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Misaki is class president of a formerly all-male school. A beacon of hope to the female students as well as teachers, she rules over the boys with an A beacon of hope to the female students as well as teachers, she rules over the boys with an iron fist and a heart of ice. A popular male student stumbles on to her secret double life- working part-time as an upbeat and cheery waitress at a maid cafe! Misaki is forced to make a deal: spend some time with him, or have her hard earned reputation destroyed by revealing her embarrassing secret. No hidden fees, equipment rentals, or installation appointments. Start Your Free Trial.

Proving himself capable of cooking by making omurice, Takumi remains in the kitchen to work. When "Little Sister's Day" arrives, Misaki has finally perfected the act of a little sister, which awes the customers-at least until Takumi arrives.

Apr 01,   E18 | Maid Sama is a Footman. The Miyabigaoka Student Council aims to buy out Maid Latte and replace it with a butler cafe. The only way for Misa to . Just as she already hid the fact that she likes Takumi, but not as he likes her from everyone around her and even from herself and because of that she always tends to fight with Takumi and calling him names, she also tries to hide her friendship with him as she thinks she will lose her authority with the guys at school if they find out. In the last episode of the anime (the 32nd chapter of the. May 31,   Kaichou Wa Maid Sama is a popular shoujo manga with an irresistible combination of a fiesty female lead and a reserved male lead. A high school love affair that leads to the development and growth of two individuals as they learn from each other, teach each other and grow together to develop a sweet relationship that is the essence of a.

His constant teasing and asking for the impossible causes Misaki to finally lose her cool. But when he tries to leave, Misaki, still in character, begs Takumi not to go, causing everyone in Maid Latte to be attracted to her moeness.

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Later at school, as Takumi rejects a confession from a girl while he witnesses Misaki rescuing a student from a falling ladder.

Noticing she got injured after stopping the ladder, he manages to convince her to have it bandaged in the infirmary. When Maid Latte is visited by Aoia famous net idol who also happens to be Satsuki's niece.

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Aoi finds Takumi attractive but he repeatedly ignores her advances. She is so persistent that Takumi pushes her down on the locker room floor. Misaki arrives to push Takumi away and slaps Aoi for repeatedly trying to get his attention. It is then revealed that Aoi is, in fact, a boy, something Satsuki knew all along and which both Takumi and Misaki discovered earlier.

Misaki and Takumi convince Aoi to go back home, but not before Aoi promising to make Takumi his. As Misaki is still thinking about the incident at the rooftop which she regards as simple teasing after Takumi kisses Shouichirou leading her to believe that he would kiss anyone as a jokea phone call from her friends Sakura and Shizuko asks her to stop a fight between two Seika High School students and three students from the prestigious Miyabigaoka Academy.

As she brings the two Seika students who started the fight to Miyabigaoka Academy to apologize, with Takumi tagging along, Misaki learns from them that the fight started when one of the Miyabigaoka students, Hirofumi Koganeiinsulted their interest in chess and called them flies.

He agrees to apologize, only after they beat him in chess, which Takumi does easily, humiliating him. Misaki enjoys dressing up as a man but Takumi reminds her that she's still a girl and wonders if she will accept the scholarship from Miyabigaoka.

Misaki is on a quest to rescue women captured by a demon and then taken to Onigashima island. On her journey, she saves the Idiot Trio from getting eaten by their Ringmaster after the animals tell her which village has the demon been frequenting recently. Eventually forming a group, they arrived at Seika Village, which is now a stinking wasteland filled with men driven to madness with their women captured, leaving no one to do the household chores.

When they finally arrive at the island, the Idiots and Misaki sneak into the Demon's lair, with Misaki disguised as a maid. There, they found the Seika women wearing Maid uniforms in a grand palace. After the Idiots blew Misaki's cover, she is shocked to learn that Takumi is in fact the Demon himself; and that he never kidnapped the women-in fact, it was the women who followed him since they got sick and tired of serving their selfish men, and took over the palace.

The Narrator ends the story by claiming Misaki and Takumi became a couple despite Misaki protesting against the ending; and the Idiot Trio dying in unfortunate ends.

In reality, the entire story is in fact a dream Misaki is having while napping in the Student Council room, a result of Takumi putting headphones on her with the story he narrated, designed to send subliminal messages into her dreams, playing on a CD player. To thank him, she invites him over to her house for tea with Suzuna. Misaki arrives home from school, and is shocked seeing him there. As she drags him to the park warning him not to come to her home again, Sakura and Shizuko see them, and think they're dating.

However, Usui knows he's being followed, so he leads the three on a wild goose chase around town.

Which "Maid-Sama" Character Are You? The quiz is about finding out which "Maid-Sama" anime character suites your personality. Do you think you are the hard-working maid/student president Misaki or are you the mysterious but enticing Usui? Find out here! Start. Tweet. Maid sama dating - Find a man in my area! Free to join to find a man and meet a man online who is single and hunt for you. Join the leader in mutual relations services and find a date today. Join and search! Find single man in the US with footing. Looking for love in . Jun 02,   KaiChoU Wa MaiD SaMa A New INteReSTinG SpEciAL MaNGa ChApTeR - Duration: BLueBaRry N views. KaiChoU Wa MaiD SaMa .

After the girls decide to give up, Misaki meets Usui by the roadside tending to an abandoned kitten. Misaki, claiming that she is indeed not interested in Usui's private life, gets his address from him in case she's interested.

Takumi wins the race but decides to give the prize to Misaki, who came runner-up.

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Inside the changing tent, she accidentally switches her costume, a maid uniform, with Yukimura's. Yukimura is jeered by the boys for wearing it, but seeing this, Takumi and Misaki, wearing cool costumes, helps and defends Yukimura and finish the race together.

Gouki Aratake, the strongest delinquent in Seisen Middle School, wants to be like his revered senpai, the former gang leader "Shiroyan". Aratake wants the old Naoya back, so he and his gang abducts a cross-dressing Yukimura, who they mistake for Naoya's girlfriend. After changing into disguises and a few interruptions by their friends, they sneak into Aratake's hideout, where they find him arguing with one of his friends over Naoya.

A fight later erupts between Naoya and Aratake, with the former defeating the latter. A crying Aratake admits he only wanted to be strong like Naoya, who later gives him some words of encouragement. With five minutes left before the time limit, she slowly dozes off and asks Takumi if she'll remember the feelings of gratitude she had towards him and get the chance to thank him properly. Takumi hugs her, promising that he'll save her as much as she wants and would make her fall for him all over again.

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Misaki, though, is embarrassed to come out to help wearing a sexy swimsuit. Takumi gives her a hickie on her back, forcing her to wear a t-shirt to hide it. She later changes her mind and follow them alone after believing they left their tickets behind. As she gets lost and scared on the way, somebody grabs her arm who is none other than Takumi who decided to accompany her. But realizing that he has completely scared her, Takumi hugs her to calm her down while apologizing.

Aoi arrives seeing this, and, in disbelief with the denying Misaki, tells her to just admit she likes Takumi. Both teams easily defeat their competition, earning them a face off at the final round. With Takumi injured, Aoi and Misaki wins the tournament but the latter skips the victory party to apologize to Takumi.

Misaki is touched, but their kiss is interrupted by a sudden explosion of fireworks. During the footman audition, Usui joins the competition along with a masked Aoi, but the underage Aoi gets disqualified.

Takumi also had to contend with Yukimura's curiosity by assuming a false identity and calling Misaki as a boy.

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But before the third round begins, Misaki falls down from the stage but Takumi rescues her. Despite being injured from the fall, Takumi tries to hide it which Misaki decides to do all of the tasks in the third round-a butler serving his master-to conceal it. This raises Maki's suspicions on Takumi's condition, which the latter covers it up by playing the violin.

However, seeing Takumi secretly in pain is too much for Misaki to bear and she begs him to stop and defends her actions to Maki, their judge, over the importance of helping colleagues. As Maid Latte continues operating as usual, Misaki heads over to Usui's apartment to take care of him as he forced himself out of the hospital despite being still sick.

There, she apologizes for becoming dependent on him but he confesses that he has also become dependent on her, just as she is to him, much to her embarrassment. But when she meets the "prince-like" Takumi, Yukimura manages to get Takumi to go on a date with his sister in order to gain her favor.

Takumi stops the cupboard and its contents from falling while Yukimura shields her. Yukimura scolds Ruri when her prideful behavior goes too far, and she apologizes and re-accepts her big brother.

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Takumi, meanwhile, becomes increasingly bitter and jealous of Hinata, and begins to wonder about the amount of attention she is spending on him and whether or not Shintani means more to Misaki than he does. During the Seika High Outdoor field trip, the students, tricked by their bitter seniors into thinking it will be a pleasure trip, have to endure a hard life of Enlightenment at a Buddhist temple for five days and four nights.

Due to the grueling lifestyle they had endured at the temple, the boys lose their sanity and start lusting after the girls. The teachers are able to stop them by barricading the bridges leading to the girls' cabins, but a sudden flooding at the river blocks them from one of the bridges they forgot to barricade, which the boys are able to get to the other side unopposed.

This forces the girls to brace themselves in their own cabin, as Misaki goes out to stop them. Together with Hinata and Takumi, Misaki is able to drive the boys back. Later Takumi confronts Misaki over Hinata, and she explains to him that she only sees Hinata as a childhood friend and nothing more.

Relieved with her answer, Takumi faints on top of her over hunger. During the sweets feast at Maid Latte, Misaki reveals to Hinata that she works part-time as a maid. Hinata becomes a bit rowdy about this, to a point of risking her secret, but Takumi, dressed as a butler, arrives and takes Misaki to the back and questions her change of plans.

Later, while taking out the trash, Takumi, who was waiting at the back for Misaki, asks her the same question that Aoi asked. In a fit of embarrassment, Misaki throws a punch at him but is blocked. He then proceeds to portray his feelings for her by pulling her into a hug and murmuring a 'no-lying' spell in her ear, demanding she answer his question truthfully, which she answers truthfully but somewhat off topic.

The next day, Hinata decides to help Misaki clean the school entrance but ends up getting them both wet. With her clothes wet and revealing, Takumi covers her with his shirt and accompanies her to get change.

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With no way of reuniting with them and Sakura refusing to leave the front row, Shizuko and Takumi suggest both he and Misaki enjoy the festival together. After receiving their special prize to wear a Romeo and Juliet costume, Takumi brings Misaki to an empty classroom to get a better view of the fireworks. Misaki finally confesses to Takumi, but rants a little due to her embarrassment.

She tells him that she is confused, that she doesn't know why her heart beats so fast when she is with him, or why she feels lonely when he leaves her, or why Takumi is the only person who makes her feel like this. She can't understand why she likes him so much when all he ever does is tease and sexually harass her. For that, he hugs her and tells her he loves her and everything about her, and both of them kiss.

Despite Misaki's being embarrassed to admit her feelings, both of them stroll together at the festival hand in hand. Ten years later, they get married in England.

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Misaki is revealed to be working as a diplomat, traveling frequently, while Usui is a very well-known doctor in England. He willingly keeps this secret from the rest of the school and is always helping and supporting her. Misaki is the first and only girl who Takumi fell in love with and they are now in a relationship as an official couple.

She is very dear to him and he will do anything to protect her.

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Because of this, he swore never to tell anyone about her secret as a maid. He gets jealous easily, as he says himself, he is very possessive, and has a strong desire to monopolize Misaki when she is too close with other guys.

They also kiss in chapters 32, 37, 45, 49, 51, 57, 59, 62, 64, 66, 71, 72, 78, 79, 82, 84, and In chapter 57, they officially become a couple. Finally they married in England and go on a helicopter to enjoy their honeymoon.

Misaki is the first person to whom Takumi entrusted the secret about himself and his family.

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He spends most of his time around Misaki and enjoys 'observing' her. He usually tries to attract Misaki's attention and often advices her to be more honest about her feelings.

Also, Takumi says that he will eat any food as long as it is made by Misaki. Shintani is Takumi's main rival and the only one he takes seriously, and they are usually represented as two dogs growling at each other whenever they are battling for Misaki.

Takumi often gets jealous of Shintani when Misaki is with him or Misaki is paying more attention to Shintani than to him.

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Shouichirou Yukimura is not an exact friend of Takumi's "he's more like a pet" as said by Misaki Ayuzawa. Yukimura is seen to be very embarrassed around Takumi after he kissed him to make Misaki more at ease after stealing a kiss from her at the rooftop. Still, not a very big friendship is held between Takumi and Yukimura. Takumi enjoys harassing Yukimura, mostly to attract Misaki's attention.

Yukimura often blushes when Takumi is around. He proved himself to be useful, when Takumi was trying to find about Soutarou's true motive. Li Yi Hua is the daughter of a Hongkong millionaire. She first appeared in Chapter 68 of the manga together with her fiance Arashiyama Tenryuu.

They're not really close friends with Takumi but they were asked to befriend her just like TomikoujiUmekouji Tomuand Kaon Umekouji. When Takumi visited Misaki during lunch break at Seika they tagged along and took a picture to show that they are befriending Takumi just like what they were told to. Gerald is Takumi's older English half-brother. Gerald is an active part of the Walker family's plan to control Takumi, and helps in the tracking of Takumi and the plan for his transference to Miyabigaoka.

His Japanese is fluent, although he and Takumi usually communicate in English. Takumi and Gerald's relationship does not seem to be very good, which might possibly be because of Gerald's interference with Takumi's life and relationship with Misaki. Gerald is disapproving of the relationship between Misaki and Takumi and is out to separate them. Gerald despises Takumi, most probably because he is an illegitimate child. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Contents [ show ]. Manga: Chapter 48, Page Categories :. Student Council.

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Idiot Trio. Maria Miyazono. Misaki nails the part until Takumi arrives.

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When Takumi helps out in the kitchen, Aoi sets her sights on him! On this night, however, the boss is late and Misaki has to close shop alone. Misaki has new fans at school- the Inuyama brothers. They want to know all about her, but this will reveal her secret. Should she tell them the truth and risk her reputation? Misaki breaks up a fight between students from Seika High and Miyabigaoka Academy. When she brings the Seika students to Miyabigaoka to apologize, Takumi tags along.

Misaki's torn over Miyabigaoka's surprise offer. Takumi narrates a strange retelling of the legend of Momotaro with Misaki as the titular character herself. Sakura, an avid fan of rock band Yumemishi, is in love with its vocalist Kuuga. She invites her friends to a party with the band, but Kuuga has his eyes on Misaki instead.

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Usui meets Misaki's mom and helps her, and she invites him home for tea. Misaki drags him from her home. When her friends see them leave together, what else would they think?

It's the Sports Festival, and the boys have decided that the Grand Prize is a kiss from a horrified Sakura. Misaki competes to save her, despite all efforts to disqualify her.

The Student Council plans an open house at Seika High to boost female enrollment.

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However, a girl-hating freshman, Soutarou, goes to extreme measures to derail their efforts. Soutarou is shocked to find that Misaki was able to outlast his little game.

Misaki has a special punishment in mind for the freshman at the upcoming Open House.

It's the summer vacation, and the Maid Latte crew has been invited to Satsuki's sister's beach resort. Aoi tags along, too, but why did Satsuki bring Usui? It's the second day of vacation, and Aoi needs Misa's help to win the beach volleyball tournament! The winners are crowned Beach Prince and Princess, so why is Usui competing? The only way for Misa to stop this is to enter the footman auditions in disguise. Usui and Misaki must cooperate to succeed in the second round of the footman auditions, but before the third round begins, disaster strikes.

She's smitten by Prince Usui, so Yukimura arranges a date for them to regain her favor. Misaki orders the sports clubs to clean up their club rooms. Meanwhile, a transfer student, Hinata Shintani, arrives and irks Misaki with his childish behavior and gluttony. It's the school field trip, and the class has been tricked into hard work at a temple. The girls are curious about Misa and Hinata, while she has to keep him and Usui apart.

Misa competes to save her, but then Hinata joins, with his sights on her! Hinata and Usui's rivalry flares as Hinata tries rekindling childhood memories with Misa.

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