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Now we are going to look at two different ways of making decisions. We just lean one way or the other when it comes to making decisions. Some of us decide with the head, some with the heart. How do you decide? More with the head or heart? One is not good and the other bad. Kids need a little of each.

This does not require disregarding your own temperament.

We are different in many ways but the primary difference is that he's a Thinker and I'm a Feeler. Things have to make sense to him. He's utilitarian. As long as it works or we have facts to back it up, he's good. His first response to something new is more critical than appreciative. Things have to feel right to me. I consider how they will affect others and if at all possible, things should add beauty. Nov 19,   Thinkers focus on the hard facts of the relationship; feelers focus on gut feelings. During the beginning of a relationship, thinkers will evaluate the hard facts. They look at their position and. Oct 21,   Sometimes feelers are not honest because it may hurt someone's feelings. They need to learn to speak the truth in love. At times, thinkers can be harsh in delivering the "truth". This verse in Ehp 4: 25, Speak the truth in love is for both thinkers and feelers. Milan and Kay.

It means maximizing rapport with others while maintaining your core of integrity. Flexing your style does not mean holding people to varying standards-accountability remains consistent across the board.

All that changes is how you manage and motivate different personality styles, particularly between thinkers or feelers. Flexing requires customizing your communication to motivate different staff members. If you are a feeler, you need to behave as an off-the-chart thinker at times to accomplish your feeler mission statement.

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You can become so skilled at impersonating a thinker that an innocent bystander may confidently proclaim you to be a thinker. Yet you remain a feeler at your core, flexing your style brilliantly.

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And how can you tell who is who on your team? For beginners, the first level is to listen for the frequency with which a staff member uses variations of the words think and feel.

In conversation, these words are nearly always technically interchangeable.

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As you tune in to the use of these primary words think, thought, versus feel, feltyou will be amazed at the consistency with which many people favor one over the other.

The next step is to practice both languages so you become equally conversant in both, with the ability to speak in thinker or feeler at will.

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With practice, you can match language in important conversations. For example, in an annual performance review with a thinker, shift into thinker language to ensure your message is heard. What comes naturally, with no effort, to those at one end of the temperament spectrum can take much conscious effort for those at the other end.

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If you are an auditory person, listening for the frequency of thinker and feeler language will be especially useful in identifying style preferences. Another way to identify thinkers and feelers is through visual clues.

The Battle of Thinkers vs Feelers A common battle with couples comes about when one partner operates more from feeling and the other from thinking. This creates more upset over time as they try to communicate using very different brain channels. Mar 14,   The tactful Thinker will curb their instincts so they don't hurt someone's feelings. Feelers, on the other hand, are naturally inclined to respect feelings. Some Feelers are so focused on feelings, they don't notice when someone's being illogical. Rational Feelers will always notice the break in logic. Another way to identify thinkers and feelers is through visual clues. Natural Habitat. A good place to collect visual cues about personality style is in the work environment.

A good place to collect visual cues about personality style is in the work environment. Begin by taking a peek at a few workspaces as you mosey down the hall.

Male Feelers \u0026 Female Thinkers

The natural habitat of a feeler will usually have at least a few photographs, more likely many. Feelers are also likely to display certificates earned for one-day trainings or long-outdated events.

The authors explain: Although the American population is about evenly divided between Thinkers and Feelers, it appears that about 65 percent of Thinkers are men and about 65 percent of Feelers are women, so natural differences between Thinkers and Feelers are exacerbated by the fact that they are often different genders.

Often a favorite quote is framed or just taped to the computer monitor for frequent reference. To be more specific, not yet moved into. Any intended wall hangings stand leaning against the wall.

Dec 19,   They fall in love with who a person is more than what they make them feel. A deep thinker wants a "because.". They love someone becausethey are aligned on political beliefs and have shared interests and similar future plans, not just because they feel something in . Tip for thinkers: Seek to understand and accommodate your partner's areas of sensitivity rather than attempt to help them understand why they should not feel that way. Thinkers, for example, are quick to give advice and feel as though they are helping their partner in a fast and effective way by doing so. However, a Feeling Type often perceives this rush to a conclusion as apathy. Feelers may also be simply communicating with the Thinker in a .

Thinkers only notice something is wrong in the relationship when they see definitive proof, like if they watch you flirting or see something sketchy on your phone. Feelers, however, will know something is wrong before any definitive proof is found. In every healthy relationship, you only want one snoop.

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Feelers won't try to fix anything until the weird feeling in the pit of their stomach goes away. Every relationship goes through ups and downs. But if both people are looking at the negative, you may as well call it quits right then and there.

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When thinkers look at the bad, feelers still see the good. Feelers can still follow that gut feeling of why you two should still be together, which means your chances of making it are that much higher. Thinkers are all about working through the problems and coming up with a solution or settlement.

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Thinkers usually want to exert their dominance while feelers are fine accepting praise and being taken care of. When you break up, thinkers will want to know what happened.

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Was the sex not good? They will want to know exactly what they did to turn you off from them. If something is wrong, they will either fix it or assume the blame.

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Feelers, on the other hand, don't want to always hear the truth. By Lauren Martin.

Feelers dating thinkers

Relationships are all about balance - you want a head and a heart. Thinkers focus on the hard facts of the relationship; feelers focus on gut feelings. Thinkers pick up on external signals that something is wrong; feelers pick up on their partners' signals.

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