super hard and think that person is our soul mate.

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Sometimes death comes a whole lot earlier than we want it to. There are all sorts of ways we can be wounded in love.


Although tainted by the feelings of hurt or betrayal, love is a feeling like nothing else on earth. Maybe you should experience it again.

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I get it. I remember growing up thinking their distaste for one another was just what couplehood was like.

They love each other more than they love their next breath, and they respect and want the best for one another.

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Real love does exist. I have seen it; I have lived it.

Instead of choosing not to be interested in dating, maybe just choose better and take it slower next time. Just take it slow and be friends first.

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If you are more interested in a promotion at work than dating, that is totally cool. You might find the rewards that you receive from your work accomplishments provide you with enough satisfaction in life.

Some of the people fail to commit themselves to a new relationship because of their bitter past. If your son has no interest in the opposite sex, you should approach him with that paternal affection. Once you have known some of the factors that drive him away from a relationship, approach him with understanding, and encourage him to try a new and healthy relationship with your help being a. When someone's genuinely interested in you, they consistently demonstrate their interest and leave you in no doubt about it. They and the relationship are not ambiguous, they're not afraid to make plans and follow through on them, and more importantly, they treat . No interest in dating. Close. Posted by 7 months ago. Archived. No interest in dating. Does anyone else have absolutely no desire to date or be with someone else? I'm not really depressed anymore but haven't had any hopes, dreams or fantasies for a while now. I hope I'm not becoming aromantic. 19 comments.

No one defines what happiness and success look like but you. If you already have both, or know you can without a mate, then more power to you!

Relationships, even marriage, does not equal a home in the suburbs, a minivan, or a bunch of kids. Find someone who wants the same things in life. It is more than normal for men as early as 16 years to start showing interest in girls. Once that age has been passed by time almost two times, the great dilemma arises.

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The greatest risk any parent is running is that they thought of the son being a homosexual. Society too is not at peace having such a person. Different people have various reasons for staying single.

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Some men feel they are too young to be committed in a relationship. That fear of being obsessed with partners of the opposite sex drives many out of a healthy relationship.

Is it Normal Not to Be Interested in Dating

If your son has never been in a relationship, try to convince him of the importance of being in one. Men lose interest in women for a number of reasons. Some factors come naturally while others develop with time.

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Things sometimes happen just not in our favor, and losing hope can be a reason for some. As a father, knowing the whole personal life of your son may require a bunch of efforts.

Sep 03,   I am almost 25 and a good portion of my friends are engaged, married, dating someone, in a relationship, or just going on dates or "seeing somebody." Or, even if they're not, they're actively looking, talking about guys or girls, etc. All my cousins, siblings, and family members are married or dating someone. I just have NO interest. Jun 02,   One of the most awkward experiences in online dating is rejecting someone who's expressed interest in you. No one likes rejection, and simultaneously, no one likes to be the bearer of bad news. However, saying "thanks, but no thanks" is not only good online dating etiquette; it's also an important part of your search for the person who. Jul 10,   Charlize Theron is single and has no interest in mingling. For an interview with E!'s own Scott Tweedie, The Old Guard actress gave an ate on her love life or, by her choice, lack thereof. "I.

This renders it hard to give a fine judgment when such situations occur in life since it is only your reluctant son and his close friend; if any, who might be conversant with this.

It is a common practice to blame others for your own mistakes and sometimes part of these issues has a traceable history in the family. A proper and keen approach should be taken into account to make sure such issues have been addressed with the best solutions possible.

Some of the men at their youthful stage are very busy and so taken into their carriers and hobbies to have a look at their opposite genders. Such young adults in society should be given appropriate guidance by counselors and advisers on the importance of sticking to a relationship with the opposite gender. Some who feel contented without partners in life should also undergo such guidance and counseling sessions. Some of the youths we have in our homes are not as old as we think and might not be exposed to romantic life yet.

It important to give them enough time; so as to realize what they really need in life before letting our own fears corrupt our judgment. All that a son needs is a caring and understanding father.

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Playing an important role as a father might help change the thinking and mentality of your son.

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