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It was there that she met Sherlock Holmes , who was the best man. She jokingly hinted that because they were bridesmaid and best man, it would be true to tradition if they had sex. He revealed to her that he secretly loved dancing and always had, though they never actually got to dance at the wedding, aside from the lesson he gave her. Sherlock and Janine began a short relationship, one which ended badly when it was revealed that Sherlock was simply using her to get access to Magnussen's office, going so far as to propose to her. She referred to the brothers as 'Sherl' and 'Mike', in a manner which confused John Watson who had seemingly never considered the possibility of abbreviations or nicknames in these cases.

Sherlock found it very helpful for his cause that he and Janine had met at the wedding.

Lorsque vous le Is Sherlock Really Dating Janine consultez, un site Internet peut stocker ou recuperer Is Sherlock Really Dating Janine des informations sur votre navigateur, principalement sous forme de cookies. Ces informations peuvent concerner vous-meme, vos Is Sherlock Really Dating Janine preferences ou votre appareil. Nous mettons a votre disposition un outil simple ci-dessous. Sherlock tells John that he is dating her because she is Magnussen's personal assistant, and he uses their relationship to assist him with breaking into Magnussen's office in London. Inside, Sherlock and John find an incapacitated Janine, and Sherlock happens upon Mary holding Magnussen at gunpoint. Oct 14,   Another interesting thing: In the scene above where Janine sits on his lap in B and says "Don't forget, I'm the only one who knows what you're really like," Sherlock replies, "Don't you go letting on," and then Janine says, "I might just, actually.".

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John : " You mean Mycroft? Contents [ show ]. Sherlock Series 3. Episode 3. And like others here pointed out, she was fine with him using drugs.

Is sherlock really dating janine

If she really liked him she would have been at least annoyed at him because of that. Well, I guess it's just a matter of opinion, then. She certainly doesn't just blurt out what she's feeling, but that doesn't mean that she's shallow - my own feeling is that she's very observant though of course no Sherlock but plays it close to her vest.

I do like janine, as I posted in another thread.

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I think she's smart, tactful, intelligent and very honest. I'm not sure I see her ending up with sherlock and not only for his awful behavior in her regards. I do like molly more, though.

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I don't see her shallow either. I think she's pretty attracted to sherlock because of his looks, but isn't only interested in a one night stand.

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I admit I rather prefer Molly's attitude to Sherlock's drug use So there! My opinion only, but I think Janine is vulgar in the traditional meaning of the word - common.

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She comes out of Shelock's bedroom clearly having slept in his shirt, calling him Sherl and calling Mycroft "Myc. But then I really started to enjoy her for her, and I think she's a well-conceived character, whether she turns out to be a one-shot or in fact returns for S4.

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Mrs. Hudson (Sherlock Holmes) (26) Janine (18) Charles Augustus Magnussen (11) Include Relationships Sherlock Holmes/Janine Sherlock Holmes/John Watson (33) Mary Morstan/John Watson (33) Mycroft Holmes/Greg Lestrade (26) Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper (24) Sherlock Holmes & John Watson (15) Sherlock Holmes & Janine (13). Is Sherlock Really Dating Janine, james reid dating different girls, is dating for 3 months serious, dating site for ghanaians/ Ludovic08, 44 ans. Habite a Glasgow, Ecosse. Recherche une femme: Amour, Amitie, Discussions. I am a single father of two children, I can no longer have children, I am direct, a simple person Is Sherlock Really Dating Janine who likes new thatliz.com Sherlock Really Dating Janine /

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Janine By ArcadiaOctober 13, in Characters. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts.

Question is sherlock really dating janine Bravo, what

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I think he was definitely leading her on and maybe even enjoying himself a bit! She thought he was being more "vulnerable" around her, yeh?

I'm not saying she's a bad person. I just think she's shallow and didn't really like him.

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OK, I'm rewatching the Janine episodes Posted October 14, I'm also annoying and vulgar. Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Watching their friendship progress was a big highlight of the episode for me; I believe in thatliz.com-ese it would be referred to as an "epic BrOTP.

What bothers me most about this episode is how Janine's reaction to Sherlock's betrayal was executed - or, should I say, not executed.

Yes, she got her revenge by selling out Sherlock to the tabloids, but we never really got to see her truly, properly angry at Sherlock. He strung her along for weeks, he broke her heart - what person could be completely appeased simply by printing a racy story in the newspaper?

He Likes Boys: Janine \u0026 Sherlock (Johnlock)

What was lacking was a personal reaction - a real, furious, justified response to a broken heart. Instead, she comes across as the cliched, "hell hath no fury," vengeful woman by using the newspapers for revenge, and then forgives Sherlock for the complete asshole he's been to her.

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I felt like a character I had come to like had been hollowed-out; her reaction was not a true, human, emotional response. I don't know why she suddenly lost the backbone she seemed to have in "The Sign of Three," but she deserved to be angry at Sherlock, to ream him out for being such a jerk to her; instead, Janine wasn't allowed that rage, and I think the character became the weaker for it.

But the fact that Janine believed that Sherlock was serious enough that he believed that he was proposing to her indicates that she only found out that it was a ruse at the very end, which means that they most likely had carnal knowledge of each other. Ergo, we really don't know if Sherlock. After discovering Sherlock's betrayal, Janine sells exaggerated stories about their relationship to the tabloids and leaves him, settling into her newly-bought cottage in Sussex Downs. My take on her: I really liked Janine in "The Sign of Three." She was fun, flirty, and even got Sherlock to open up about himself ("I love to dance, I always.

Janine's lack of reaction to Sherlock's betrayal highlights a larger issue within the show - namely, Sherlock's friends thinking so much of him that they never kick him back in line or berate him for being an arrogant jerk. John used to do that, but aside from one line in "The Sign of Three" - "Sherlock, we've talked about this.

The showing off? Mary, revealed as having similar sociopathic tendencies to Sherlock, agrees with most everything he says; Lestrade says nothing, still in hopes that Sherlock will be a great man one day and "maybe even a good one.

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