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Now we will take a look at how Stetson company logos and crests and the liners inside their hats changed over the decades and how these points can also be used as a dating tool. For that we are shocked and grateful. One of the reasons you found us, though, is because information on hats is not just hard to find, it is very, very hard to find. Here we endeavor to answer that question. This fascinating page has detailed photos of Stetson cowboy hat collection. These hats were made from the late s, through the s.

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I can already tell this will be a most useful thread! Sep 27, 3. Thanks, Rusty.

dating stetson hats Stetson in for his contributions to the school. Popular demand for western style hats spiked during the s after stetson hat dating success of Indiana. May 19, The Stetson liner from the late 40's. Notice the two This dates the hat to that time period. Dating Stetsons by .

Note that this lid also features a liner seam at the side of the hat versus the rearas well as the "celanese yarn" tag. Although it is hard to see in these photos, the red ribbon running under the crest in the logo contains the phrase "American Manufacture. Sep 27, 4.

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I think it's reasonable to conclude that this lid therefore dates to the ish timeframe. The liner protector is plastic. While the design of this logo is the same as that in the Royal DeLuxe posted above, note that the Royal DeLuxe as well as the early 40's Royal Stetson features a fairly distinctive use of bright gold in the logo that is gone by This particular feature may wind up being useful in terms of dating.

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For example, once we see a wider variety of liner logos, it may be possible to say that logos using the bright gold are more likely to indicate a lid from the 40's this kind of conclusion will be refined as we go. We'll see Sep 27, 5.

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Messages: This is my first contribution to the board and I do not know how to use it yet. The Royal Stetson design shown in the first pictured above was featured in an advertisement for Young's Hat shops in the New York Times on November 16, on page In addition, at Young's your Stetson carries a Kushon-Fit leather that conforms to the oval of your head.

Dating stetson by liner

The Royal Stetson is presented in two weights: the 'Fallweight. So this logo spanned at least from to and perhaps longer.

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I have noticed that advertisements in the New York Times are very informative. They are not as nice looking as advertisements in major magazines like Life, but they appeared several times a month and privide a great deal of dated information. Sep 27, 6. Welcome to the Lounge, Don. Thanks for the info.

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I'm not sure I have ever heard of a Stetson "Concourse. So, if the logo in your Concourse matches exactly to the first post in this thread, then it appears that the use of this logo may have extended into the early 50's. Does your liner have any sort of protective covering?

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A choice of 25 different hatbands? OK, that's pretty interesting.

Also interesting that, from a marketing standpoint, the lightweight Stetsons were compared to the European felts like Borsalino, I imagine. Cheers, JtL.

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Sep 27, 7. On closer inspection of my Consourse, it appears that the gold has been replaced with a greenish brown in logo. The top of the liner has a clear, shiny plastic protection.

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Sep 27, 8. Whippet Liners So, here's an example of how the "field guide" approach may come in handy It is a No. Stetson Company, probably in the late s-early s. While the Open road was marketed with more western iconography, the Stratoliner was sold as a modern, sporty hat.

It has a three color liner logo, which indicates a date of manufacture towards the end of the decade. It still has the original price tag on the sweatband. Theses Stetsons came in custom leather cases and had the best pure beaver fur felt. Truly top of the line. Unfortunately, I sold the Whippet before people the name commanded such high prices.

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I assume it has already been sold? I agree with your research, it looks like a 40s hat.

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The stars on both the liner and sweatcrests are giveaways. The cutaway on the liner is to the right, not centered at the top, an indication that it is not a late 40s hat.

Stetson Education: The Right Way to Wear a Hat

The switch occurred some time in the 40s, with the Royal Deluxe term coming later and taking over the mark. For pricing help, I really have no idea. This looks like a very early Open Road model and could get higher demand. Then again, collectors may already have one and not be interested in shelling out for another.

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I do know one thing - most of my. Pricing predictions have been wrong! Maybe you can post this one over on the Open Road thread for the folks there. They should enjoy seeing the older model.

While the Open road was marketed with more western iconography, the Stratoliner was sold as a modern, sporty hat. This one was made with fur felt of the "Royal" designation. It has a brown leather sweatband, with Stetson's s crest. It has a three color liner logo, which indicates a date of manufacture towards the end of the decade. Need help identifying and dating this Stetson hat. Each Stetson celebrates over years of craftmanship and genuine American heritage. Shop Western Hats Shop Outdoor Hats Shop Caps Shop Straw Hats SUMMER SEEKER. Straw hat styles, hand-crafted in Garland, TX. Distinctive, practical and ready for your next adventure.

I need to read up on that thread too! Stick around the Lounge, just watch out for those polite norms.

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Most are unwritten; guys will usually let you know about them in a nice way. Apr 2, So it finally arrived, Stetson Turin. Found a newspaper article dated April on it when doing some research but other than that not much more so it's fair to say that it may have been made made around this period.

Apr 07,   Here's a hat with a dating problem: all indicators point to an early 50s tweener, with a 40s liner (stars) but 50s sweat (maple leaf). It is also a Royal Deluxe Stetson (later), rather than a Royal Stetson Deluxe (earlier). The final and simplest date indicator . Sep 21,   Stetson's "Last Drop" embroidered liner from an expensive 30X El Patron western made in the s or s. This is a $ hat. Post s Stetson Logos. A mid to late s or early 70s Stetson liner logo. The liner from a Stetson Nostalgia model hat from the late s. The liner from a Stetson Stratoliner model hat from A Few. dating stetson hats This vintage hat was made by the John B. Stetson company in the s. It has a three color liner logo, which indicates a date of manufacture towards the end. May 19, The Stetson liner from the late 40's. Notice the two This dates the hat to that time period. Dating .

Anyway here's a few pictures M HatmanBobHuffor Steinbockhase and 1 other person like this. Great find and great link with the ad, that certainly helps give a date to the hat. It looks like you are going to really enjoy the hat! Now we can all look forward to seeing the next one Daniel.

The easiest method to date early Dobbs hats is through the Dobbs crest on the liner tips. Dobbs included the address in the crest, and because we know the dates and locations of their shops, we can be fairly certain on dating these hats to within a few years of accuracy. Stetson outdoor hats provide protection from the elements, durability, and a touch of style on any adventure. Shop Mesh Safari Hat, Kelso Hat, and many more outdoor styles! Oct 17,   I just got the following Imperial Stetson and wanted to try to date it based on the liner. It looks alot like the early to mid s Royal Weekender liner with the use of gold, the American Manufacture in the red ribbon and no protective cover over the center logo. However, the liner seam is at the back and the sweatband might be a bit wider.

M Hatman likes this. Apr 3, Issue: the seller has a receipt that appears completely genuine with what looks like a date. Are all our signals crossed, bad handwriting, or is it another buyer beware tale? The OPS tag is pretty clear Last edited: Apr 3, Steinbockhase and BobHufford like this.

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