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As such, spoilers will be present within the article. Draco Lucius [11] Malfoy b. The son of a Death Eater , Draco was raised to strongly believe in the importance of blood purity. During his years at Hogwarts, he became friends with Vincent Crabbe , Gregory Goyle , Pansy Parkinson , and other fellow Slytherins, but he quickly developed a rivalry with Harry Potter. He was made a prefect of his house and was a member of the Inquisitorial Squad during his fifth year, at the end of which his father was imprisoned in Azkaban following the Battle of the Department of Mysteries. Lord Voldemort charged Draco with making up for Lucius's failure, and he became a Death Eater at age sixteen but was quickly disillusioned with the lifestyle.

He also became accomplished at Occlumency through the training of his maternal aunt Bellatrix Lestrangeand was able to perform the very difficult Protean Charm[18] though he could not yet produce a corporeal Patronus. In focus for his mission of fixing the Vanishing CabinetDraco experienced many visible changes in his life. He seemed to have lost interest in Quidditchand allowed and possibly paid Harper to take over instead.

He was also becoming more neglectful in his school-work, as he missed two Transfiguration homework assignments and received detention, as well as not attending to his prefect duties, which he would usually happily abuse as he did in the previous year.

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Another change was that he no longer trusted Snape and was willing to speak ill towards him point-blank, no respect. Socially, Draco forced Crabbe and Goyle to assume the forms of other people with Polyjuice Potionto help him keep watch outside the Room of Requirementwhile refusing to tell them anything, and seemingly to distance himself from them. Draco also spent less time mocking Harry and his friends, despite the many opportunities.

Even his physical appearance showed the stress, with greying skin, weight loss and bags under his eyes. Most of this frustrated Harry, who was unable to discover exactly what Draco was up to despite his persistence and effort.

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Twice during the school year he feared he would be unable to repair the cabinet, and resorted to desperate assassination attempts, such as trying to smuggle in a cursed necklace and trying to send Dumbledore poisoned mead.

Both these attempts failed and resulted in innocent people getting injured, though since they both survived Dumbledore was not forced to apprehend Draco. The stress began to affect Draco adversely, and he confessed his fears to Myrtle Warrenone of the school's ghosts. On one such occasion, Harry Potter stumbled on him.

Draco reacted by starting to cast the Cruciatus Cursebut Harry sliced his skin open with his wand right before he could complete the incantation. Draco was hospitalised and Harry was given detention by Snape for every Saturday until the end of term. Proceeding to the top of the Astronomy TowerDraco was able to corner a significantly weaker Albus Dumbledoredisarming the latter the same instant he had, unknown to Draco, bound Harry Potter with a Full Body-Bind Curse.

However, when Draco was finally given the opportunity to kill Dumbledore, who had just expressed his willingness to protect Draco and his family were they to "come over to the right side," he could not bring himself to commit murder; considering that they spent the few minutes of alone time to discuss how Draco smuggled his accomplices into the castle, Dumbledore concluded that Draco would find committing murder impossible.

As predicted, Draco ultimately was unable to do it, instead lowering his wand. Snape then promptly led Draco out of the school grounds, presumably to safety, but really to get to a safe distance to disapparate to Lord Voldemort. When Draco disarmed Dumbledore, he unknowingly gained the allegiance of the Elder Wan one of the three Deathly Hallows.

After the Battle of the Astronomy TowerDraco could no longer return to Hogwartsas he was an accomplice, however reluctantly, in the revered Albus Dumbledore 's murder, mainly by being the one who let Death Eaters penetrate the castle's walls. The official criminal status placed on him, alongside his fear of the Dark Lord's wrath, led him to seek refuge, along with his family, with Voldemort, in the hopes of satisfying his orders to prevent any more negative highlights.

His abrupt departure from the school left Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle surprisingly lonely, despite the two being hulking boys, as Harry described during Dumbledore's funeral. Draco ambiguously recognises Harry when he is brought to Lord Voldemort's headquarters by Snatchers.

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Draco reluctantly participated in Death Eater activities before the beginning of the - school year. Judging by later remarks made by Vincent Crabbe, it seems that the Malfoys had lost much of their influence in the Death Eater circles.

This is due to Voldemort no longer holding Lucius in high esteem and shifting his favour to Draco's maternal aunt Bellatrix Lestrange and Hogwarts teacher Severus Snape. Draco attended his seventh year of Hogwarts that year.

During the Easter holidaysDraco was seen at home in Malfoy Manor. He was called upon by his parents and aunt Bellatrix Lestrange to confirm the identities of Harry, Ron and Hermione, who were caught by a group of Snatchers led by Fenrir Greybackbut Draco showed great hesitation in doing so.

When Hermione lied to Bellatrix under torture about Godric Gryffindor's Swor Draco was sent to fetch the goblinGriphookfrom the dungeons to get confirmation of the story, which he did by lying saying it was a fake, but the truth was it was the true sword.

Did Draco Malfoy ever have any romantic feelings toward Hermione Granger? No, despite the fantasies that fill the minds of so many good-girl-hooks-up-with-bad-boy story lovers. > " You wouldn't like her spotted, would you?" (Draco Malfoy) He nodde. Aug 21, The actors, who played Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy in the franchise, cosied up in their pyjamas during a trip to South Africa. 7 Emma Watson and Tom Felton sparked dating Author: Jenny Awford. People who thought the heroic and brilliant Hermione Grander should have gotten together with the horrid, sniveling, self-important racist Draco Malfoy. We shudder at the thought of those readers.

Later in the evening, the prisoners managed to escape, and Draco's wand was taken by Harry. Afterwards, Draco and his family were detained to the Manor by Lord Voldemort. Narcissa would lend Draco her wand ; it was powerful, yet it didn't "understand" him, as he had not won its loyalty.

Later that same year, during the Battle of HogwartsDraco, along with Crabbe and Goyle, chose to remain in the school as their fellow Slytherins evacuated in order to bring Harry Potter to Lord Voldemort. Given Lucius' previous remarks alluding to "forgiveness", it is likely that Draco was doing this in an attempt to redeem his family in Voldemort's eyes.

He along with Crabbe and Goyle followed the Trio into the Room of Requirement where he would attempt to capture Harry and retrieve the item Harry was trying to locate. Despite Draco telling his friends that Harry was to be brought back alive, Crabbe attempted to kill him by conjuring Fiendfyre. Since Crabbe was unable to control the curse, the Room of Requirement quickly filled with fire. Draco went out of his way to try to save both of his friends, but he only managed to get Goyle, who had been stunned by Hermione during the fight, onto Ron and Hermione's broom before he let Harry fly them out.

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Crabbe was killed in the fire, leaving Draco very upset. Harry stunned the Death Eater and Ron punched Draco and called him a " two-faced bastard ", as this was the second time they saved his life that night. Although Draco was unaware of this, his act in disarming Dumbledore before his death and mastering the Elder Wand ultimately resulted in the Dark Lord 's final defeat at the hands of Harry. This is due to the fact that Voldemort was unable to fully understand the Elder Wand's power and Harry disarming Draco of his wand resulted in him mastering the Elder Wand himself.

After Voldemort's defeat, Draco and his parents sat in the Great Halllooking uncertain of their place during the victory celebrations. The events of Draco's teenage years forever changed his life. Lucius found his son as affectionate as ever, but refusing to follow the old pure-blood line. Draco eventually married Astoria Greengrassthe younger sister of fellow Slytherin classmate Daphne Greengrass[21] who had gone through a similar though less violent and frightening conversion from pure-blood ideals to a more accepting and tolerant way of life.

This was something of a disappointment for Lucius and Narcissa, who had higher hopes of someone whose family featured on the " Sacred Twenty-Eight ". The two had a son together, named Scorpius Malfoywho was raised by his mother not to believe that Muggles and Muggle-borns were scum; as such, family gatherings were fraught with tension.

The relationship between Harry and Draco was much better than it had been when they were students together, but they were still not considered to be anything at all near friends. Independently wealthy without any need to work, Draco inhabited Malfoy Manor with his wife and son.

His hobbies - which included keeping the family's old collection of Dark artefacts which he did not use and kept in glass cases and studying alchemical manuscripts - were indications of his dual nature, and hint at a desire for something more than wealth. Draco also teamed up with his former enemies to stop Delphini at St Jerome's Church.

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Draco was a slender boy with sleek white-blond hair, cold grey eyes, a pale complexion and rather sharp, pointed features. As an older man, his hairline was receding, making his features look even more pointed. Draco is noted to strongly resemble his father. During the first five years of school Draco maintained a relatively healthy look. However, in his sixth year onward, when the stress of his mission was getting more intense, Draco's smug countenance was lost, and he became quite thin, with dark shadows under his eyes and a greyish tinge to his skin.

As an adult, Draco let his hair grow long and started wearing it in a precisely placed ponytail. Draco was, in general, an arrogant, spiteful bully for most of his early years. Like Dudley Dursleyhis narcissistic nature most likely stemmed from his being spoiled by his parents throughout his childhood, though according to Harry himself, Draco was even less sympathetic than his cousin.

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He believed himself superior to most people because of his family's pure-blood lineage as well as great wealth and social standing. He frequently behaved cruelly to Muggle-borns, so-called blood traitors, Gryffindor students, and anyone who was a supporter of Harry Potter or Albus Dumbledore. For much of his youth, Draco took after his bigoted father, Lucius Malfoyas a role model, and frequently boasted about his family's influence and wealth.

Draco was intelligent, cunning and quick-witted, capable of deducing things and coming up with clever plans based on a small amount of information; his father had expected him to obtain top marks in school after his first year, and showed disappointment that Hermione beat him.

He figured out through Montague's experience that the Vanishing Cabinets in Hogwarts and Borgin and Burkes were linked and that he could use that passage to his advantage. However, his plans could have limitations based on his own arrogance when dealing with people.

When he attempted to sabotage Harry during the Gryffindor-Ravenclaw Quidditch match in their third year, his whole plan was based solely around the idea that the Dementors' appearance scared Harry, ignorant of the fact that it was the effect the Dementors had on him that caused Harry problems. Draco was also adept at compartmentalising his emotions, as is evidenced in his success with Occlumency.

However, something began to change in Draco's psyche in his sixth year at Hogwarts. After Lord Voldemort made him a Death Eaterhe gave Draco the task of assassinating Albus Dumbledore by the end of the year, something that Draco was very eager to do at first. After a number of feeble attempts, Draco began to crack under the enormous pressure that Voldemort was putting on him. He reluctantly participated in Death Eater activities and by the end of the war, remained on the fence.

Also, during the Battle of Hogwarts, he showed genuine concern for Crabbe and Goyle, something he rarely did. By the time Draco become an adult, he had became a noticeably changed man, due to his regret over joining the Death Eaters and the vile deeds he had to perform, even if only limited compared to his parents, and any of his old bigotry was lost, refusing to follow in line with the old pure-blood beliefs after having seen first-hand what happened to him and his parents for that.

Due to this, he fell deeply in love with Astoria Malfoy despite the disappointments of his parents over her failing to meet their hopes of someone from one of the Sacred Twenty-Eight. As a husband, Draco was very loving and devoted and was fully willing to even let the Malfoy bloodline end to protect her from her family's curse as it made childbirth dangerous and detrimental to her health, which he maintained even despite Lucius's dislike, only relenting after Astoria said she wanted to leave behind a child for him and not for family beliefs.

His wisdom shone by the fact that even though the temptation of using his family's secret Time Turner to see his wife just for one more minute was admittedly great, his respect for her desires and memory were too great to risk jeopardising the timeline for his beloved, showing how deeply Draco had fallen in love with her, as even though he had the power to alter time to be with her, he was able to, even if barely, resist such overwhelming temptation, showing how much his character had changed by the age of forty.

Although Scorpius 's birth would cause Astoria's death, Draco's love for his son was clearly great, considering the day he was born the greatest day of his life. Having seen how his parents spoiled him had caused him to become such a horrible man in his younger days, Draco strove to do better and henceforth he raised his son to be a better person. He did not let his histories with Harry, Ron and Hermione hamper his judgement towards Scorpius's bond with Albus Potter and crush on Rose Granger-Weasleychildren of his former rivals, fully supporting his son instead.

His love for Scorpius was shown by how he showed no hesitation to give any Malfoy Family objects to his rivals if it would help in his son being found.

In fact, he actually trusted Albus greatly, as he allowed him to connect with Scorpius when he couldn't after Astoria died, and genuinely care for the boy for what he meant to his son.

Draco even went as far as to protest to Harry for having made Albus distant from Scorpius, showing how much he valued the friendship between Albus and Scorpius. Draco was more strict with Scorpius than his parents were to him, accepting that his son must be punished for having brought the wizarding world back to the times where Voldemort was in power. His personal relationships with his old school rivals has also changed from antagonistic to being civil and tolerating.

While he continued to mock Harry's friends for them only being so popular because of Harry and didn't trust them fully with matters regarding his son, as he gave a cold reply letter to Ginny's offer to having Scorpius stay in the Potter House, particularly being enraged at them for the rumours that Scorpius was Voldemort's son, he was more than willing to team up with Harry, Ron and Hermione to save both Albus and Scorpius and worked with them effectively to dispatch Delphinidespite her being the daughter of Voldemort and his aunt Bellatrix.

This is it that of dating draco ever be the story hermione g. Sparks fly as draco dating, also popularly ends up with bookworm hermione. Sexy lucius malfoy and draco is revealed, because. Sparks fly as draco and draco and draco dating too quickly post-breakup can rob you like reading the most popular being with 63 reads. Hermione is sorted into Slytherin alongside the nephew of the King to the wizarding world, Draco Malfoy. There's Gods, Duels, Mermaids, Swords, and a badass Princess. Will be one long ass story split into three parts: Part one is year one-three, Part two is year four-six, Part three is year seven onwards. Hermione Jean Malfoy (nee Granger) was born on September 17th to two Muggle dentists. She is forty years old, and is heterosexual. Hermione is the current Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, producing 'Professor Malfoy' to be a common reference to her. During her youth, she was a Gryffindor student at the school she now runs. Her wand is ten and three quarter.

This defiance of Delphini showed that even having the Dark Lord's daughter being a blood relative was a repugnant notion to Draco, wanting little to do with his Death Eater past, further shown by how he would attend and help his rivals in defeating what remained of the forces of darkness.

By this time, Draco also began referring to Voldemort by his name rather than the "Dark Lord" as he did in his youth due to his self-redemption. He had came to trust the luck and instincts of both Harry and Hermione, taking the orders of the Minister For Magic without hesitation, even expressing he was impressed with her battle commands, albeit in a mildly amused manner, acknowledging Harry was always ready to solve the thickest of situations, and he even went as far as to confess to Harry that he never truly craved power like his father and that his ambition was actually to become a star Quidditch player, but he wasn't good enough, and mainly he just wanted to be happy along with the truth of Astoria's death, [24] and his envy of Harry's friendships, as he only ever had Crabbe and Goyle, outright acknowledging Harry as a friend and showing respect for him, which was mutually returned by Harry.

Draco was a talented wizard from a young age and possessed several impressive magical abilities. His wand was made of hawthornwhich one should only ever consider placing in the hands of a witch or wizard of proven talent. Following his training from his aunt Bellatrix LestrangeDraco grew to be an accomplished wizard for his age.

Draco attending a first year Potions class. Draco casting the Snake Summons Spell in Draco's hawthorn wand. Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy both spoiled their only child. InNarcissa sent packages of sweets daily to her son. InLucius bought broomsticks for the entire Slytherin Quidditch team when Draco was made Seekerand Narcissa often sent care packages to her son. She also refused to send Draco abroad to Durmstrang Instituteas Lucius originally wanted, insisting he stay closer to home by attending Hogwartsdespite Lucius's desire to keep Draco away from the influence of Muggle-borns in Hogwarts and also because Durmstrang Institute was known to teach dark arts rather than just the defences which was why Lucius Malfoy had wanted Draco a place in that school, but, finally fulfilling Narcissa's wish for him to study somewhere not too far from home.

Lucius was colder and more demanding than his wife, criticising his son for getting lower school marks than Hermione Granger who was Muggle-born. Despite this, Draco greatly admired his father, often boasting about his influence and striving to be like him. Narcissa MalfoyDraco's mother. It became clear during the Second Wizarding War that the Malfoys cared about one another more than they cared for following Lord Voldemort.

Draco carried out the task he was assigned by Voldemort in his sixth year because his parents' lives were threatened, and appeared to be close to accepting Dumbledore 's offer to keep them safe before Severus Snape interceded to kill the Headmaster.

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Narcissa went so far as to lie directly to Voldemort about Harry Potter being dead, in order to be allowed to return to Hogwarts and search for Draco, which also follows the saying that Harry Potter had been saved by a mother's love more than once. Like his parents, Draco possesses the formidable skill of duellingOcclumencyand the Cruciatus and Imperius Curses and is smart, quick and a smart retorter.

However, after the war, Draco's relationship with his parents may have somewhat faltered, as his marriage with Astoria led them to think she is a somewhat disappointing daughter-in-law, mainly because Astoria's change of belief after the atrocities brought by Death Eaters' ideology, something they find unfitting for a fellow member of one of the Sacred Twenty-Eight clans.

Draco himself has lost his bigotry for less-than-pure wizards, and his willingness to let the Malfoy bloodline end at himself in order to preserve Astoria's health due to her blood-bourne curse earned Lucius' dislike. Regardless, he did not lose favour of his parents, as he inherited the Malfoy Manor and Lucius' collection of artefacts which included the "true" Time-Turner that proved instrumental later. Draco with his wife and son.

Sometime after the end of the war, Draco married Astoria Greengrasswhose older sister was in the same year as him at Hogwarts. They eventually had a son named Scorpius. Draco and his wife evidently loved and cared for their son, raising him to be a better person than himself, proven when Scorpius has a crush on Rose Granger-Weasley daughter of Draco's former rivals and is best friend of Albus Potter youngest child of Draco's former arch-rival he and his wife considered the day their son was born the best day of their lives.

Astoria's death has caused Draco to be heartbroken, and he even considered using the illegal "true" Time-Turner he received from his father as a means to see her again, though he barely resisted the urge. Draco would have gladly let the Malfoy family line end with him if it were to preserve Astoria's health, disregarding Lucius' wishes, but Astoria did want to leave behind someone for her husband, not for the sake of family beliefs.

Draco certainly raised Scorpius more strictly than how Lucius and Narcissa raised him, as when Scorpius was to be punished by Minerva McGonagall for utilising the Time-Turner to corrupt reality to the point of reviving Voldemort, Draco stated he was prepared to listen to how his son is to be punished.

Bellatrix Lestrangehis maternal aunt. When Draco was younger he didn't have much contact with his aunt because she was imprisoned in Azkaban for torturing the Aurors Alice and Frank Longbottomwho were the parents of Neville Longbottom, a fellow Gryffindor in Draco's year, into insanity. However, Draco did not feel any shame in his aunt's crimes against the wizarding world law that many would label as disgraceful.

After Bellatrix escaped in Draco's fifth year at Hogwarts, she fought in a battle against Harry Potter and his friends and was the only Death Eater who wasn't captured; Draco's father, who had also fought, was imprisoned. After Draco was given a mission as a Death Eater, Bellatrix helped him and taught him Occlumencynonverbal spells, and the Dark Arts.

She also thought that Narcissa should be proud that her son became a Death Eater. It is unknown how Draco reacted to her death, but it is likely he may have felt sadness as Bellatrix seemed to have some affection with Draco. However, given that Draco and his family regretted their allegiance with Voldemort, and that Draco abandoned his prejudice against non-pure bloods after the war, it is possible his opinion on Bellatrix changed considerably as she was fanatically loyal to, and obsessively in love with, Voldemort.

Also, despite Delphini being Bellatrix's daughter, Draco did not hesitate to assist in her arrest after she had threatened his son's life. Nymphadora Tonkshis maternal first cousin.

Draco was not close to his aunt Andromeda Tonkswho had been disowned for marrying Muggle-born Ted Tonksor their daughter, his cousin Nymphadora. Like much of the rest of his family, Draco likely held these relatives in contempt; Andromeda was considered a blood traitor and Tonks was a half-blood.

Since Draco was too scared of Voldemort to respond his feelings on the subject are unknown. Tonks refereed to him as " The Malfoy boy " indicating she either did not know his name or despised him too much to care.

Neither so much as mentioned their relation to one another. Similarly, Draco was indifferent to his first cousin once removed, Sirius Black.

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Sirius Blackhis maternal first cousin, once removed. His cousin, the illegitimate child of Bellatrix Lestrangehis aunt, and Tom Riddlehis former leader, was Delphiniwhom he helped Harry Potter fight in the yearafter discovering she was Voldemort's daughter, and after she tried to kill his son Scorpius.

Mar 09, Nope. There is zero evidence for this. I'm only answering this question to kill time and for my own amusement. They hate each other about as vehemently as Harry and Malfoy hate each other, likely even more so. That's no basis for a relationship, s.

He did not have any love for Delphi, as he assisted arresting her for the murder of Craig Bowker Jr. Crabbe and Goyle were often involved in Draco's confrontations with Harry Potter and his friends. Though Draco often made it clear that he considered both of them rather stupid - a legitimate claim - and treated them more like lackeys than friends [16]he showed genuine concern for them and the rest of his gang on a few occasions; when Goyle was bitten by Scabbers the Rat, Draco waited for Goyle before leaving, and he also showed concern for Goyle when he was hit by Harry's Curse, when Dumbledore expressed his disgust with Draco for allowing Fenrir Greyback "into the school where his friends live," Draco denied knowing he would be there, clearly disturbed by the sadistic werewolf 's unexpected presence.

Draco's abrupt departure from his criminal activities left Crabbe and Goyle looking oddly lonely to Harry, as Harry was used to seeing Draco in between the two hulking boys, bossing them around. By the final confrontation between Draco and Harry in the Room of Requirementduring the Battle of HogwartsDraco no longer exerted much control over his friends; Crabbe, in particular, responded harshly to Draco's attempts to prevent them from killing Harry.

Draco tried desperately to save both of his friends from the cursed fire Crabbe unleashed, helping pull Goyle onto Ron and Hermione's broom before letting Harry fly the two of them out, and was very upset by Crabbe's death. Although it was Ron and Hermione who saved Goyle from falling into the fire, if it wasn't for Draco who dragged Goyle to safety, Ron and Hermione would never had saved Goyle, so it can be considered that Draco saved Goyle's life.

Inan adult Draco admitted to Harry and his wife that his relationship with Crabbe and Goyle could never really have been called friendship, as they had little in common except the prejudices they had inherited from their families, and Crabbe and Goyle were far too stupid to be reliable cohorts in anything.

Draco also admitted that he had always envied Harry's close friendship with Ron and Hermione, in stark contrast to the emptiness of his relationship with his two "best friends" at Hogwarts. Pansy Parkinsonhis friend whom had a crush on him.

She often fawned over him, laughing loudly at his snide jokes, showing great concern when Draco was injured by Buckbeak in their third year [16]and accompanying him to the Yule Ball in [3].

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Draco and Pansy were both members of the Inquisitorial Squad and Prefects in their fifth year [17]which is indicative of their leadership roles in Slytherin House.

They are noted as being particularly cosy in their sixth year at Hogwarts, seen in the Hogwarts Express with Draco's head in Pansy's lap, Pansy stroking Draco's hair, and wasted no time in vilifying Harry for unintentionally slashing Draco with a deadly curse.

Whether she was ever his girlfriend is unknown, but Draco eventually married Astoria Greengrass. Draco was also friends with Theodore Nottone of the few people whom he considered an equal, given that Theodore was just as pure-blooded and somewhat cleverer than him.

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However, Theodore was a solitary person who did not feel compelled to join any gang, including Draco's. It is also said that they had known each other prior to their arrival at Hogwarts. He was also friends with Blaise Zabini during their sixth year, as they sat together at Hogwarts Express, where they discussed Harry PotterNeville Longbottomand Ginny Weasleywho had all become members of the Slug Club.

Blaise was also one of the few people Draco had told about his mission, however he didn't seem to think highly of Draco's new position. Draco also appeared to be friendly with Marcus Flintas shown when Flint defended Draco against Fred and George Weasley, and again when he assisted Draco and his gang in their attempts to psych Harry out during a Quidditch game by disguising as dementors.

Flint however did not hesitate to shout at Draco after he failed to catch a snitch despite it flying within his reach he was too busy making fun of Harry to notice. Severus Snapehis favourite teacher and former head of house. Snape, in turn, took Draco as his favourite student and showed him undeserved lenience on several occasions, which likely had something to do with Snape's long-time comradeship with Draco's father, or on the pretext of it, given that Snape defected from the Death Eaters.

Draco even stated that Snape should apply for the position of Headmaster, after Dumbledore was suspended. However, after Lucius's imprisonment in AzkabanDraco came to resent Snape, believing him to have usurped his father's place in the ranks of the Death Eaters, and that he was trying to take Draco's chance of glory as well.

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As such, Draco avoided Snape most of the year, refused any assistance, and even verbally assaulted him. Snape continued to protect Draco even after they fled from the Battle of the Astronomy Tower together; when questioned by Voldemort about Draco's actions during his attempted murder of Dumbledore, Snape lied and told the Dark Lord that Malfoy hadn't lowered his wand and emphasised the young student's ability to get Death Eaters into Hogwarts as well as cornering Dumbledore, which allowed Snape to kill him.

Snape's defence of Malfoy saved the boy's life and convinced Voldemort to free Lucius Malfoy from Azkaban, for which Draco reconciled with Snape. It is unknown how Draco reacted when he learned about Snape's death by Lord Voldemort induring the Battle of Hogwartsor of his true loyalty to the Order of the Phoenix due to his love for the Muggle-born mother of Harry PotterLily Evans.

However, given Draco's own disillusionment with the Death Eater cause and subsequent rapprochement with Harry, it is likely that Draco came to sympathise with his late teacher.

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In addition, it is possible that Draco's aforementioned detente with Harry as adults might have been motivated, at least in part, to avoid having a similar relationship that Snape had with Harry's father and his friends after their own Hogwarts years.

Harry Potterhis school rival and enemy turned ally and saviour. Draco became Harry Potter's arch-rival almost immediately after they met, just before their first year at Hogwarts.

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Draco was at first interested in Harry because he was so famous, but Harry was unimpressed by his arrogant manner. For the rest of their time at school, Harry and Draco loathed each other and tried one up each other whenever possible, although Harry compared to Ron was less prone to incorporating violence on Draco. This reached its pinnacle after Lucius Malfoy was sent to Azkaban following the Battle of the Department of Mysteries. After finding out what Draco had gone through during their sixth year, Harry began to feel somewhat sorry for him, a feeling intensified by witnessing the use to which Lord Voldemort was putting him.

During that year, Harry nearly killed Draco with one of the Half-Blood Prince's curses which he used by accident, unaware of what the effects of the spell were. Harry himself felt utterly horrified and guilty at what he did. However, despite their enmity towards each other, it should be noted that Draco showed great reluctance in identifying Harry and his friends when they were imprisoned in his home. In turn, Harry saved his life twice during the Battle of Hogwarts.

It should be noted that the main reason behind Draco's enmity towards Harry was actually due to his jealousy of the latter. Over the years, Draco and Harry made their peace as adults, but still were not friends by the time Scorpius and Albus started school.

This later developed into a more cordial relationship due to Scorpius and Albus being best friends. Draco would grow to trust Harry's luck and instincts over the years, and knew that Harry was always in the thick of the action when it was necessary. Draco would grow to have a deep respect and friendly relationship with Albus Potter and trusted him with helping Scorpius heal from the grief of losing his mother.

During the Delphini crisis, Draco would come to confess much to Harry, discussing at first in a rather distant manner, but upon revealing key details about his wife prior to and after her death as well as his family's hidden Time Turner, Draco and Harry finally came to a mutual respect for one another, and saw each other as friends for the first time, though it still did not heal everything from their marred past. Draco even admitted that he had always envied Harry, Ron, and Hermione's friendship.

Draco is first cousins, twice removed, with at least one member of the Potter familythrough the Black family. Though it is unknown if he has any relation to Harry himself, of if they even know about that fact. Draco also wrote the lyrics to the demeaning song Weasley is Our Kingwhich was meant to undermine Ron's abilities as a Keeper for the Gryffindor Quidditch team.

Although this enmity seems to have faded with age, Ron discouraged his daughter Rose from becoming friends with Draco's son, Scorpius. Draco had less interaction with other members of the Weasley family. Fred and George Weasley attempted twice to physically assault Draco; The first time was when he called Hermione Granger a "filthy little Mudblood " [13] and the second time after Draco insulted their mother and fatheras well as Harry Potter's mother, Lily Evans earning both twins, as well as Harry, a "lifetime Quidditch ban" from Dolores Umbridge and made sure to hex Draco, along with other members of the Inquisitorial Squa when they left Hogwarts.

Hermione Grangerhis enemy and whom he used to bully. Draco's relationship with Hermione Granger was coloured before the two even met, although they never actually interacted until their second year. Draco was raised to believe in the inferiority of Muggle-bornsand by his second year, his father had told him he should be ashamed that Hermione beat him in all of his school marks.

Thus, Draco often taunted Hermione, calling her the derogatory epithet " Mudblood ", but she refused to ever be bullied. During the period when Salazar Slytherin 's Basilisk from the Chamber of Secrets was attacking Muggle-born students, Malfoy told his friends Crabbe and Goyle really Harry and Ron using Polyjuice Potion in the Slytherin common room that he hoped Granger would be the next victim.

Inwhen Ron encouraged their daughter not to associate with Draco's son, Hermione expressed a more conciliatory attitude. Draco's son Scorpius would eventually develop a deep crush and even fall in love with Hermione's daughter, Rose Granger-Weasley.

Although their relationship slightly improved after the war, Draco quipped a few times during the ambush of Delphini in Godric's Hollow on October 31st,that he was both astounded and mildly enjoying taking battle commands from Hermione, finding the situation darkly amusing.

Neville Longbottomwhom he used to bully. Albus Dumbledorehis former headmaster. Draco showed particular dislike for the Headmaster Albus Dumbledore, who was in favour of complete acceptance of Muggle-bornsa contradictory view to that of the Malfoys '. As such, Draco often ridiculed Dumbledore's ideals and choices.

However, Dumbledore pitied Draco when he became a Death Eater, as he knew that Voldemort had forced Draco to his bidding by threatening Draco's parents. Furthermore, when Dumbledore offered to save Draco from the Death EatersDraco seemed inclined to accept the offer before the exchange was interrupted by the arrival of his fellow Death Eaters. When Draco witnessed Snape killing Dumbledore, he appeared horrified, which likely compounded his regret of ever becoming a Death Eater.

Also before his fourth year, Draco referred to Dumbledore as a Mudblood-lover. Dolores Umbridgehis former D.

apologise, but not

Accustomed to the preferential treatment he received from Severus Snapeand reaping the benefits of his family's connections and status, Draco tried to use his grandfather 's good name to get close to Horace Slughornthough Slughorn did little more than ignore him.

Draco showed contempt for the teachers who lacked status or didn't fit his or his family's standards of blood purity, such as Remus Lupinwho was a Werewolf and consequently tended to look ragged and poor; Rubeus Hagri an unkempt half-giant ; and Alastor Moody Barty Crouch, Jr in disguisewho was an Auror known for the extensive list of Death Eaters he had captured, as well as his intense paranoia. Draco refrained from being too openly contemptuous toward the ex-auror due to fear.

Incidentally, during the Ministry's smear campaign against Dumbledore, the same three teachers were cited as "eccentric decisions" made by Dumbledore, and evidence of his diminishing competence in the position Headmaster.

Draco often found himself at odds with Head of Gryffindor House Professor McGonagallwho never played favourites with any student, least of all Malfoy, though he showed her some level of grudging respect, while she did not accept Harry's accusations of Draco's crimes without sufficient evidence. Draco similarly seemed to feel some respect toward Filius Flitwick. Draco also disliked the caretaker Argus Filch because he was a Squib and never hesitated to punish Draco, although they did work together in the Inquisitorial Squad.

During Draco's second year, when the Chamber of Secrets was opened a second time, Draco jeered to the disguised Harry and Ron that the first time the Chamber was opened, a Mudblood died - that "Mudblood" being Myrtle. During Draco's sixth year, when he was assigned by Lord Voldemort to kill Albus Dumbledore, he became stressed out from the difficulty of the mission and the consequences of failure.

Surprisingly, despite Draco's prejudice against Muggle-bornsDraco apparently visited Myrtle regularly in a bathroom, where he confided in and even openly cried in front of her. In turn, she was under the impression that Draco was a sensitive boy who was being bullied which was true, though Myrtle would not have known Lord Voldemort was the one bullying him. This may be one of the rare moments that Draco showed something other than disgust for Muggle-borns, though it is unknown whether he was aware of Myrtle's blood status and connection to the Chamber of Secrets' opening during Voldemort's time at Hogwarts.

Lord Voldemorthis former master and former idol. Although Draco originally admired and respected Lord Voldemort, he came to fear him after having his family's safety threatened. Closing the distance between them, he sneered accusingly, "I did it so well that you want to go fuck someone else. Draco firmly pulled Hermione against his body and kissed her, his lips moulding perfectly to hers.

The Eighth Years have graduated and are settling into life in the real world. Love continues to blossom, relationships are forged and challenged, and more opportunities to right the wrongs of the past arise. Follow Draco, Hermione, and all of their friends as they enter this new chapter in their lives. I plan to post one new chapter each week until I can get a decent amount completed, and then possibly up that to two. By day, Hermione Granger works a run of the mill job at the Ministry.

By night, Hermione has a secret life as a paid Dominatrix and Mistress. What happens when she finds herself falling in love with one client and learning things about herself along the way? This is smut from the outset, with strong Sissy! Severus themes. I gave up my childhood, I gave up my dreams, and for what a tiny cubicle in which I put the Ministry stamp on endless permits. No more. I quit. Effective immediately. She spent her childhood fighting a war she didn't start.

Now life is passing her by. What will she find when she makes choices not based off expectation?

Draco + Hermione I'll forget about you

Draco Malfoy has a mysterious box. It is always locked and he would allow no one to touch it. For more than 70 years he refused to open it until the day he hears the news that devastates him, the news that Hermione Granger is dead. He sat alone at his breakfast table, just as he had done every day for the past 70 years In the middle of the night, Severus Snape appears at Hermione's house, with Draco Malfoy at his side.

Why are they asking for her help, if they are her enemies? Hermione is sorted into Slytherin alongside the nephew of the King to the wizarding world, Draco Malfoy. Will be one long ass story split into three parts: Part one is year one-three, Part two is year four-six, Part three is year seven onwards.

Hermione Granger, former Golden Girl, has been captured and reduced to human chattel. Sold to the highest bidder as the top prize at an auction of Order members and sympathizers, she is thrust into the rabid, waiting hands of the Death Eaters.

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