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Originally posted by theboywhocriedlupin. Request: hi, can you write an imagine of young! I promise the other requests will be done soon! It all started with a dare. She was a Ravenclaw in the year below them. Everyone knew her. Guys had been trying to go out with her for years but to no avail.

Give me your wand, and I let her go. Gladly, Harry tossed his wand in your direction. A bony hand picked it up. Before Harry could understand what was going on, the man from behind grabbed him, putting him in the same position as you. If she wins, you go back to your miserable life.

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Suddenly, you were released and thrown to the ground. Voldemort raised his wand, taking up his shadowy cloak with him. I believe it is appropriate for wizards to bow before a duel.

Voldemort lifted his arms, exaggerating his hand movements. You took the time while he was distracted to shout a spell at him. He blocked your spell, starting at you.

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Avada Kedavra! You dodged the deadly green light coming from his wand. Countless spells left you wand until you remembered your boggart. And I faced it. And I won. In horror, he stared at what you had just done.

Take me back! Without another word, the man holding Harry released his grip and disappeared along with Voldemort into a cloud of black smoke speeding towards the sky.

A Matter of Jealousy Deal Godparents *Adult Sirius Blood Status Being married to Sirius Black would include *Adult Sirius Dating Sirius Black and being a Ravenclaw would include Dating Sirius Black and being a Slytherin would include Remus Lupin: Guilt Remus Lupin noticing how forgetful you are would include Remus Lupin helping you - a shy. The Dating Disasters of Sirius Black by KabeyK. Rating: R For some reason unfathomable to Remus, Sirius always likes to tell him in excruciating detail about his various romantic problems. Not fluffy. Chapter 01 (Posted: Hits: [view reviews]). Dating Sirius Black would include: okay im ngl when you first started dating, everyone was salty af because everyone has a crush on ya boy; and he was so so proud to be yours; he still is, actually.

You were amazing. You were- I though I was going to lose you. Originally posted by real-slytherin-headgirl. He confronted you about ignoring him. At first, of course, you scoffed, dismissing the idea. Somehow you started arguing and five minutes later you were yelling, angrily confessing your feelings. Sirius was watching you, stunned.

You would blush and ignore him Holding hands in public. Quick make out sessions in empty hallways between classes. Studying together.

The Death of Sirius Black

Getting distracted half of the time. Playing with his hair a lot and even braiding it from time to time. Him secretly loving it. Moving together after school. Calming him down when he gets too paranoid about the war. Sirius calming you down after nightmares about your close ones dying.

You being very busy in the order coming up with plans and most of the tactics. Blaming yourself when something goes wrong only for Sirius to prove you wrong and remind you how amazing you are.

Insisting on babysitting Harry so James and Lily can have a date night.

Do not give him your wand! Requests are open by the way, so If you have anything that you want me to write you can just say c: -Lottie out x. Request away! Then he learned that you were super shy. Him being into major PDA, which you feel nervous about. Sneaking in fast cheek kisses when no one is looking.

Being polar opposites in social situations. Him spending rainy days with you.

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The Mauraders hardcore shipping you and Sirius together. You being nervous to meet the rest of the Mauraders. But they end up loving you and you become great friends with all of them. Honestly, you two are the cutest couple.

Want to be added or removed? Dating Remus Lupin Would Include Originally posted by painfulblisss - Remus would be the extremely blunt boyfriend, who would never intentionally hurt your feelings, but would never let you walk around looking stupid.

Jan 02,   I always am seeing quizzes like this, so I decided to make one for Sirius. Assume this is Marauders' era, before the Potters died and he went to Azkaban and everything. You are a student at Hogwarts and so is he. Deal (Sirius Black X Fem!Reader) - Request: hi, can you write an imagine of young!sirius x ravenclaw!reader where the boys challenge him to sleep with her because she is known for never dating . being sirius black's daughter would include. being sirius black's daughter and dating teddy lupin would include. sharing a bed with teddy lupin would include. aesthetics. gryffindor girl x hufflepuff girl. ravenclaw girl x hufflepuff girl. young sirius black x hufflepuff. aries gryffindor girl x tarts hufflepuff boy aesthetic.

Like honestly, we could have had any other house with us. And plus, I have heard things about certain people. Now that was funny Who would have thought? And Regulus would definitely ask both of you what was going on?

Only the best for our little boy. I dont have too many posts but i made a masterlist harry potter harry potter imagine harry potter headcanon fred weasley george weasley draco malfoy remus lupin sirius black james potter george weasley x reader marauders era lightning era masterlist cedric diggory.

Dating Sirius Black Would Include Requests are open!!! Warnings: cheesy?

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Sirius Black is nervous?! But you eventually see that it has to be done in order to protect Remus. He is not one to be discreet.

He would do anything to make you smile. Him turning into dog form when your sad. Sirius would get jealous so easily. They understand that family, besides your siblings, is a huge deal to you. You have nothing to worry about, Duncan.

He held up a tie and you helped him tie it around his neck.

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No words were spoken. As always, his reputation would precede him. Part of him wondered if you even liked him at all or if all of this was just some huge grand gesture out of pity. The sooner he got this party over and done with, the sooner he could come back here, cuddle up to you and forget all about this.

You told him you were going to get yourself ready. Duncan tilted his head as he held his hand out to shake with your parents. Your parents seemed delighted to have somebody to discuss all this with and with every passing second you could feel Duncan becoming looser.

He was starting to feel more at home, which was exactly what you wanted. Can you help me with something? You let go of his hand and wandered off to help. By the end of the night, Duncan had practically been welcomed into the family with open arms. He spent most of the night engaging your parents in various conversation topics, which your parents were quite excited by.

Most of the other guests had left hours ago and you were starting to get a bit tired yourself. I would love to stop by and chat some more sometime. The two of you left the house, shutting the door behind you and walked quietly. I really liked them.

Word Count: Prompt: What dating Sirius Black would include? (Marauders Era)Warnings: SwearAll nighters Which include causal conversations Like how to prank half of the professors Playing with his hair And listening to him complain But he secretly adores it PDA obviously Holding hands is extremely important to him He carries your textbooks to every class You guys break so many rules together. Dating Young Sirius Black Would include. Constant teasing and flirty banter all the time Discovering the hidden passages and classrooms in Hogwarts together. Making out in empty classrooms. Dating (young) Sirius Black would include Requested by anon. Coming up with new pick up lines all the time and always strolling up to you casually, looking you up and down as he bites his lip and say something stupid like: "On a scale of 1 to 10, you're a 9. I'm the 1 .

He stopped as well, uncertain by your reaction. Duncan leaned into your arms, satisfied with that answer.

Dating sirius black

It really had been a special night. Originally posted by animated-disney-gifs. It was fun to write! Sometimes being on missions sucked, especially when you were supposed to be undercover. You wandered the winding, twisting streets of Agrabah on high alert.

This would thankfully be your shortest undercover mission to date if you managed to get it done properly without any flaws. Thankfully that was your specialty. In your dreams, kid. But you kept them at your sides, fingers twitching. They were dangerous.

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Sitting atop one of the shop covers sat a boy who was almost certainly the same age as you. He was dirty and his clothes were basically rags.

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At his side, a monkey wearing a little vest peered curiously at you. You let out a huff and turned back toward him.

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This was setting you way farther behind than you wanted it to. You looked around making sure nobody was around to hear and sighed in frustration. I need to steal something. Can you help me, or can I find somebody who will? He stared wide eyed as you began to make your way into the palace gardens. He shook it off and began to follow.

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Go home. He opened his mouth to protest but you raised your hands in warning. He nodded his head, removing his grip from your wrist so you could continue your mission.

DATING YOUNG! SIRIUS BLACK WOULD INCLUDE: Him coming up with pick up lines and always strolling up to you casually, looking you up and down, as he bites his lip and says something stupid.

Aladdin watched you disappear into the palace, looking down at his hand. He slowly began to make his way back to his secret hideout, wondering what had even just happened. Who that girl was. Abu snorted and curled up next to him. Aladdin chuckled.

Hey guys! I do owe you all a proper explanation. For a while, I lost touch with my creative side and fell into a slump. A lot of things have been going on in my personal life that have made writing seem like an impossible task. If you really wish to have those old requests written, please send them again. Keep sending requests in and check my masterlist in my bio for a full list of all the fandoms I write for.

The Quagmires and Baudelaires rarely, if ever, had time to relax, time to act like regular children. No matter where they went, they were plagued by fear, uncertainty and the knowledge that Count Olaf would not be far behind. But sometimes, the seven children found little pockets of time where they could pretend, if only for a few moments, that they were normal kids.

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That their parents were just at work or preoccupied with some other adult function. Today was one of those days. The four Baudelaires and three Quagmires sat in a circle, smiling and laughing. The dares were usually silly things like switching clothes with someone of the opposite gender or smacking someone or inventing poetry on the spot. The truths were just as silly. You rolled your eyes at your brother, knowing this could only end in you mortally embarrassing yourself.

The rest of the circle went silent, your face went red. Everyone here knew you were dating Duncan; it was no secret. The two of you had been an item since the moment you met. You knew you were for each other, there was no doubt.

Quigley just felt like another one of your many siblings. You let out a huff. No matter how dumb the dares were, you never gave up. You crossed the circle, dragging Quigley to his feet and kissing him. It was nothing more than a quick peck. It was a stupid game anyway. We should be heading to sleep soon.

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You ignored him and walked over to sit beside him. The two of you sat in silence, him glaring at the wall and you counting the seconds. He pulled his arm away. He laughed and the two of you returned to silence, left to your own thoughts for a few moments more.

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You hesitantly wrapped your arm around Duncan, relaxing as he leaned into your touch. I know it was just a game but I hated seeing that. You waved your hand. He chuckled as he met your eyes. You pressed your lips to his, holding the kiss definitely longer than your little one with Quigley. He laughed and leaned into you. You were right, of course. You were rarely ever wrong. This post will be edited frequently as I get requests.

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What started as a way for me to simply write Hamilton imagines to cope with my struggles and also get my writing out there is something much, much better.

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