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We expect to have relationships like Chuck and Blair or Allie and Noah. We will find our soulmate and have a happily ever after. I mean, we just thought it meant holding hands in the hallway. What if we have a set of expectations that could be too high for real people to fulfill? What if we are setting our standards to those of fictional characters and then miss out on all the fun we could be having with someone who may simply surprise us with their refreshing realness. High standards are great.

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Are they legitimate requirements to ensure a high quality of life, grounded in self-respect? Or are they excuses based on fear, in place to conveniently avoid real intimacy?

As long as your standards for a woman are consistent with what you are offering her as well, they are legitimate.

If they are inflated unrealistically Hollywood-level or deflated selling yourself short compared to what you are bringing to the table, that is when they are blocking you from intimacy.

In terms of your lifestyle, quality of life, emotional health, social wellbeing financial sturdiness, career, age, and place in life, some parts of you are fixed, and some parts are flexible.

My dating standards too high

It also includes your history that has shaped you, though you can continue to grow and use anything for your development and good. Growth never ends, which is one of the best parts of life! We can always improve and grow, and as we do, entire other worlds open up to us.

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When we grow quite a bit, we feel almost like different people peering out through the same eyes. We are the same, and yet we are very much not the same. Her values shape her. The deeper your values as a core part of you and your thoughts, the deeper your character and integrity.

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The deeper your character and integrity, the more you can be trusted by yourself and by others across the board. This is so important in relationship!

This is easily the number one way to tell if someone has standards that are too high - they boldly refuse to date someone that they deem as less attractive then them. In fact, many will only consider potential suitors that are waaaay out of their league. Good luck with that. Question I would just like to get some more experience with women and go have fun on some dates, but I'm worried that my standards are too high. Either that or you are socially awkward. If the women you ask out, that are single, consistently turn you down it's either your standards. Nov 05, Home Dating Why You're Setting Your Standards Too High To Actually Enjoy Dating. Why You're Setting Your Standards Too High To Actually Enjoy Dating. By. Allie Braun - Nov 5, Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. WhatsApp. Hollywood ruined real life relationships didn't it? We expect to have relationships like Chuck and Blair or.

Similarly, if you have thought about your values, but your life is quite disconnected from them, are your standards too high there? Yes, they could be. You can do that through the exercise in my ebook here.

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If you find that people are taking advantage of you in any part of your life work, social life, family, romancenotice that. It is a signal that you may be cutting others way too much slack, allowing them more access to you than they deserve.

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Then practice viewing yourself the way you would a close friend. So you can then extend the same care to yourself.

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Your relationships will be happiest when your needs and desires are met inside and outside of the relationship, according to what those needs are and what makes sense to fill them! This includes your groups of friends, your families, and the way you lead your life on a day-to-day basis. If you want a woman to be your entire world, then are your standards too high?

Areas that are not worth sacrificing are.

How to Tell if Your Dating Standards Are Too High "Are my dating standards too high?" "Maybe I should lower my standards " I hear this often from men who aren't getting the matches they want on dating sites / dating apps or in person. I think that these standards are necessary, because I am in my early 20's and I am dating and I find that if you don't have high standards than the men you meet don't even come close. I have those standards because in my eyes I am worthy of meeting someone like that. Because being stuck in a dating rut is usually just the result of having standards that are way too high, that basically, no real person can realistically meet. If you're not certain if you fall into this category, here are a few of the tell-tale signs that your standards are too high, so you can finally start to adjust that bar and meet a real.

Hand-in-hand with quality of life and lifestyle is interpersonal relating. When an issue comes up, are we reactive clingy or pushyor are we self-reflective?

If we are more self-reflective, that is wonderful and yet the danger there can be doormatism. This is where we trust the other person more than our own hearts and intuition. In this case, we can easily be pushed around or overly responsive to their reactivity.

Apparently My Dating Standards Are Too High The Mama's Boy - This guy was nice. He'd had the same entry level job for five years (which was a little worrisome, but maybe he . Sep 13, Accepting your dating standards will help you reach your destination - the person you want to be with. Being honest about your goals My reasons for who I would choose to date today are very different from the reasons ten years ago and even five years ago.

This is just as unhelpful, or more so, as being closed off in the first place. Before you can be in a relationship with someone discerning and healthy, you must be that too.

If you are measured and responsible with your emotional expression, but you keep attracting people who are all over the place, then perhaps your standards are too low.

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If your standards are too low, that is an invitation to see what inside of you is hurting or hiding or creating painful situations where there need not be any.

Your physical presentation is the way you present yourself to the world. Even though there are so many more parts to you than just your physical self, it is an important part of you too. If you are only attracted to women who take their fitness and health much more seriously, then that is a mismatch.


To solve that, you can actively bridge that gap by changing your lifestyle. If you are in-process with your presentation improvement journey, then you are a match with women who are also in-process, not women who are not actively in-process. These areas tend to circle around education, career, finances, travel, culture, arts, and social groups.

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If so, then you can reasonably ask for the same in a partner. In the last 2 weeks, I went on dates with 3 women that I met online.

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One was very cool, but she declined my latest offer at a date. The third woman and I like each other, but she lives about 90 minutes away in light traffic. But what if you are just being too picky for the wrong reasons.

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Sure every relationship has the possibility to become a marriage but in no way does that mean every relationship will or should.

Our culture right now allows us to not have to worry about marriage too much until we are ready for it. You end up limiting yourself without even realizing it.

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