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Pflueger medalist for a new fly fisherman. Pflueger medalist for a new fly fisherman It would only be used in freshwater for bass and perch. Do any of y'all have any experiences or opinions on this combo and any other tips? User mini profile. Re: Pflueger medalist for a new fly fisherman

What's unique about this plate is that shallow "shelf" around the inside radius. That allows the ratchet plate to be inverted and still ride on the drag bearing lower right. Compare this view with the view of what would traditionally be the top of the drag ratchet plate upper right with the four detents.

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Go back to Part One and look at the ratchet plates on the earliest models. You'll see the same flange.

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In right-hand-wind all these ratchet plates are interchangeable. But if you could install one upside down The Pflueger Medalist reversible ratchet plate features eight detents on the "bottom" or drag side and four detents on the "top" or wind side. Herein lies a problem.

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When the standard Medalist is set up for LHW, the spool may rotate as much as a quarter turn before the drag engages. In a light trout reel, like theand especially when using light tippets such as a 4x or 5x, that free rocking before the drag engages can amplify the start-up inertia from the drag system and cause the tippet to part. The effect is minor, but the rocking in the drag system is enough for me to run my Pflueger Medalists in RHW up to the size lines weights of 6 and lower.

Your mileage may vary. Through the 's and into the 's the Pflueger Medalist fly reel changed in a dozen minor ways that added up to a noticeable change in the construction and appearance of the reel. The round line guard was abandoned in favor of the more practical and higher performing Diamolite four-piece affair. The sculpted pillars were first screwed on and then replaced entirely by less expensive - but just as sturdy - straight pillars.

The drag ratchet plate composition changed to a hard nylon instead of a very hard metal. The spool shaft went from bronze to steel.

The latch cover went from aluminum to plastic. By the evolution was complete. InShakespeare purchased Pflueger.

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Under new management, the Medalist fly reel continued unchanged for several years. From this point on, the markings on the Pflueger Medalist fly reel will refer to the date codes of Shakespeare reels and the individual markings ie DA, CJ, AK will reference the years when a design change typically accompanied by a change in manufacturing plant location took place.

Many of these changes served to take cost out of the reel without sacrificing practical performance, and what we were left with was an affordable American Classic!

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While there are reels that are easier, demanding just a flick of a figurative sometimes literal switch, the Pflueger isn't hard to master. And for the few minutes investment you'll make this reel will reward you with years - decades even - of faithful service. The trick, if there is one, is to work methodically and on a clean, flat service with plenty of light. Back the drag off before beginning.

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Start the process by removing the spool. If you're going to change the reel to LHW from RHW, it's best to remove the screws from the frame as you'll have to remount the line guard on the opposite side of the reel. It's easy and self-evident to take apart the frame and remount the four-piece Diamolite line guard. On the other hand, if it's not obvious to you how this is done, stop and bring the reel to a qualified shop! You'll see the drag bearing mounted to the back plate with the drag ratchet surrounding it.

Remove the two screws identified with the yellow arrows image left.

Pflueger Medalist parts: Bill Archuleta has the number one fly reel parts and repair business in the world. Call or email Bill for any help you need with any older fly reels. Bill's specialty is old Hardy fly reels made in England but I believe he will work on most anything. The Pflueger Medalist Fly Reel This is the full page ad I alluded to at the end of last week's column. It appears in the March issue of Field & Stream and introduces the Pflueger Medalist Fly Reel, one of the most famous Pflueger reels ever to come out of Akron Ohio. Apr 11,   Academy put the Pflueger Purist 5wt, 8' rod on sale a few years ago. They were $30 each, so I bought four of them and gave three away to friends and family members. I am so glad I kept one for myself. I matched it with a Medalist reel and put some Cabela's line on it and use it a lot. This combo is good for river fishing from a kayak.

Once the screws are completely backed out, pull up gently on the drag ratchet plate. The drag pin and spring is under the drag ratchet plate. The drag pin and spring reside in the drag cup on the back plate image above right.

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When shopping for a used reel, if this cup is dented, don't buy the reel or examine the performance and damage very closely before committing! Once you've got the drag ratchet and drag bearing removed, it is necessary to reverse the direction of the shaped drag pin.

The pin has a slope and the high end of the slope needs to be oriented perpendicular to the direction of rotation with the high side facing the blunt end of the ratchet plate detent.

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Reassemble the drag ratchet and bearing with the eight detent side facing up for LHW. They would vibrate out. We put head cement on the screw heads to keep them from coming loose and falling out. Today we would use Loctite to hold them in.

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It was built in the s. All metal parts with and round line guard and 6 rivets on the spool. It was cold and gray over there. Jim is actually our.

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Using glass forces you to slow down your stroke and is less forgiving of poor form. I don't know about control really but glass loads more easily so you can be more accurate at close range.

Jan 24,   Post subject: Re: Dating Pflueger Medalist Reels. Posted: 04/14/13 # Master Guide: Joined: 01/24/07 Posts: Just curious as to why you are hyphening the form numbers, when in fact they (at least the ones I have looked at) contain no hyphen(s)? carlsonrod. Top mrriver. Shop our spinning reels - i think one below submitted by jeff reiten is available. However, fl - pflueger medalist fly reel will be determined on dating pflueger. At etsy to date of the philips type screw for all who share a fishing reel was my website and pflueger reels game bag. Pflueger reels - 96 of pflueger. An Angler's Guide To The Classic Pflueger Medalist. Part Two - to Present. Article and Photographs by Joe Cornwall. In An Angler's Guide to the Pflueger Medalist, Part One we explored the history and evolution of the Pflueger Medalist fly reel, including the smallest sizes - the and ?. Those click-pawl models are still in production, largely unchanged from their functional form.

And as for the question of what flies to use- get an assortment of small poppers and wooly buggers. Nothing bigger than a size 6 or maybe 8. The number referring to hook size the fly is tied on.

Pflueger has been manufacturing quality fishing reels and fishing tackle since X. Dear fellow anglers, Pflueger is working hard to help you #fishthroughit. We are operating our distribution center in compliance with enhanced safety procedures for our team and within new government regulations where we operate. This may delay some. It's worth noting that the earliest models of the Pflueger Medalist, dating to and before, used a pinned, painted brass foot that is often too large to fit a contemporary reels seat. Reel feet that have been filed or "modified" to fit newer rods diminish the collector value considerably. Rated 5 out of 5 by Barbarosa from Dependable fly reel The Pflueger Medalist Fly Reel has been a constant companion on streams in the western states. It's rugged, no nonsense approach to what a fly reel should be has kept it in my travel bag for years. Sure there are tons of reels available, but I'm rough on gear, and this is one that you can depend on.

For bass and bream, it will serve you well. In that situation the reel is simply a line holder so anything will work. The only thing you might want to upgrade would be the line. Cheap lines in the starter kits do not cast as well as even a slightly more expensive line.

Get started with the kit and when you can, get a better line.

Pflueger Medalist 7050X Spinning Reels - J\u0026H Tackle

You can also find them on sale from time to time. Be forewarned, you will start looking for that next rod sooner than later. Welcome to the addiction.

On glass- I love glass for freshwater and especially trout. I have a vintage Fenwick 5 weight and a modern custom 4 wt. They are sweet with smaller flies and making accurate, delicate casts.

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The slower action changes the way I fish. It tends to be more relaxed overall. Pushing fast graphite almost feels like a full contact sport. I usually split my day, trout fishing, between glass and a 3 wt graphite rod.

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The transition take a few minutes to get used to the different feel. I have cast a few of the new glass rods a Hardy and a TFO prototype they were lighter than some of the vintage rods, but they seemed to feel like slow graphite. I know that is esoteric, but there is a difference. If you do much pond fishing for bass and bream, vintage glass is a lot of fun. Go to E-bay and google fiberglass fly rods.

Dating pflueger medalist

You will be amazed at the number available. You will be further amazed at the price certain rods command.

Bssed on several recommendations, I would like to access a Pflueger Medalist reel manufactured prior to Since these reels, as far as I can tell from the Pflueger website and from a conversation this AM with a couple of people in the Pflueger parts/repair department, were made in , 57 and 59; prior to resuming production in

I am so glad I kept one for myself. I matched it with a Medalist reel and put some Cabela's line on it. This combo is good for river fishing from a kayak. The rod is rugged, and at 8' is just right for the short casts under limbs and vines. There is enough backbone to handle some pretty big fish trying to get to structure.

Good luck and tell us how you do. I think people today think of the cheap die-cast China versions made after and eventually discontinued. From to aboutthey were the premiere American production fly reel. They were stamped from aircraft-grade sheet and were considered top-shelf tackle by everyone.

Any reel made after have a reversible ratchet plate to make them LHW.

There are also very nice aftermarket parts made for repairing or upgrading your grandad's old Medalist.

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