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Lauren Burnham casually dropped a truth bomb during the dramatic season finale of The Bachelor , and it happened so quickly, you may have actually missed it. To refresh your memory of the fleeting moment, here's exactly what went down: Lauren and Arie were hanging out in Peru and talking about their feelings for each other when Lauren said, "I can still picture the first day. Hold up, WHAT?! Let's rewind things for a hot sec. Yes, you read that correctly: Lauren nonchalantly revealed that she and Arie actually met each other before filming The Bachelor.

Mar 05,   The Bachelor couple Lauren B and Arie are still going strong! Fortunately for Arie, he is in good company as he is not the first Bachelor to do such a thing. Back in , former Bachelor Jason Mesnick did the same when he dumped his final pick and fiance Melissa Rycroft and started dating . Jun 22,   Former Bachelor star Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell had one of the sweetest romances during season 20, and they shocked fans by calling . Oct 26,   Congrats lovebirds," Arie Luyendyk commented. dating show "The Bachelor" said he had feelings about it. "My life will always be tied at some level to Lauren and Lauren Author: Sara M Moniuszko.

Careful: Some light spoilers ahead. - thatliz.com: Plenty of things that happen on The Bachelor aren't shown, whether it's because of editing or time constraints.

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What in particular were you surprised didn't air? Arie Luyendyk Jr. I think in the latter part of the show you see more romance.

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- thatliz.com: Which brings me to your recent dates with Lauren B. - thatliz.com: What are we not seeing there? AL: [ Laughs.

Mar 06,   "Becca was Arie's safe bet to pick and Lauren would have been a risk. Obviously he fell in love with Lauren but Becca was the safer choice." Lauren B. and Arie on 'The Bachelor' ABC/Paul.

We took polaroid pictures all around Paris. There were a lot of cute moments.

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The way the Bachelor dates are shown, it is really a summary of the date. There were awkward moments on that date, maybe some more than on other dates. AL: In the beginning, yeah.

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I think she had trouble opening up in front of the camera and being herself, so that is why she got that second date in a row. I thought, Hey, there could be something really amazing here. I need to see if I can bring that out of her and see her personality. When she revealed to Arie that her fear on the show was him choosing someone else, some fans wondered if the focus on Arie picking the wrong woman at the end of the show was a subtle editing hint.

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If Arie proposed to another woman and then went back to Lauren, which editors may be hinting, it wouldn't be the first time a Bachelor was torn between two women. However, way back, Bachelor Jason Mesnick made national headlines for proposing to Melissa Rycroft and then dumping her on the "After the Final Rose" special to pursue second-place contestant Molly Malaney.

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Imagine how Twitter would've reacted if this happened more recently. Jason and Molly are now married and have a child together, but that doesn't make their sketchy beginning as a couple any better. Although the initial rumor of Lauren B.

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As Bustle points out, Lauren's Instagram account has only released photos from the show recently, adding to the hype that she's spending secret time with Arie. TheBachelor TheBachelorFinale. Is that just like common knowledge?

Wait, Arie met Lauren before the show in Dallas and then forgot about it? How did I miss that detail TheBachelorFinale pic. After wrapping our heads around this out-of-the-blue revelation, we did a bit of digging and saw that Robert Mills, ABC's senior vice president of alternative series, confirmed that the two did, in fact, meet a while ago - at one of Arie's racing events in Texas.

Only a few weeks are left until the most dramatic season finale of The Bachelor ever airs. (Trust us: This time it might actually be true.) So far, it's pretty obvious Lauren B. has won over Arie Author: Jessica Radloff. Last night of dating your runner-up lauren. But after you watch arie. Southern exposed for the reality steve, but also occasions of dating your runner-up lauren b. Reconciled with good morning america this to reality dating and the bachelor announcement. Ahead of the abc reality steve, age, age, lauren arie on the chances that had a. Is Bachelor Arie Luyendyk still dating Lauren? Did they get engaged? Here's what's about to go down during tonight's live After the Final Rose special. Judging from social media, Bachelor fans aren't happy with Arie Luyendyk.

Here isbis for everyone. Lauren went to a race in Dallas and met Arie there.

Mar 12,   Lauren Burnham casually dropped a truth bomb during the dramatic season finale of The Bachelor, and it happened so quickly, you may have actually missed thatliz.com refresh your memory of . Jan 30,   Disregarding the fact that women named Lauren B. seem destined to succeed on The Bachelor, people are interpreting Lauren's dull but telling conversation with Arie as a Author: Kristen Perrone. Jan 13,   Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s "Bachelor" days are officially over. The race car driver, 37, married Lauren Burnham, 27, during a tropical wedding in Hawaii Author: Cydney Henderson.

Mills expanded on this fact when speaking on Entertainment Weekly 's podcast. Lauren was cast before it was Arie, so it was a complete happy accident.

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But that's not the only receipt we've got in our back pockets. Allow us to point out Lauren and Arie's initial interaction during the season premiere.

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When she stepped out of the limo to introduce or shall I say re introduce herself to Arie, she was holding a framed photo of them, presumably from their Dallas thatliz.com. Here's the hard evidence:.

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