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Relationships are the bonds that hold societies together. But being in a relationship is a complicated enterprise. No two people are alike when it comes to sharing life experiences, or when it comes to falling in love. Falling in love and being in a relationship is all about the mingling of energy and vibrations. Men are usually the emotionally unavailable culprits in a relationship, but millions of women have the same unavailable vibration. But these women are hard to change unless they do the work and recognize the unavailable vibrations they are sending through their words, actions, and lack of compassion.


It is always important to be emotionally strong yourself, especially when dealing with emotionally unavailable people. The first thing to consider is that no matter what happens, you will remain strong and continue on your path in life. If someone is never truly open with you on a personal, emotional, or spiritual level, then you can move on and that's ok.

The failure of one romantic endeavor does not indicate a failure in either parties character, rather just shows an incompatibility between two individuals. On the other hand, being strong emotionally gives you the ability to put your emotions aside and focus on the needs of others, which can be useful when interacting with emotionally unavailable people, as you will be able to understand their needs better and try your best to.

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You should always be honest with your partner, stating your emotions clearly is important for you to be able to establish a firm foundation to your relationship based upon openness. You should also be true to yourself.

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Relationships with emotionally unavailable women may become toxic, and you may decide that it's best for the both of you if you part ways. You should always be truthful to yourself and have the strength to follow through with your beliefs. Please Log In or add your name and email to post the comment.

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All ive ever wanted was her love like she showed just a couple years ago while dating. Is this a truely emotionally detatched woman as Im thinking or is she just settling and really never had any emotional connection to me. Reply. MRI says. May 5, at pm. I am still bleeding from a very recent unavailable woman relationship break. Dec 20,   The woman on the other end of the tethering makes the person she's texting feel as though she's interested in them and that a real relationship will eventually materialize. However, in reality, she is too emotionally unavailable to handle meeting in person and would prefer to keep the relationship within the safe confines of the virtual world. Nov 04,   The emotionally unavailable woman can make an excellent partner. We may not be apt to PDA or overly romantic love notes, and we may not be .

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She has been wounded by her past which could have been fraught with emotional, verbal or physical abuse or heavy baggage from past relationships. She needs to heal from these wounds before she can be comfortable getting close to someone again. Practicing alcoholics, sex addicts or substance abusers, despite what they may try to make you believe, will prioritize their addiction over the relationship.

Addicts are so wrapped up in their own all-consuming dependency on alcohol, sex or drugs that they let it control them.

Again, you may feel called to stay with this woman and help her if she is important enough to you, and this is a noble cause to take on, but recognize the difficulties in doing so. Addiction is only a symptom of other problems, not the problem itself. A study of narcotic addicts [ii] found that they possess deep-seated pathology and embody traits such as depression, tension, insecurity, feelings of inadequacy and fittingly enough, difficulty in forming warm and long-term interpersonal relationships.

Dating Emotionally Unavailable Women

Most addicts appear to suffer from a basic character disorder. She could be bored with her current relationship or not getting everything she needs out of it at the time, or she could just be bored with the normalcy of her life in general and love the thrill of adultery, but this in no way means that if you fulfill what is lacking in her current relationship or bring the excitement she desires to her life, she will make herself fully available to you.

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This can be confusing and hurtful if you care deeply about her and would like to grow closer, but she will not let you. Looking into her past relationships can provide you with some insight. Maybe she has gotten to the same point in the relationship with one or a few other people as she has with you, ending them at the point where intimacy usually develops because she fears emotional closeness and commitment. Tethering creates false hope, a feeling that many people who report getting hurt often in relationships experience.

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However, in reality, she is too emotionally unavailable to handle meeting in person and would prefer to keep the relationship within the safe confines of the virtual world. Does the woman in your life shut down emotionally, make excuses or turn the discussion into a fight every time you ask her to define the relationship or when any other conflict arises?

Emotionally unavailable people have a lot of trouble dealing with conflict as compared to emotionally available people.

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Many emotionally distant people may have avoidant attachment orientations causing them to shirk the responsibility of being a supportive partner during a conflict instead choosing to stonewall or add fuel to the fire, making the rift between them and their partner even wider.

Additionally, people who are emotionally distant and have an insecure attachment style have less confidence in regulating negative moods than those who are emotionally available and have secure attachment styles.

She evades your questions and is secretive about her life and whereabouts. She might also ask you inappropriate questions too soon about money or sex such as asking to borrow large sums of money, or to invest in her business.

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Such behavior may suggest a hidden agenda. She may just be using you for her own gain and thus, will not allow a genuine relationship to unfold.

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Such concealment could also create a hurdle to a close, intimate connection. This is another one where looking into her relationship history will be helpful. If you can, find out why her past relationships ended. Some emotionally unavailable women nitpick all their partners until they find a flaw and then dump them for it. But, in truth, there is only so much you can do for an emotionally unavailable person.

May 15,   A Love Letter For Him From A Recovering Emotionally Unavailable Girlfriend; #AstroSpeak Daily Love Horoscope For 23rd December, ; 14 TOUGH Lessons I Learnt By Dating An Emotionally Unavailable Woman; Why You Should Date Her Although She's Made Her Emotional Unavailability Clear To You; Love Or Leave: Why I Can Never Be JUST FRIENDS With My Ex. 1. Be Supportive. If you are dating an emotionally unavailable woman, it is often the case that they are extremely focused on their own career goals. It is important to be supportive in a relationship, and just as important that such support is reciprocated.

Their behaviors and their consequences in your relationship were likely not because of anything you did, but actually, stemmed from the baggage left behind from past relationships, abuse or other emotional wounds.

Only she has the power to work through her own intimacy issues, and nothing about her emotional state will change until she decides to do so.

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Even whilst he was leaving to be in the arms of another! Day by day, moment by moment, he only continued to radiate the warmth that gradually melted my icy exterior. I felt no pain - only a relief from feeling lighter each day - making me see myself, the world around me in a new light. And most of all, him - in a different way! I was scared of trusting - trusting if someone was capable of the same unconditional love that I knew I could give! I had begun to believe that all relationships were, by default, doomed to be as short-lived as the shelf life of non-refrigerated yogurt!

He changed all that.

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All of that, by teaching me that loving an emotionally unavailable women began from the inside. Take a pad and note these down:. In choosing to stay with me every day and loving me without any expectations of reciprocation, he quaked my walls, causing those cracks that widened day by day to let my wounds drain.

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He also made me realize that instead of shutting out pain, my walls kept out love - a REAL possibility of love. Image source: Pixabayunder Creative Commons License.

Dating unavailable woman

I feared THAT place. Fears are the most crippling element in shutting out the possibility of love. Based on what burnt an emotionally available woman in the first place, her fears might be specific.

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Allow her to see how they are keeping her from LOVE.

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