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She was carrying a pink box covered in red hearts. And friendship. It was a good day. I blame you. Just pick a name and get the person a gift by the 14th. People would be watching there.

It was out of habit, she does when she gets bored. So what if no one knows that Maya and Lucas are dating until they start trying to set the two of them up? A Jealous! The College AU that no one asked for in which there is: as many Disney characters as I could fit into one fic, Seddie, Auslly, laundry! Plus more to come! Maya Penelope Hart. In which Lucas Friar is partially deaf dancer who seems to be the only one who can see Maya Hart clearly.

And in which Maya Hart is a vision impaired artist who seems to be the only one who can hear Lucas Friar just fine. Alone and bored at the homecoming dance, Maya decides to people watch, but Lucas has other ideas, which leads to Maya feeling things she never expected to feel, especially for Ranger Rick.

It is a summer day and the kids have just finished school. They are all eighteen. While Lucas and Maya don't know what their relationship really is, Josh has finally decided to make his move on Maya after all these years Maya Hart walks into church late wearing the tightest red dress Lucas has seen in his goddamn miserable short stupid life.

She sits right next to him. He's going to hell for sure. And it was all because of him.

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Nothing has been the same since Texas. All Lucas knows is he's in love with Maya and he thinks she feels the same. As they grow and go through high school, the growing tension is almost unbearable and suddenly all Lucas can look at is Maya's mouth. OR Lucas pines for Maya while she pretends not to like him for Riley's sake. Eventually they can't deny their attraction.

Just tell me her name. I want a name. Her name is Maya. The gang, along with the rest of their classmates, head to the beach for an end of summer bonfire. Cory shows up and gives them a lesson about the importance of change. Girl Meets Science Fair - Farkle and Smackle are entering the science fair as partners, but begin to find it impossible to work together and decide to do their own projects.

When Farkle enlists Riley to help him, she begins to examine their friendship in a new light. The Friars are not what anyone expected. Girl Meets Pressure - Maya and Riley are invited to their first high school party. Cory and Topanga give them a long lecture about making good choices and let them go.

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Girl Meets Homecoming - The gang attends their first high school dance. They decide to go together as friends as well. Is Farkle jealous?

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Girl Meets Thankfulness - What us does for them. The gang volunteers at a soup kitchen for thanksgiving. Girl Meets Hanukkah - Having learned about his newfound culture, Farkle invites his friends over for Hanukkah. She says yes, but actually wants to go this time. Farkle is noticeably jealous. Smackle is upset. Cory gets stuck teaching sex education and reaches out to Topanga for help. Girl Meets Trust - Riley breaks a promise she made to Maya years ago. Smackle tells Lucas a secret.

Girl Meets Gossip - A false rumor about Maya spreads across the school. She tries to ignore it, but Riley wants to put an end to it. Lucas defends Maya. Smackle wants to give him the perfect gift to thank him for his secret santa gift last year. Farkle and Smackle have been acting differently. Smackle goes to the Philippines to visit her family.

Zay gets everyone to play truth or dare.

Maya Hart: 17 Years Old Lucas Friar: 18 Years Old Riley Matthews: 17 Years Old Farkle Minkus: 17 Years Old Maya's POV. I was in the hallways of John Quincy Adams Highschool. Riley and I were at our lockers and then Farkle ran up from behind and grabbed Riley by the hips. lucaya gmw gmw - lucaya - girl meets world lucas friar maya hart girl meets world - idk how to tag this I used to know lucaya fanfic gmw fanfic okay pls reblog/like:) i bet you didn't expect me to write 6 fucking k but here we are!!!!! enjoy lucaya fake dating:))) ao3 | ffn. lucaya - Freeform; Summary. A Shawn-Hunter-Meets-Lucas-Friar-and-Puts-the-Fear-of-God-Into-Him-Because-He-Thinks-He's-Dating-Maya fic which includes exactly what it says on the tin as well as Shawn/Katy. Language: English Words: 1, Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 8 .

Get it? Cory teaches the class about the civil rights movement. Riley asks for help regarding some newfound feelings. When her friends read the column, they all have an opinion. Lucas stops by, as does Shawn. This week, your assignment is to do research on an event involving us, but with with focus on the other side. Girl Meets Lucas - Lucas almost gets into a fight after losing a baseball game.

The gang finally finds out what bad, bad thing Lucas did at his old school. Someone besides Zay already knew. Girl Meets Growth - Cory teaches his class about the growth of America.

She teaches Auggie about butterflies and how they become something different at the right time. Girl Meets Feelings - Sophomore year is coming to a close. Maya knew all along. This one is when they are all adults. Awkward Christmas party. If ever there was a doubt My love she leans into me This most assuredly counts She says most assuredly.

Maya tapped her fingers against her thigh, her burgundy sweater dress rippling with each tap.

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Her free hand continuously rubbed at her protruding belly-never tiring of the unexplainable feeling of being so close to her baby boy. She stared at herself in the reflection of the mirror as she sat down her volume boosting mascara as Riley stepped into the room. Riley plopped onto her old bed, now fitted with more sophisticated fitted sheets-a dark purple color that matched nicely with her gray walls.

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Though they were grown adults, both married and one with a child on the way, they both still found comfort in the room. Maya told Riley she was pregnant in the bay window even. Maya held in an agitated sigh. She loved them-she did. They are the people who raised not only Cory, but also her own stepfather in a way. She got married too young effectively ruining her life. Maya rolled her eyes. Maybe in the universe. Mostly because he promised to pick yours up.

You make me sound like putty in his hands.

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I could stay mad at him if I wanted to. Just keep me occupied until our husbands show up. You know I am emotional. They started down the stairs, Maya tensing at the laugh that came from none other than her ex-boyfriend. She stepped down from the last step and once again, her left hand settled on her swollen belly. It had become her safety net that she never knew she needed. Something she thought she wanted for so long fizzled so quickly, she sometimes had a hard time remembering exactly how long they even dated.

The long game quickly became the short game and waiting around for someday turned out to be a waste of time. If anything, she was greatly relieved. She no longer questioned if they would be together. She got her answer and was free to move on. Josh stepped forward giving Riley a tight hug before awkwardly turning to Maya.

She gave a sweet grin, reminding herself that it he is allowed to be shocked, though she had an itch her throat to tell him to stop staring at her stomach. Sure, they only dated a few months, but there was always a promise before that of something amazing.

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He had not spoken to her since she was in high school. Maya felt anger. She got asked if she was pregnant more times than she could count the first year of her marriage. She felt her blood start to rise in temperature and she started to think of all the different ways to tell him off. She was used to his parents. Their thinly veiled insults towards her husband. What his profession was, any trouble he might have seen in his younger years. Her mouth opened-ready to take fire with more riling comments when she heard a calming voice.

Josh was left unattended, Maya no longer caring, to reach out to her father. He felt safe and warm when his arms wrapped around her, her belly kicking at being enveloped. Maya released Shawn from her grasps, he keeping an arm around her shoulder as they turned back to Josh and Riley. Shawn began a discussion with Josh about the joys of photography and Maya felt her previous anger began to slip away. Josh seemed to have forgotten about her diamond captured finger and her swollen belly and for that Maya was relieved.

Riley followed over to snack table instantly. So we are young and fresh out of college. Why does that mean we should feel bad for starting families? Riley became flustered.

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Her face becoming the slightest shade of pink. Riley turned to respond, but her eye caught someone at the door. They had not been able to see each other in the few weeks leading up to Christmas with all of their jobs and lives being so hectic.

Smackle herself was in graduate school and took almost all of her time. Her engagement was no surprise to the friends and they had even begun to take bets on to when the question would be popped to their quirky friend. Farkle shook his head wrapping his arms around her waist as they turned to the rest of the group.

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Maya felt all of her panic and worry fall away at the seams once Lucas came to stand beside her, slightly behind her so her back was against the righter part of his chest. His left hand played with hers, their rings clinking together.

Maya rolled her eyes at him, and she, Riley, and Smackle shared a look. Smackle had filled them in on how their friend had proposed. He had dug through her memory box after asking Maya and Riley for the okay, of courseand found the etiquette book that he had given to her so long ago when she was still dating Farkle and the triangle was still fresh and wrong.

He rewrote in the margins all the way he still loved her and found her beautiful, but this time in ways she would make an amazing wife and mother. On the last page, he taped the ring beside the etiquette of how to accept a proposal not marriage of course and in the margin, wrote: Just say yes.

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Maya cried for a good thirty minutes after Smackle told her and that was how Lucas found her when he came home from a long day of at the animal hospital-she was sitting in front of a canvas with paint smeared across her cheek and tears falling from her eyes. The rest of the group began to discuss wedding plans which Maya and Lucas had no way of giving input for her.

Neither had wanted a wedding and wanted to be married before they moved for school, so they ended up married in a restaurant where they had their first date.

Another reason for the Matthews to not agree with their marriage because of how abnormal they went about it. They never cared the looks they got from people when they told them about their wedding day because honestly, neither cared.

They were both happy and never felt slighted from their decisions. Maya rolled her eyes not understanding why she would have expected another response. He always gave the same response when she told him she missed him. He laughed at her command and grabbed the finger pointing at him pulling it up to his lips to kiss it. Why would I be bothered by an ex-boyfriend?

Throughout the rest of the night, Maya caught Josh multiple times staring at her and Lucas.

Lucaya fanfiction dating

He was discussing baseball with Zay and his voice alone lulled her to sleep. When she came, she heard soft voices and decided to pretend she was asleep for a little bit longer. It was pretty quick so not many people knew. He was on a business trip. I just needed to get out of the way.

I know she deserves a lot more than what I have given her.

Maya and Lucas: First kiss: Fanfiction

She has given a lot up for me and I just want to be able to repay the favor. Maya could fell Lucas shift her around to give Josh a handshake and before she knew it, it was just them two again. She then allowed herself to pretend to wake up. She tried to fight a smile, but it was useless when it came to him. You know that right? I did it gladly. She growled at his response and he let out a bark of laughter. Time to go home.

Come, Mr. Matthews had said, come quick. And Farkle came. Lucas has never been very fond of he rain, nor the thunder. Shocker, right? Maya is home alone this weekend, and the thought of her alone clutching her comforter in fear of the thunder is practically torture to Lucas.

She almost always has headphones on, blasting music that corresponds with her mood. Right now, there is slow piano music playing. I thought I could help you. You doing okay? Kinda like this one, probably worse.

I had no clue what was going on, I thought that the world was on fire. I was crying under my covers, and my dad came in.

He told me that everything was gonna be okay, that as long as he was there, I was safe. That he would protect me from the storm. I believed that, and I slept fine that night. But when he left a few months later, I guess I felt like nobody was there to protect me. I guess I still feel like that, as dumb as it is.

All of the lights in the house flicker out, Maya jumping and hugging a blanket. Lucas finds himself falling deeper and deeper for Maya as they dance, drowning deeply and willingly into the oceans that her blue eyes seem to hold. He kisses back deeply, running his fingers through her sweet smelling hair. Kissing Maya is a blissful oblivion, and Lucas feels that asking for anything else in his lifetime would make him a greedy man, for Maya is all that he could ever need.

As they break apart, Maya smiles faintly. For she knows that everything is gonna be okay. Maya: what? Lucas: sure you can. But we both know we are way pass that. So, which one is it?

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History, english or math? Maya: how do you know is not chemestry or science? Lucas: I can help you after football practice.

Home Community TV Shows Girl Meets World Friar's Hart (Lucaya - Friar's Hart (Lucaya - Follow. Focus: TV Shows Girl Meets World, Since: In which Zay senses trouble for his ship when Josh and Maya start dating so he does what a . I love Maya and Lucas together so this is some fanfic that I like with this couple! If you have any suggestions plz pm me Choices by Teary-Eyed Angel reviews. When it is revealed that Riley still has feelings for Lucas, he must choose between the two best friends. This is a LUCAYA fic! Set in between the episodes of Girl Meets World, season. This is another lucaya fanfic. Lucas and Maya are They do what normal 17 year olds do, party and drink and party. When one feels alone or just wants to make out, they make out. They always say they aren't together, and would never have feelings for each other. But will one night change it all?

Maya: I love how you are smarter than you look. Math starts in 15 min. Just let me see your answer sheet. This one is from Farkle, these two from zay and this from Riley. And I even did this one myself. Maya: yeah, you need to learn better uses for your time. By the way, you number 5 is wrong. Lucaya prompt where maya convinces Lucas to pretend to date her to make Josh jealous but they almost get caught and have to kiss or something and realize they actually like each other.

In hindsight, Maya should have known that when it came to Lucas, things were never simple. As she watched his receding form finally turn the corner and disappear, she wished she had just let well enough alone. But it had started out innocently enough.

It was all about Josh. I just wanna dance. I was trying to save his life! I scoff at the door that Riley slammed shut, before I lean my back against the wall.

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Might as well wait here. I feel better now.

LUCAYA IS LOVE LUCAYA IS LIFE is an avid - reader and an active particpant in the world of fandom. After dating in secret for a while, Lucas and Maya are ready to tell their friends they are dating. One Shot. Lucaya Fic (set right before the start of Junior Year of High school).

I literally had like one beer. When he takes hand away, I feel my stomach tie in a knot at his incredibly handsome, long lashed green eyes.

His head turns to me quickly as he notices me staring, and I advert my eyes to my high-heeled shoes.

I see him smile slightly in the corner of my eye as I look up slightly, and hear another gag coming from Riley. Oh god. I think I ate spongebob. Maya, help! Unless you have some insane tolerance to alcohol. Only on fruity cocktails, of course. She gags on plain tequila. I mean, it is her birthday after all.

I open my mouth but no words come out, and I look at Lucas for a moment before moving over and kissing him harshly. He puts his hands on my waist and pulls me closer to him, my hands tugging on his dirty blonde hair.

He moves his hands down to my ass and moves his kisses down to my neck, pushing me against the wall. Just us. The loud music is practically muted, all I can feel is his hands on my body, his lips on mine. I pull his head away and kiss him roughly, before I see something that pulls me out of this trance. I want some fun too.

I smile and look down at the phone number, before using my Riley-free hand to pull him by his shirt into a kiss. Maya: who knows.

Somewhere between 5th avenue or central park. Maya: aww, thanks huckleberry. Lucas: I left it somewhere in the subway I guess. Teacher: you can ask Maya to share.

Eight Years | A Lucaya - 4K Reads Votes 33 Part Story. By ravenclawgal_ Ongoing - ated May 05 Embed Story Share via Email Read New Reading List. In which Maya and Lucas realise that 8 years can change everything. Maya and Lucas meet again at their kids' after 8 years of not seeing each other and much has changed. Will they be. -"Riley please help I lied to the cool frat guys and told them i was dating someone will you pretend to be my girlfriend for a night thank you I love you" my writing lucaya - college au lucaya girl meets world girl meets world fanfic girl meets world - lucas maya lucas friar maya hart lucaya fanfic send me prompts! Lucas and Maya were two people who you'd never thought get along, until the summer of Things happen that leaves the two questioning how they feel for each other.

Even she has a book. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent.

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Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. You always pick her up. What am I reading? My gift was terrible. Lucaya lucaya prompts lucaya fanfic lucaya fic lucaya ff lucaya - valentine's day prompt send me requests lucaya valentine. Show more notes. Love, Phoebe : Maya chuckles as she finishes reading over the last letter that was sent to her by Camp Orkila from Phoebe.

That must be Lucas. Maya smiled slightly as he shares a laugh with Phoebe, the two seeming to share a connection. Maya walks closer and sees Phoebe look up to her, a large smile spreading on her face. And how the hell does he not have a girlfriend? It was awesome having her here. Right Pheebs?

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If I was the head of a fanfic agency Me: okay meeting everyone! Lucas takes in a sharp breath as her weight falls on his crotch, her lips connecting with his. Love you bye. And for the request!! Look at their stupid smiles and listen to their stupid laughter. Lucas is your best friend.

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