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Overall, one would not be mistaken to label Depop as one of the most successful startups ever launched on Italian soil. Headquartered in London, Depop is a mobile-based marketplace that allows its users to buy and sell new or second-hand clothes, accessories and designer items. Its community is primarily composed of creative, young people and is the app of choice of many established influencers. It can rely on a stable growth of As the picture shows, the interface closely resembles the one of Instagram. In a similar manner, users can stay ated regarding new listings by following other vendors, they can interact with a new item on sale by liking it, they can gather further information by posting a comment and they can directly message the vendor to negotiate the sale price and agree on the shipping method by mail or in person.

Team depop unjustly deleted my selling account which I had put a lot of effort time and money into, I hadn't done any of the things they said they'd deleted it because of and they didn't bother to respond to any of my emails of complaint! The app also crashes loads and the customer service is dreadful. I now know Lots of people have had similar experiences. So overall don't bother wasting your time. Comments 1 Thank you Share Helpful 1.

Would like to thank another reviewer for posting about this already as it needs to be talked about. These kind of listings never get taken down wether reported or not. It's disgusting; not the porn, but the fact that not only are the rules and regulations of this app fraudulent and unenforced but people are subjected to this kind of stuff at random while clothes shopping who may have sensitivities.

Oh, and let's talk about all of the young girls of unverified age who can't sell a piece of clothing without their nipples out. How old are they, Depop? Your app doesn't look edgy or relevant, it looks exploitative and corrupt. Comment Thank you Share Helpful 3. I bought a pair of headphones. From Chanel Burns, never received the item.

Depop did nothing about it.

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Don't buy in Depop. Never answer my emails, just disappear. Don't buy from this girl. Comment Thank you Share Helpful 4. Hey Sofia. We're really sorry to hear your experience didn't go to plan. We're always happy to step in and help in these cases, and as long as you paid in-app, you're fully protected.

Drop us a reply to your original email thread and we'll take another look. We want to make sure you get the best outcome possible. Team Depop. The customer service is a scam. This is completely ridiculous of being not responsive and complete useless for the customer service.

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I'm the seller and it suspended my account claimed that for some unacceptable reason and refund my money to clients even I sent out the item with tracking provided! This is the worst customer service ever.

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EDIT: As of several hours after publicizing this review and attempting to reach out to Depop Support, they have continued removing my items with no reason stated and no response to my inquiries. Boycott this company and their malicious and biased attacks on small businesses.

I've been selling authentic vintage clothing online and at in-person markets for years. I am a small business, and I depend on my income from my business. I don't use Depop much and my following on there is small; nonetheless I have nothing but 5 star reviews. So what happened? I woke up to an email that literally my most popular "liked" item that had been up for months had been removed without any explanation for "listing practices" with THE MOST condescending email.

All of my listings are identical, in a few years on Depop I have never once been reported or had interference like this for any reason. Someone on support apparently was having a bad day and took it out on my account.

These are the kind of repulsive human beings that are in control at this app and this is what one should expect when using it. In a time with so much hatred and undercutting in the world, no one needs this, Depop. Do it if you wanna get false reported and deleted after sales! They are so irrelevant and can't even take caution. Sellers be aware.

Depop dating

This company is awful. Buyers will buy your product, use them and will ask to return back saying the description didn't match.

Paypal will take buyers side and will ask you to pay full refund. On top of that you pay more by refunding and you are not getting back the selling fee and shipping charges.

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It's a scam. Please don't sell items there as paypal will never take your side. Comments 1 Thank you Share Helpful 7. Hey Puja. This should never occur, and we're always happy to step in when things don't go to plan.

Just reach out.

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We just need an email with confirmation that the refund has been processed. A regular seller and buyer on the app for years - until recently my account was suspended by Depop help assistant Kristen.

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This resulted in my account closure. Never again!! Username daintydanielle Au revoir Depop! In order to keep our Community safe, all decisions made to suspend users are taken after deep investigation and consideration. If you feel this is unfair, just drop us a reply in the original email thread. Customer service sucks to high heaven. They make charges against your bank with no explanation. There's no way to contact or ask questions besides some flaky help desk support link.

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Purely sucks. I am a successful seller on on Poshmark,Mercari and Curtsy app. My daughter wanted to try to sell on Depop. She set up her account, verified her PayPal and listed a few items.

After one item sold, she was unable to generate a shipping label. We tried everything, including going to Depop Facebook message board and contacting Depop customer service by email. After two days we messaged the buyer to look us up on another app and buy it there. Usually just mentioning another platform or taking a sale off platform Will get you banned or at least a warning.

At this point we didn't even care. It has been over five days without an answer from Depop. I'm sure, once they get to her email, they will see the communication.

77 reviews for Depop, stars: 'bad experience, little to no seller protection and got falsely accused of not shipping out the item when i had done so. depop didnt do anything to help except to give me a negative paypal balance. prior to that, my payment was being held for weeks. experience was a bad one and not recommended. additionally, some people there can be pretty mean, not all though. Designer. Preloved. Vintage. Streetwear. Sneakers. Whatever your style. Find it on Depop.

Who knows, maybe in two months? I can't even imagine what would happen if you would receive an item that is not as described and there is no way you can a hold of anybody and your money gone.

how to: depop for beginners - listing items, shipping, \u0026 tips??

Or you make a nice sale and I have to cancel it because Depop customer service cannot help you at all! It's also very confusing, as the information how do use the app jump back-and-forth or include information for the website in Great Britain.

Tip for consumers: Skip Depop. Would give zero if I could pour customer service.

DEPOP COMMUNITY Depop also hosts a range of events like local thatliz.coms, Lunch & Lists, and Depop parties across the globe, so you can meet and chat with sellers, artists, and influencers. Join the Depop community and connect with +18M stylists, designers, artists, /5(K). Depop doesn't sound like it is going to be any better, probably worse by your review. There may be scammers on the sellers side but trust me there are plenty of customer scammers out there too. Didn't arrive, broken etc etc. always sides with the customer despite no evidence. Mar 11,   What is Depop, and how does it work? The story of Depop begins in at H-FARM, the Italian startup accelerator headquartered in the Venetian lagoon. Fast forwarding to the early days of , Depop has 15 million users worldwide and H-FARM signed the exit from the startup's capital with a return of six times.

They don't look into anything if there's a problem. Comments 1 Thank you Share Helpful 3. Hey Kayte. We're sorry to hear your experience didn't go to plan. We offer full protection and support for any purchases made in-app, and we're happy to help with any issues you might have. If you'd like us to take another look, just drop us a reply to the email thread.

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Avoid at all costs!!! When you try to prove to them that you are right they give there automated response like 'decision is final' 'after careful consideration' what a joke.

Depop provides a mobile application that allows users to buy, sell, discover, and explore various things. Simon Beckerman founded it in , with its headquarters in London in the United Kingdom. Unlock Charts on Crunchbase. Charts can be found on various organization profiles and on Hubs pages, based on data thatliz.comr: Simon Beckerman. Depop Pros and Cons. Pros: Okay way to make money selling clothes, Getting unique clothes for cheaper prices, Good deals, Its okay, Only place to find decent mens clothes nowadays Cons: Terrible customer service, No customer service even though its a website with money trade, Suck at explaining how to do the payments, Navigation, Deleted with no warning. Sign Up. To create your account, we need to verify your phone number. We will never display this number publicly. Enter phone number.

There customer service team are just pure awful not even sure why they have one better off without them. Best thing happened this year was when I got suspended with no real reason and youll see there response as 'taken after deep investigation and consideration' don't make me laugh.

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Not to mention the app is full of scammers and frauds they need taking down but nop depop is after those who try to use there app honestly. Comments 1 Thank you Share Helpful 0.

I have used Depop for both selling and buying purposes and believe they offer a safe experience at a price. Make sure you always pay via Paypal to be covered with buyer protection and check the seller's profile before purchasing.

The only downside is that depop do not have a quick customer service solution, no telephone number available for issues that need to be dealt with immediately and I, therefore, had to message them over Twitter with a slow reply.

I used to love Depop but now I absoloutley hate it! It's been 12 days since I posted evidence for them to refund me the money they stole from me and they just keep ignoring me now!!!!!!! Basically like if I advertise myself for a project, get the money, screw up the project and then blame it to employer as it was his choice to give the project to me, not taken responsibility for the very poor service provided.

If you've ever gotten a defective item onMercari, Poshmark, you know that all you have to do is open a case and send a photo. Days later they send you a return label. Not Depop!! Their app will claim to protect you, but when you get a defective dress in the wrong size, and you go to report it, it tells you that they don't get involved, and you need to contact PayPal. Incredibly lazy and irresponsible. They're saying that they offer a marketplace and that's it. You buy, you get a bad item, not their concern.

If that alone isn't enough to make you download Mercari, Poshmark, Thred Up, Vinted, or Curtsy and delete Depop, check out all of the counterfeit items that they never take down. Don't risk it.

Delete Depop. They don't care about their customers.

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Comments 1 Thank you Share Helpful 2. Our customers and their safety really are priority number one, and we want to ensure every member of our Community is happy and protected. If you paid using PayPal, they'll be the ones with access to the funds, and so will be responsible for the final decision on a refund. That said, we'll be there to step in if things don't go to plan. We're also more than happy to help guide you through each step of the process, regardless of whether the refund is taking place through PayPal or not.

Just drop us another line if you'd like to run through the situation again, we're always happy to take a second look. Depop Rating and Reviews Rating details.

Customer service. Product or Service Quality. Discounts and Special Offers. Rating Details Customer service.

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Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy. Advertised vs Delivered. Turnaround Time. Delivery Service.

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Price Affordability. Diversity of Products or Services. Billing Practices. All Depop reviews. Rating stats. Rating trend. Top Depop Services Customer Care. Top Depop Products AccountProfile. Depop Pros and Cons Pros: Okay way to make money selling clothes, Getting unique clothes for cheaper prices, Its okay, Good deals, Trash Cons: Terrible customer service, No customer service even though its a website with money trade, Suck at explaining how to do the payments, Navigation, Deleted with no warning.

Area Served USA. Payment Methods. Compare Depop To Companies are selected automatically by the algorithm. Mercari reviews. Poshmark reviews. Amazon reviews.

Number of Reviews. Number of Comments. Number of Calls. Write a review.

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