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Tires are just about the most important part of your car. If they're in bad shape, the car's ability to accelerate, stop, and turn in all conditions is greatly compromised. Everybody knows to replace tires when the tread gets down to the wear bar, but what about when they get too old? The rubber in tires deteriorates over time due to UV and environmental exposure. The resulting "dry rot" leaves tire structure brittle and leads to sidewall damage and eventual failure. This isn't "Oh I'll just fill it up and drive on it.

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For example, a date code such as would let you know that the tire was built in the 30th week of a year ending in 6. Sometimes you can easily determine which decade the tire belongs in based on the sizing nomenclature, brand or style.

Remove the tire or get under the car if the DOT code on the outer side wall of the tire is less than 10 characters long. The full DOT code is required to be only on one sidewall of each tire. Tip. Tires made before January 1, , had a three-digit date code. The final character was the last number of the year, while the two characters before. Find Your Tire's Date Code. To find your tire's date code, identify the code on the tire that begins with 'DOT'. The 'DOT' should be followed by a series of four letters and/or numbers. You will find the 4-digit date code following this set of letters and/or numbers. It will be a 4-digit code containing all numbers. Jul 12,   DOT R5HG FHR would indicate a tire manufactured in the 40th week of (or , or '74). If you find your "new" tires are more than two years old, feel free to .

Based on the alpha-numeric sizing nomenclature, it would be our best guess that the tire was manufactured inas the now standard P-metric sizing ex. You could also expect this tire to be missing the standardized safety warnings on the sidewall and any type of tread wear indicators, as those features were mandated later than For tires built after the yearthe date code features four digits, and most Tire Identification Numbers are now 12 digits instead of The first two digits of the date code are the week of production and the last two are the year of production.

This helps to clear up the single-digit year confusion that existed before So, a tire with a date code of was built in the 48th week of We have also stepped into the radial tire market with several brands and styles that mix the vintage look of bias ply tires with the smooth ride quality of a modern radial.

Determining tire age is easy! Each tire built after has a standardized Tire Identification Number (also known as a DOT number). The last four digits of the number (for tires built after ) give you the necessary information to determine the tire's age. This one was built in the 40th week of The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requires that Tire Identification Numbers be a combination of the letters DOT, followed by eight to thirteen letters and/or numbers that identify the manufacturing location, tire size and manufacturer's code, along with the week and year the tire. In the code, DOT is an abbreviation from the US Department of Transportation, which is responsible for traffic safety and regulations. So, if you are wanting to determine the age of a tire with the code , you should read its manufacture date as the 35 th week of This is the standard form for every date code on motorcycle tires made.

Most of the time, it's pretty obvious when a tire is too old to be used. This crusty bias ply tire is obviously past the point of no return, but it does serve as a decent roller, while the car is in the shop. We do suggest using "rollers" aka junk tires to roll around the shop while a car is being restored.

Then, when it's time to drive, order your tires, so that you can get the most use out of them.

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If you buy them inbut the car is in the shop untilyou're that many years closer to the tire's expiration date. Whether you choose bias ply or radial tires for your collector vehicle, tire age is an important detail that should not be ignored.

Tire aging can be rapidly accelerated by poor storage conditions, so you should be sure the tires you purchase have been properly stored.

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A general consensus from various tire industry associations around the world is that tires have a useful service life of six to ten years. As technology changes, there are more materials, and combinations of comounds, to extend tire life and extend wear. At Tires Easy, we like to err on the side of caution and only sell tires that are seven years old and under.

If you consider that the average driver travels 15, miles per year, most tires need to be replaced in 4 years. If your tires were a few years old when purchasing, you would still be well within the accepted tire age range. This is especially true if the tires receive the proper amount of care and maintenance over the course of their lifetime.

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Legally, you must replace your tires when the tread depth falls below 1. This keeps your tires at optimal levels of safety. When your tires reach seven years of age, we recommend that you consider replacing them.

Are Your Tires Too Old? Tire Age Limit

Even if the tires look new, it is best to have them inspected by a professional tire installer, so they can properly advise on the safety of the tires moving forward. Spare tires should be checked and replaced as well.

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For this reason, there is no specific limitation on the age of the tire when it is sold based on its DOT Code. On the contrary, the DOT symbol by itself simply indicates that the tire is approved by the Department of Transportation to be legally used on the road.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) insignia is your tire's identification number. Think of it as a birth certificate for your tire. It shows the plant where your tire was manufactured, the week and year it was produced and more. DOT: Identification. B6: Plant Code (US3) EJ: Optional code for size. N/A * * * K * * Tire Rack Projection Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Track Connect * No Data Not Yet Rated This tire hasn't received enough consumer reviews to be given a rating. These projections reflect how we expect the tire to perform. To read the date on a tire, look near the edge of the rim for a series of characters starting with the letters DOT. This is the Department of Transportation (DOT) code, which indicates that the tire has passed all minimum DOT standards for sale in the United States.

The Date Code is when the tire was manufactured not when it was approved. You might also have heard that you should only buy tires that have a DOT code within the current year.

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The date code will let you know when tires need to be replaced. Use a flashlight to find the Department of Transportation code on the tire. Read the last two digits of the DOT code.

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The last two digits are the year of manufacture. If the last two digits are 07, for example, the tire was manufactured in The two digits before the year indicate the week of the year that the tires were manufactured.

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There are 52 weeks in a year, so these two digits range from 01 to Remove the tire or get under the car if the DOT code on the outer side wall of the tire is less than 10 characters long.

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