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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Ewing and others who have worn their hats. Since , Stetson has been making high quality hats with care and attention to detail. With many styles, colors and materials to choose from now, your Stetson will truly make a statement. Back to Top Free U.

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I can already tell this will be a most useful thread! Sep 27, 3. Thanks, Rusty. Note that this lid also features a liner seam at the side of the hat versus the rearas well as the "celanese yarn" tag.

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Although it is hard to see in these photos, the red ribbon running under the crest in the logo contains the phrase "American Manufacture. Sep 27, 4. I think it's reasonable to conclude that this lid therefore dates to the ish timeframe.

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The liner protector is plastic. While the design of this logo is the same as that in the Royal DeLuxe posted above, note that the Royal DeLuxe as well as the early 40's Royal Stetson features a fairly distinctive use of bright gold in the logo that is gone by This particular feature may wind up being useful in terms of dating.

For example, once we see a wider variety of liner logos, it may be possible to say that logos using the bright gold are more likely to indicate a lid from the 40's this kind of conclusion will be refined as we go.

We'll see Sep 27, 5. Messages: This is my first contribution to the board and I do not know how to use it yet.

Stetson Reward - Straw Fedora Hat. out of 5 stars $ $ $ shipping. Stetson Men's Stetson Airway Vented Panama Straw Hat. out of 5 stars $ $ $ shipping. Stetson Hats Mens 10X Open Road Toast 2 3/4 Brim. Vintage John Stetson Co. Fedora Hat Brown textured "Pea Souper" Medium 7. $ Vintage John Stetson Co. Fedora Pale Green textured "Pea Souper" Size 7 1/8. $ Vintage Fedora 7 1/8 Stetson Mens Wool Tan Made in the USA. $ Vintage 60's NEVER USED Stetson Sovreign Size 7 Mens Fedora . The Fedora Story - Part I: The True Origin of the Fedora unlike the previous examples. The descriptors may mark a distinction in time and be used for dating purposes, but I need to collect more data. So, Hat Corporation of America, Stetson, Lee, and other hat manufacturers would agree on which hats among their various lines were similar.

The Royal Stetson design shown in the first pictured above was featured in an advertisement for Young's Hat shops in the New York Times on November 16, on page In addition, at Young's your Stetson carries a Kushon-Fit leather that conforms to the oval of your head. The Royal Stetson is presented in two weights: the 'Fallweight.

Stetson Education: Hat Anatomy Western Styles Part 2

So this logo spanned at least from to and perhaps longer. I have noticed that advertisements in the New York Times are very informative.

They are not as nice looking as advertisements in major magazines like Life, but they appeared several times a month and privide a great deal of dated information. Sep 27, 6.

Stetson fedora hats are recognizable the world over for their quality and character. Shop Distressed Open Road, Stratoliner Fedora, Temple Fedora, and many other styles! Not too casual and not too formal, the Stetson Crossgrain Nail Head Wool Blend Fedora is the perfect Goldilocks 'just right' hat for every fedora features a 1 3/4" stingy brim, a distres. Apr 17, As to wearing them, I wear a fedora every day. I don't wear the antique Stetson cowboy hats as some are delicate and all are too rare to play with much, but the fedoras I wear daily. Since we are at a time when fashion is nearly "do what you want" I find a fedora .

Welcome to the Lounge, Don. Thanks for the info. I'm not sure I have ever heard of a Stetson "Concourse. So, if the logo in your Concourse matches exactly to the first post in this thread, then it appears that the use of this logo may have extended into the early 50's.

Oct 17, The Royal Stetson is presented in two weights: the 'Fallweight.' and the 'Vita-Felt,' the latter being a lighter weight for men accustomedto the finest of foreign hats." I have a Stetson Concourse with the same logo on the liner. The Concourse was first advertised in the New York Times on Nov. 5, and last advertised on Oct. 31, Dec 31, Hats are often impossible to date in exact terms. Once in a while there is an actual ink stamp on the inside of a leather sweatband telling us the date the hat was made or sold but this is very rare. Sometimes there is an original receipt from when the hat was purchased. Stetson felt fedora hats feature classic styling underscored by our signature details. Shop Open Road Royale Deluxe Hat, Stratoliner Fedora, Temple Wool Fedora, and many other styles!

Does your liner have any sort of protective covering? A choice of 25 different hatbands? OK, that's pretty interesting.

Also interesting that, from a marketing standpoint, the lightweight Stetsons were compared to the European felts like Borsalino, I imagine.

Cheers, JtL. Sep 27, 7.

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On closer inspection of my Consourse, it appears that the gold has been replaced with a greenish brown in logo. Another alternate version of the brown tag same dates as above. Here is another shot of the alternate tag as above from a different hat, only this one is showing how the re-order number would have been printed on the tag.

This is from a Paris Grand Prize model derby from sometime between and This is not real common, but it happens. This one was found in a s era fedora. It was essentially the same tag as the brown one, just printed in orange.

Orange tag from the early to mid 30s to aboutnote how panels are slightly different than above. Orange tag from to the mid s, note the further change in the panel set up.

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An alternate tag to the one above, this one with the colors reversed. This was discovered in a practically destroyed Stetson Stratoliner Vita Felt from the early s. Notice that Stetson went back to incorporating the re-order and size info on the same tag. The first use of this tag seems to date to or so, but the earlier orange and red tags were also being used concurrently with this white one for at least 5 years after this white one was introduced.

Apr 28, The Fedora Lounge. Articles Forums > Apparel > Hats > from a hat dating to Different design- not sure if it's the same foil- but it has a serif font. The angle of the 1 is different. I have Mayser made Stetson that has a time stamp of 12/27/58 on the inside of the sweatband. I will take a photo to see how the size tag compares.

Collectors speculate Stetson was just using up its stock of the read and orange ones before going with the white one full time. These re-order tags were a standard for many decades, but by the time the 60s and early 70s rolled around, Stetson had switched its inventory system to a computer-based system and began to use a big fold out tag that was glued to the side behind the sweatband instead of being glued to the felt in the back of the hat behind the sweatband.

This last tag was about 2 inches wide and folded out to be 3 inches or so long. Of course, by the s, Stetson had done away with the idea that you could reorder your hat by the tag information, anyway.

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Stetson decided it did not want to spend the time messing around with all the records that the tags required them to maintain. Sadly, at this time all those old records were destroyed.

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All those records just gone. Post tag and the end of the re-ordering feature. Inventory tags were quite common throughout the hat-making industry between the late s all the way to the s.

There are all sorts of these tags and while they differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, one general rule of thumb is that they got smaller over the years.

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They also got less and less fancy. Early tags were quite fancy with little flourishes and fancy type styles.

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Then, as time moved on, all the prettiness of these tags went away until they just looked like a tag a computer churned out. Some manufacturers really got fancy.

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The latter two are from the late s. No Name Hats. Hoyt Hats. Biskup Hats. So, there you have it, folks. Some examples of inventory tags from other manufacturers.

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This system persisted until the hat industry went belly up as a customizable product. Warner Todd Huston is a Chicago based freelance writer. He has been writing opinion editorials and social criticism since early and before that he wrote articles on U.

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Where can you find these tags? Follow the arrow and look behind the sweatband for the tags What do they look like? Early in the s, perhaps as early as the s, Stetson began to separate the re-order tags.

The No Fly Zone Nylon There are different hats for different occasions, and choosing the proper hat is essential for being a classy gentleman.

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Feel like a detective in a film noir movie, piecing together the puzzle of your latest case, in this beautiful classic Stetson Chatham. You can almost hear the slow jazz pouring out of a window above The Airway by Stetson is a very appropriately named hat.

This convenient hat is made of panama straw and the entirety of its crown is vented. With this superior ventilation, this hat is perfect for lo The Stetson Reward Shantung Straw Fedora is the perfect hat for a memorable summer day or night out on the town. It's clean, bright look along with a classic black ribbon band gives it a timeless qual As you head out on adventures this summer, keep your head cool and your face out of the sun with the Stetson Digger hat, from Stetson's Outdoors collection.

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The Stetson Digger is a fun, attractive hat If a fashionable hat is what you want, look no further than this Stetson beauty. This fur felt fedora is a modern twist on the classic s Stratoliner hat.

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The interior is fully lined and the exteri

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