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Many Americans are turning to the internet in order to search for love. Online dating and dating apps are the new wave of the future for both younger generations and older generations alike. And sadly the surge in online dating has also created a potential for scammers to target people looking for love. When using dating apps, it is extremely easy to create fake identities using stolen images that a scammer can hide behind. This scam can affect men and women of all ages because the scammer attempts to connect with their victims in a more personal way.

Used a gmail acct. He fell in love by the second email and asked me to leave POF as he did. Google search did not come up with his name in the UK or Venice. The is no drilling in Fl. He never answered specific questions,- his facebook acct.


Within 5 days he was proposing marriage. I closed my gmail account. The end. I did download a picture as I am sure it too is phony. Hi Angel, I called you an Angel because you are a beautiful looking woman, Thanks for your message and i am glad to be your friend because i believe that life is never complete without a friend, It does not matter where we live or what we do as long as we are persuaded for each others worth.

I believe that friendship always create great opportunities for us because we never can say what will be the end of a just friendship like you as we can see it for now. I want you to understand that I am not looking for a perfect woman because i am not a perfect man but i am looking for a wonderful partner who love to enjoy life and who knows how to make a man smile because i am that kind of man that love smiling and if you can make me smile i promised you can make me do anything for you.

I believe there is no perfect human being but understanding and trust is the only guarantee for a true friendship. You are a such a wonderful looking woman and i will love to keep daily communication with you so that we will be able to know each others better before planning a dinner together because i believe that being an everyday communication is going to help us achieve some familiarity and trust that will give us the confidence to meet each others face to face and spend time together to see how things will go but i promised that if i am giving an opportunity to take care of you i will always love you smile because i also believe in the opposite side that if you can make a woman happy that you can make her do anything.

Do you really love to be happy or smiling and if yes, I would love to learn the beautiful ways to make you happy because i believe that a beautiful looking woman like deserves every minutes smile. My Daughter is on her final year in the University studying medicine.

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I am cm tall and average body built as you have already seen on my photos. I joined the Online dating site after my friend got married to his Wife via internet dating and he has actually be the person who introduced me here with a mission of finding a life time partner because i believe life is never complete without a love partner.

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My beautiful woman, I am sure that a dinner will not be a bad idea so that we will be able to have a face to face interaction but it is important that we have the basic introduction via internet. I am an Engineer working in the oil and gas sector as a Drilling contractor.

Please i am willing to meet you at any venue for a dinner, I am a hard working man but I love to enjoy my self when ever i have a free time because i believe too much of work without enjoyment is not good for the health. I do so many beautiful things for fun at my free time like traveling and shopping, boat cruise and I love traveling on the road, like road trip because i am a crazy car lover fun of driving.

I play Golf and do Cycling. I am a fun loving man both sensual and sexually, I am also a God fearing man and I have a good sense of humor, I am family oriented, faithful in a relationship, open and honest, respectful of others, Humorous, loyal, honest, good looking, optimistic, realistic, jovial, tolerant, self-confident, active, friendly, intelligent, romantic and workaholic. I am also a good listener because I love to hear people opinion because i respect opinions. I love to listen to music and i love slow dancing.

I drink socially and i do not smoke but i do not have problem with smokers and i love to walk by the beach because i love nature and everything that is natural. I am fun of driving and my favorite automobile are Mercedes Benz, BMW and Range Rover but i am only driving Mercedes Benz and Range Rover at a moment because there is no need for so many cars as i am a single and no body to drive them with me.

My best Colors are Black, Blue and Red. I attached here my photo with my adorable daughter Victoria strictly for your eyes only. I am sharing Picture of my daughter with you because of the trust that i have for you and i hope it is not going to be shared with third party because i have never done this before. I am looking forward to hear from you and i hope you will give me the opportunity to meet you soon so that we can spend time together to know each other better and see what future holds for us.

Sincerely Yours Christian. I believe he is currently using the name of Michael Roberto and pretty much the same story. The goes by animallover gmail on Plenty of Fish.

I was delighted when I did, his name, Michael James Scott. He gave me his cell and we started texting a bit, and then he removed his POF profile. His text messages were all stamped us.

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It developed into the most romantic email exchange, from scottmichael yahoo. He seemed completely real in wanting to find true love in his new civilian life and was hoping he found that with me.

There was no doubt in my mind about anything and we were both falling for each other. Then something of importance needed to be discussed, a large amount of money to help get his name off a deployment list.

He said to send the money to a DA in Alabama who was helping these men get their names off the list.

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And the address was going to a HUD housing project in the boonies with no one by that name at that address. He never once asked me for any personal information but he gave me his, to win my trust, which was all so confusing. I found out that bank account and SSN are not tied to his name at all, it is some business account. Once I was on to the scam and questioned him, he refused to send me any real time photo to prove his face was the one in the POF profile pix, but he still tried to convince me by sending me Army documents, awards, and Army enlistment papers with the name James Scott.

After that, I still wanted to believe there was something real in all this after all these weeks of being romanced by him in a huge way. But I kept researching and finding so many lies. In the end it actually got quite creepy, because he changed his story and said he was actually Randy Puckett and he was helping his best friend, Michael, to find true love when he comes home.

He said he had fallen in love with me, though, but I was in love with his friend, Michael. I am usually very wise to internet scams but this guy was really good, really thorough and everything lined up correctly for several weeks until money became the issue.

I did download a picture as I am sure it too is phoney. Mary Quote. I was contacted by Benjamin Whitehead. Originally from Ontario, Canada. Said both parents died when he was young. Wife was an alcoholic and died in a car crash last July.

Asked me to remove my profile from POF - fell madly in love with me by the second email. This bastard needs to be stopped. Anyone have a picture? Patti Quote. I was also contacted by Benjamin Whitehead on Match. He said his wife died of leukemia 4 years ago and that he has a 16 year old daughter.

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He calls from a cell that is identified as South Africa. Has a French accent. Sounds like some of these other guys above with different names. I just noticed he is back up with a different name - Bobby - and now he has a son. I just sent a notification to Match. He first contacted me May 8. Marie Quote. He said he was a widower with a teenage daughter McKenzie.

Same story. Working on a contract in South Africa. Said all his electronics were stolen at the airport so wanted me to buy him a ton of stuff.

I reported him to Match. I reported him 5 times to Match and his profile is still there - Bigblueeye He is shameless.

Dating scams on plenty of fish

He has an accent; said he was french canadian. That may be true. This happened between May-June I checked before quitting match a few weeks ago and his profile is still there.

This is the same guy who found me on POF his email is benjwh yahoo. Fell in love with me on second email, told me to text on messenger or email instead of POF. This guy never gives up. Anyone have any pics.

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Connie Quote. My email address is rosetockings gmail. It says when you call that the google subscriber is not available so he is on google too. His phone is connected to Google.

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Sounds phony to me. Marilyn bloch Quote. This man Frank Merck keeps texting me but i think he is a fraud. He has an email of frankmerck yahoo. He only write these texts in the mornings. I think he is a scammer. He claims to live in Miami but has an Atlanta phone number and he tells me in flowery language how much he loves me but refuses to see me in person.

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I noticed everyone getting scammed is a woman. She said her name is Debra, and she is in the Dominican Republic visiting her mom and needs cash. I said its a strange thing to ask someone before meeting in person, so I asked if we could discuss this over the phone. Mark Quote. Abby Quote.

He had a local number from Greensboro, NC and then had to travel to England to obtain generators for his business. Now his cell number is in the UK and asking for money to secure land in South Africa to produce the oil from the cashew nut. Says he last lived in Riverside, CA. Debbie Quote.

For the dating scams on plenty of fish happiness!

Freespirit Quote. Just wondering if either of you ladies have any pics of this Michael Burke. I was contacted by a Michael Burke through Matchmaker and he also said he deleted his profile.

However, his story is similar in some areas he changed it up if this is the same guy. I immediately knew what he was doing when I started reading his email.

Long story about how wonderful he was, romantic, blah blah. I had been contacted several years ago by another guy in another place and its so crazy how they used the same sob story of parents being killed, etc.

I never get into relationships of any kind with these guys. Scum bags. I have the email he sent and several pics. Just wondered if it might be the same guy.

Tearay Quote. Michael Burke, mburke hotmail. Said he was construction engineer, finishing job on monorail, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After declaring sincerity, hope for the future in Hamilton, Ont. Next, he requested more money, all the while planning our future, in order to pay tax duty to get his final pay released this time to a Maxwell Johnson, Malaysia. Yes, I actually sent more. I should have read about dating scammers before falling victim myself. Hope this helps someone else.

Says he was raised by grandma, living in Texas, after his parents died in car accident when he was 5. Says he has daughter in university in Greece, or Turkey. Kelly Quote. Hello Kelly,the same Michael Burke mburke hotmail. He did the same thing to me he did removed his POF and said he wants me to set up a Hotmail and we can chat to the web com to.

Said he was a contraction engineer. He told me he is from Kentucky and moved to Hamilton Ontario. Same thing he told me he is in Malaysia working in Re silent Contraction company. He declare his love for me. It all happened between May 29th till today June 18th. He did send me 40 Red Roses and a card about his love for me. I spoke to him only wants he had a strange accent and the voice was wired. I told him that that his voice is strange. He said because of French accent. It was something weird in his voice.

He must used some devise or something to make his voice sound like this weird. Also he did send me a text message declaring his love to me. His phone number is Had man try almost identical scam on me through OKCupid. Ran out of money on contractual job in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was originally from Utah and at same time another man form Pittsburgh was working on a contract in London England and before his second phase money could come in he ran out of money and was in danger of loosing everything.

I think they were the same person using different names, etc. The contract job in foreign countries and running out of money seems to be the way to go. Patt Thompson Quote. His supervisor, Neo Beng Lay receives the money.

I met Dennis Walter on blackpeoplemeet. He said he was adopted by Belgium man and a California woman and that his biological parents are from Nigeria, he told me this because I questioned his Nigeria accent. He told me he is an engineer and has a contract in Dubai and Singapore.

Unfortunately for him, I was able to find out thay he is a scammer because he sound too good to be true. You talked to him on the phone? I rarely talked to him, he would always text. He had sent the wrong email to the person. So he going to block you too on BPM. I had reported him to the web master on that site.

Chelsea has been a direct victim of romance scams herself losing over $35, in a span of a year in She joined and took over operations of in She brings first-hand experience in studying romance scams, and also experience in vetting dating sites for legitimacy. Read more of Chelsea's articles. The first or second email they send you will include an attempt to get communications with you off of the Plenty Of Fish dating site. Quite often these 'reply' emails are automated by software as well. Real people with real dating profiles usually don't want to move off of the dating site, where they first started talking with the scammer. Match Rating: 7/ I am giving Match a 7/10 due to online reviews I have skimmed through from a few different websites. Although Match is one of the oldest (created in ), most heavily used dating websites out there, it has come under fire for many issues, such as slow responses to problems, failure to remove inactive or dead accounts, spam messages and fake profiles.

Ramona Wilson Quote. Do you have a picture of this guy still? I have been texting a guy from POF using same story on me. I know it is a scam just curious how long he has been doing this. Julie Quote. Do you have still have a picture of this guy? Been texting with a guy using same story.

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I know it is a scam just curious how long has been doing this? Karen Quote. Do you still have a picture of this guy? I have been texting a guy on POF using same story on me. I know it is a scam. Just curious how long he has been doing this. Name required.

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All Rights Reserved. POF is free to use, but also offers a paid version. Comments comments. Susan Andreone on June 22, pm. Can you send me a picture of this person or a way to download the picture please. Paula on December 6, pm. Rhonda Williams Dodson on October 16, pm. Holly on August 9, pm. Tereka Jordan on February 14, am.

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Marolyn on February 3, pm. Get an email address or even a snapshot of their pics google reverse it x. Rachel on September 13, am. LadyGold on September 6, am. Retta Valcho on September 4, pm. Angie on August 9, am. These sob stories can make you already sympathize with the scammer when they eventually ask for funds.

If you are considering sending your online date money, ask for as much details and proof as possible.

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If this makes them defensive or angry, and they accuse you of not being loyal or trusting, do not back down. If you do accidentally fall for a scam, cease communication and report the scam to the local police, the FBI, the FTC and the dating service.

If you are looking to have your money returned to you, make sure you keep records of your messages text, email, on the dating app, etc. Online dating sites typically have the ability to monitor and remove members who are behaving inappropriately on the site or are suspected of scamming other users.

If you suspect that your online date is a scammer, report him or her to the dating service. In general, when looking for love online, use common sense when it comes to sharing information with your matches. Tags: boyfrien coupledatinggirlfrien identity theftinternetlovemarriageonlineonline datingpersonal informationromancescams. The U. Food and Drug Administration FDA is warning consumers of nine hand sanitizers that contain toxic ingredients.

Sep 05,   Plenty of Fish is a popular dating website for online daters of various ages. It has a variety of features that make it easier to seek out viable matches. However, before diving in, this Plenty of Fish review will provide you with all of the necessary details so that you can get the most out of your time on the website/5. Jun 29,   The most common way people are catfished on POF is to get money out of them using the Nigerian Prince our users, was the site with the most catfish. This is based on our current and previous customers, and we've also seen that the larger the site, the more of a target it is.

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Eating well is one of the most important things we can do to take care of ourselves and our families. For many families in the Commonwealth coping with the loss of income due to the pandemic food insecurity has become a real threat.

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When Plenty of Fish first hit the scene, online dating was a strange new world for those searching for that special someone. Since then, we've learned to 'like', 'follow', and slide our way into someone's DMs. Now that meeting on a dating app is the new normal, we're still finding ways for people to go on dates and make deeper connections. There's Plenty of Fish in the Sea Including scammers: The Dangers of Online Dating Scams Many Americans are turning to the internet in order to search for love. Online dating and dating apps are the new wave of the future for both younger generations and older generations alike. May 19,   66 Responses to "Scams on Plenty of Fish" Susan Andreone on June 22, @ pm Rose Overstreet.

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