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Robocop has officially crossed over from the realm of science fiction into the realm of reality. The head of Google Glass is still mum on what the next version of the device will look like, but he has plenty to say about watches except the Apple Watch. Despite some rough edges around the experience, the Recon Jet brings continuous real-time data into workouts - a big plus for any athlete. Astro Teller, the man who led the Google Glass program has explained exactly where he believes the company went wrong. Fashion designers are weaving technology into their brands in a bid to capture the public's imagination, but what is the real future of wearable tech? A new report suggests Google Glass will get a complete redesign for version two.

And it was promising oysters and tequila. Who could resist? T: Fair enough. Flattery will get you everywhere.

People looked for any excuse to come up and talk to you about it. It was the first thing our server asked us, remember?

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You might as well have been wearing a huge squirrel costume. T: Next time I will wear my huge squirrel costume. T: Squirrels aside, do you think there are rules around technology and date etiquette?

R: There are most definitely unspoken rules around dating and phones. And, yes, I tend to obliviously violate them. T: Okay so maybe I got mad at you for texting back and forth with a friend while we waited for our entree. Was that hypocritical? R: Well, yeah at least a little. You were also on your Android phone too. We were both on our phones on that date - not just on Glass.

I have pictures to prove it. T: Oh. Er my bad.

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R: There are rules. No phones on fancy date night. The truth comes out! Maybe this was all a ruse to get you to say that you liked me? R: [Possibly creeped-out silence].

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There are apps for virtual kissingyou know. R: I think Google Glass is going to turn the people who are already predisposed to being zombie cyborgs into zombie cyborgs. It really depends on the person wearing them.

T: What about how I used Glass during our date? Was it distracting or rude?

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R: I thought you were super classy. Image: Mashable. Google Glass is little more than a memory now. Image: Thomas Trutschel. Google is about to take a deeper dive into virtual reality. A prototype pair of smart glasses with a Carl Zeiss optical system, a lightweight lens that accommodates curved glass and prescriptions.

The future looks bright for smart glasses. Now with a larger glass prism and foldable hinge. Many people criticized Google Glass for being obtrusive on the wearer. Wrap your head around this idea. Image: Augmedix. Google's smart glasses just can't keep a name. Don't call it a Google Glass comeback Google Glass 2. Video: YouTube, Wearable Intelligence.

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Google Glass didn't become the hit with consumers Google had hoped it would be. Image: Mashable, Nina Frazier Hansen. An alleged leak reveals more details on Google Glass 2. Image: Andreas Geber, dpa, Corbis.

Google Glass How-to: Getting Started

Can Google Glass 2. Image: Hodinkee via Vimeo. Image: Mashable, Pete Pachal. Noisy eaters. Rude clerks.

Google glass dating

No Google Glass. She remained unconvinced. Instead she yammered on about privacy invasion, the failure to embrace real life, the evils of distraction, the usual.

Yet, earlier that same day, several strangers had approached me - some timid, some nearly giddy - as if I were a minor celebrity, perhaps a judge on a cable food show. As with cilantro and Hillary Clinton, there's not a lot of middle ground.

Google Glass - which will be released for sale to the public sometime in - has become the flash point in the war between tech-fearing, Jonathan-Franzen-admiring, our-kids-should-play-with-wooden-blocks types and the self-quantifying, singularity-loving, Cloud-computing-will-save-the-world evangelists. I would be one of eight thousand "Explorers" - a group of engineers, scientists, artists, and journalists allowed to test it out. At the Glass office in New York huge windows, free tea sandwichesI got a crash course on how to connect my Glass to the Internet, take video, snap a photo, get directions, search for nearby Taco Bells, return e-mails, make calls, and watch CNN - all without the daunting effort of reaching into my pocket for my smartphone.

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I was also advised about what I should definitely not do. So that's what I would do. The first few days are a mix of exhilaration and frustration. One minute I'm marveling, "Holy crap, this street map moves when I turn my head! Not Rihanna. The tiny screen roughly three quarters of an inch by half an inch takes some getting used to. For a while, I was squinting half the day, but I've now learned to adjust.

You have to point your eyeballs up and to the right, so you spend a lot of time looking as if you're trying to do long division in your head. Glass is designed to display short snippets of text: quick e-mails such as "See you at Sbarro at As the Google publicist told me, Glass is not meant for poring over two-thousand-word articles.

Yet what's the harm in trying?

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In fact, why not use my Glass to read something even more substantial, like Moby-Dick? Imagine the joy of having a tiny great work of literature in front of your face at all times. As my wife drives the family to our friend's house in Connecticut, I ride shotgun, tilt my head back, and dive into some nineteenth-century fiction. I find a free file from Princeton University. The problem? The sentences don't fit on the screen. If I want to finish a line, I have to turn my head to the right, then shift it back to the left.

I look like a spectator at Wimbledon or a five-year-old throwing a tantrum. I'm also carsick. After a half-hour break, I try again. I find another version of Moby-Dick that fits on the screen. I start to read. It's both strange and wonderful. The words float against the sky above the Saw Mill River Parkway. The text is so close to my eyes, the book feels like it's inside my brain.

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I'm in my own secret world, like the kid with the flashlight under the blanket, but without the flashlight or blanket. I've never read Moby-Dick, and the details seem so visceral up close: Queequeg harpooning the breakfast beefsteaks from across the table, or draping his tattooed arm over Ishmael during a forced spooning.

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And who knew Melville was such a cranky bastard, an early Louis C. After forty-five minutes, I get an ice-pick headache and have to stop. I later tell some tech-loathing book-world friends, who react with horror - as if reading on an iPad weren't bad enough. In their honor, I read a long article on my Glass called "35 Arguments Against Google Glass," which gives me an ironic thrill. One of Glass's most impressive features is that it can live-stream video from your point of view.

Anyone can see the world through your eyes. If you're at the grocery store facing a baffling array of tomato sauces, just video-call your wife. On her laptop, she can scan the shelf and tell you to get the seven-herb Robusto.

May 15,   Google Glass On The Half-Shell. My frantic pre-date self pep-talk logic goes like this: Glass is more interesting than it is obnoxious. My natural charm, . Sign in - Google Accounts - Google Classroom. Nov 21,   The night did make clear that Glass could have a profound impact on dating. Imagine when hackers start releasing facial-recognition software against Google.

Very useful. Also useful?

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Invite some friends over for poker and have your cousin who's a professional poker player in Vegas secretly observe your cards from his laptop and signal to you how to bet.

I have such a cousin. He agreed to the plan.

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I'd be his poker body, he'd be my poker brain. Together we'd create The Sting 2. My cousin and I spend the day practicing our scheme. On his computer, he can see my cards. On my walnut-sized screen, I can see a teensy version of him holding up handwritten signs, like FOLD.

Glass Enterprise Edition is a hands-free device, for hands-on workers that removes distractions and helps you focus on what's most important. Dec 23,   The head of Google Glass is still mum on what the next version of the device will look like, but he has plenty to say about watches (except the Apple Watch). Tech Recon Jet review: Google Glass. Jul 30,   Founded by a High School English teacher and a Marine Corps officer, LFGdating is the most-trusted gamer dating platform that wants you to have what you want - when what you want is another awesome person (gamer?) around. Whether you're looking to meet a single gamer to join you on a grind through the latest MMO, or one to spend the rest of your life with, then you've landed in the /5(21).

Or CALL. I keep my cousin on mute for two reasons: First, I don't want my fellow cardplayers to hear him. And second, he's kind of a cocky bastard.

Google Glass, or simply Glass, is a brand of smart glasses-an optical head-mounted display designed in the shape of a pair of eyeglasses. It was developed by X (previously Google X) with the mission of producing a ubiquitous computer. Google Glass displays information in a smartphone-like, hands-free format. Wearers communicate with the Internet via natural language voice commands. Watch Me Date. As of January 19, Google is no longer selling the version of Glass that, for all its hype, failed to take off last year. That said, though, the series is still pretty entertaining - continue reading and you can pick up a number of solid dating do's and don'ts from them. Here are a few I culled from the first episode featuring Flo, a 26 year old who works for a video kit company. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

At P. They know I'm testing Glass, but I tell them it's only for e-mail. I deal. I lift my hand to show my cousin my jack and six.

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Andthe video goes black. I tap the side of my frames furiously to reconnect. We finally do, but ten seconds later, his image freezes midscribble. I'm stranded. This is awful.

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