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Vetches are leguminous plants that have a long history in agriculture. The name refers the dozens of species in the genus Vicia although it has sometimes been used in the common names of other pea family plants. In common usage today, however, the name vetch refers to a few species that are used by gardeners to enrich their soil and provide habitat for beneficial insects. Vetches are vine-like annuals and perennials. They sometimes scramble a few feet up into shrubbery, but are more often seen rambling across the ground out in the open. Though they have tendrils and flexible stems, they grow more like a fluffy mass of foliage, rather than a typical vine that you would train up a trellis. There are many species of vetch but only the hairy vetch and common vetch are commonly available to gardeners.

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A dashiki is a loose-fitting, pullover shirt usually sewn from colorful, African-inspired cotton prints or from solid color fabrics, often with patch pockets and embroidery at the neckline and cuffs.

The dashiki appeared on the American fashion scene during the s when embraced by the black pride and white counterculture movements.

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The Yoruba borrowed the word from the Hausa dan ciki literally "underneath"which refers to a short tunic worn by males under larger robes. The Yoruba danshikia work garment, was originally sewn from hand-woven strip cloth.

It has deep-cut armholes with pockets below and four gussets set to create a flare at the hem.

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Similar tunics found in Dogon burial caves in Mali date to the twelfth and thirteenth centuries Bolland. In many parts of West Africa today such tunics of hand-or machine-woven textiles with or without sleeves and gussets are worn with matching trousers as street clothes.

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In the s, the dashiki appeared in the American ethnic fashion inventory, along with other Afrocentric clothing styles, possibly from the example of African students and African diplomats at the United Nations in New York Neves A unisex garment, the American dashiki varies from a sleeveless tunic to the more common pullover shirt or caftan with short or dangling bat sleeves.

Both sexes wear the shirt, and women wear short or full-length dashiki dresses. Following the Civil Rights Act ofthe popularity of Afrocentric clothing grew along with pride in racial and cultural heritage among Americans of African descent.

First worn as an indicator of black unity and pride, the dashiki peaked in popularity when white counterculture hippies, who "set the tone for much of the fashion of the late sixties" Connikie, p. The aesthetics of mainstream male fashion shifted toward the ethnic, men began to "emulate the peacock," and the dashiki became trendy by the end of the s.

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Worn by increasing numbers of young white Americans attracted to the bright colors and ornate embroidery, the dashiki lost much of its black political identity and epitomized the larger scene of changing American society. By the late s, American retailers imported cheap dashikis manufactured in India, Bangladesh, and Thailand.

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Most of these loose-fitting shirts and caftans were sewn from cotton "kanga" prints, a bordered rectangle printed with symmetrical bold colorful designs, often with central motifs. Kanga prints were introduced in the nineteenth century by Indian and Portuguese traders to East Africa, where in the early twenty-first century women still wore them as wrappers Hilger, p.

Contemporary kanga, manufactured in Kenya and Tanzania, was discovered by African American fashion designers in the s Neves and was ideal for the simply tailored dashikis.

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One kanga-patterned dashiki with chevron, geometric, and floral motifs became a "classic" and was still manufactured in the twenty-first century. Throughout its history in American fashion, the dashiki has functioned as a significant, but sometimes ambiguous, identity marker.

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In its earliest manifestation, with the Afro hairstyle, headgear, and African beads, it was associated with black power, the "Black Is Beautiful" movement, and the development of Afrocentrism. The historian Henry Louis Gates Jr. Initially, the garment had strong political over-tones when "dashiki-clad cultural nationalists typified the antithesis of the suit-and-tie integrationists" Cobb, p.

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Political activists such as Huey P. Newton and Stokely Carmichael of the Black Panthers Party sometimes combined the dashiki with the black leather jacket, combat boots, and beret that identified the militant group Boston, pp.

However, the dashiki never gained a clear militant identity in the African American community.

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Leaders of the more moderate wings of the Black Civil Rights movement, such as Jesse Jackson and Andrew Young, sometimes wore dashikis to project a distinctive Afrocentric look as they promoted the more peaceful goals of Martin Luther King Jr. Boston, p.

They both have ferny foliage reminiscent of sweet peas with purple flowers that give way to small seed pods that look just like pea pods; however, they are non-edible.

The main difference between the two species is size: hairy vetch grows as a sprawling mass about knee high, while common vetch can get waist high.

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Like most legumes, vetches have the wonderful ability to produce their own nitrogen, a trait that farmers and gardeners long ago learned to harness as a form of all natural fertilizer for other plants. The technique involves planting these as cover crops in the season before the desired crop plant is sown.

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That way, the nitrogen deposited in the soil will be immediately available to the new seedlings. The nitrogen is not produced by the vetch plant alone, but is the result of a symbiotic relationship between the bacteria called Rhizobium which colonizes the roots of the plants and converts gaseous nitrogen from the air into a water soluble form that plants can make us of.

Cover cropping is by far the most common use of vetch by gardeners although it does offer outstanding ornamental qualities.

Dating Strengths. Within relationships, those with ISTP traits enjoy being useful partners who can bring something tangible to the table. They enjoy fixing things around the house, building useful crafts, and assisting with day-to-day Gabrielle Applebury. Vetches are leguminous plants that have a long history in agriculture. The name refers the dozens of species in the genus Vicia although it has sometimes been used in the common names of other pea family plants. In common usage today, however, the name vetch refers to a few species that are used by gardeners to enrich their soil and provide habitat for beneficial insects. Like a trusted friend, LoveToKnow Dating & Relationships is here to help you navigate through those tricky relationship dilemmas. We're here for you when you're just starting out and need things to say, and we're here for you when things go south and you want to break up.

The prolific purple flowers and lush foliage of vetch make it attractive for use in the landscape. As an ornamental, it is used with wildflowers in naturalized meadow environments, but is not typically used in conventional landscape settings, as it's rather coarse and untamed when viewed from close up and has an unruly growth habit.

However, the drifts of purple blossoms floating above the vegetation is very effective viewed from afar in mass plantings in conjunction with ornamental grasses and wildflowers like coneflower, daisies, poppies, milkweed and yarrow. Vetch is known for attracting butterflies and a host of other beneficial insects that prey on various insect pests, making it a favorite for habitat gardens and wildlife plantings. It can also be incorporated in seed mixtures used for erosion control purposes.

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Vetch prefers cool weather, making the most voluminous growth in spring and fall. Fall crops are planted in late summer and spring crops are planted in late winter as soon as the ground can be worked.

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The seed is hard and will germinate more readily if soaked in water for 24 hours prior to planting. The plant is almost never grown by itself. For soil improvement purposes vetch seed is typically mixed with a grain, such as rye or oats, and sometimes with fava beans.

For ornamental purposes, mix it with any type of wildflower seed for sunny locations. The seed mix should be raked lightly into the surface of soil that has been worked to a loose crumbly texture prior to planting.

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