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Originally posted by spideycentral. Originally posted by kiingholland. Lots and lots of forehead kisses. Eating cereal. Doing homework.

Yeah, but they're still a little similar to me. PS4 Peter is a couple of years older usually and doesn't have the Avengers/Tony behind him to encourage his behavior. PS4 Peter's going to have a slightly harder time going about extreme measures since he doesn't have the same people supporting (enabling) him. If that makes sense. "Really, Peter, my daughter?" - Peter Parker x Stark!Reader. Summary: Peter starts to date Tony Stark's daughter and the Iron Man isn't sure he's liking it Well, actually, he's pretty sure he hates it. I wanted to write something else than Batfam or DC related for once sooooooo Here's a Peter Parker . "Peter Parker you could not be more wrong. I love you- I fell in love with Peter Parker not Spider-Man. He's not a bad bonus but it's you that I love. You're more than enough if anything I should be the one worrying about losing you. You mean the world to me!" Peter buying you a Spider-Man t-shirt as a joke.

I have not been asked yet whether I am going to participate or not. I have never demanded them and I never will.

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I have always believed that as a writer I do not get to dictate the manner in which my readers interact with my stories.

Once it is posted, it is out of my hands. I have loved every story I have posted. I write stories that I want to read and it just so happens other people want to read them too.

And while the notes are great, they are not be all end all for me. I am just a girl on this crazy little hellsite posting the stories I love and sharing my tips. But if for some reason, I do have some sort of influence, I am choosing to use that influence to continue to support all my fellow writers and continue to do what I love. I know many who are choosing to participate in the blackout for reasons why it was initially brought up as well as many other reasons.

The fact that many of us of struggling with quarantining and isolation in the prior months I am certain is not helping. I do not begrudge or judge anyone who chooses to participate. I hope you take this time off to do what you feel you need to do and come back just as amazing as you are now, if not even better. I will be here for you when you come back.

Peter memorizing ever single detail of your face so that he could always picture in his mind when things get tough Looking in each others eyes in a comfortable silence When one of you is upset the other doesn't say anything and you both just cuddle until the person feels better. Peter Parker. Dating Peter would include. The avengers. Avengers tower having a therapy dog. Spending Valentines day together. How they greet you after a mission. Bucky Barnes- Headcanons. Being an army nurse and meeting Bucky 's Bucky* introducing Bucky to your grandparents, only to find that he and your grandfather served together. summary; fake dating is the most ridiculous thing on the face of the planet, but when peter parker is the one you have to fake date, it's pure torture especially .

Please come back. My biggest fear is that people will not come back, due to inertia. A object rest will stay at rest. And that is not the point of the blackout. And again, I am not commenting on the validity or efficacy of this blackout or condemning those who are choosing to participate or cheering those who are not participating.

This choice is mine and mine alone and every author must make their own decision as to whether they participate or not. Thank you again for your continued support.

Nicely said!! Frankly, it would be a miracle if I had anything to publish during that time, but if I do, I do, haha. I have definitely noticed the difficulties a lot of writers have getting feedback for their works.

I struggle with it as well. I feel so so so so so so blessed to have the followers I do. That being said, there are now of you and I struggle to get notes on things that are posted. I love to write. But I am burning myself out a lot. I started this blog in January after my old blog died, and I started that one in July. So I say all that to be able to say this:. By the time I come back I hope to have Fathoms completely written and just able to post weekly.

Take all the time you need to recuperate!!! Several states away. Road trip with her best friend and newly dubbed fake boyfriend, Peter Parker? You better believe it.

However, Peter sees this as a very special opportunity. Nine days. Originally posted by tommybabyholland.

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Keep reading. Summary: Following the death of his uncle, King Benjamin, Prince Peter is determined to hunt down the mermaids he thinks are responsible. And how will this little mermaid feel when she finds out his true intentions toward her kind?

Thanks to peterparkeranon and marvelxholland for beta reading for me. Suddenly got a bunch of activity on here, just want to say thanks to all you lovely people! Working a on a new series currently, as well as a couple one shots! Stay inside and stay healthy! Do you guys even want me to come back from hiatus? Probably finish some of my WIPs and other series, maybe take some requests as well. I might come back anyway haha if I can work up the energy and motivation for it.

Missed you so much! Posts Request here Submit a post Archive.

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And when they got into high school, she noticed the way he looked at Liz Allen. She nodded. His eyes widened as his gaze snapped back to her. He chuckled. And the last thing was the kissing. It hurt knowing that none of it was real.

She could sense him frown. You know, no help. Strictly myself. Being extremely competitive with each other when it came to exams.

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Going back and forth on having the highest grade. Talking about going to the most prestige college and then changing your minds because you two could never leave Aunt May.

Putting up with Ned being needy. But, loving him just as much as Peter Getting along great with Michelle.

Roasting Peter and Ned into oblivion with her. Like full on roasts. But, in the end, Peter loves you and is sort of relieved that you get along with the people in his life. Movie marathons. Cuddles for days. Like the kind of cuddles that make you all warm and fuzzy inside. No sir, keep that in your pants now, you little rascal. And you? Going to Comic-Cons and dressing up. Building and experimenting to the point where Aunt May and your parents scold you two for almost blowing up the complex.

And after the fire department threatened to arrest you two, you put an end to experimenting. Peter making you a playlist on your ipod. Listening to it all the time because you just love the songs he chose. No seriously, this playlist makes your heart stop with every song. Peter always getting you your favorite muffin for breakfast before school. Always being told he loves you.

You being embarrassed when he tells random strangers that he loves you. But, I just want you to know how much I love this girl right here.

Opinion dating peter parker tumblr discuss impossible

Just wanna tell you that I love my girlfriend. Worrying that Peter was going to break up with you. Peter finding out about your worries through Michelle. Who threatened to skin him alive should he ever hurt you. How much longer? Is this going to be forever? Are we running away from our problems?

Running from being millennials and trying to fit in with society? How are we going to survive the outside world? Playing your favorite song to keep you quiet.

something similar?

Almost on the verge of tears when you find out that he organized a candlelit picnic under the stars. Seeing Ned in the distance as he walks away and knowing that he had a hand in it. Smiling and feeling secure that Peter is here to stay. Michelle not caring and confronting him before coming back to you and confirming that he is hiding something because of the way he acted.

Feeling uneasy but forcing yourself to believe that Peter would tell you everything and anything because you two were on the same level and understanding about your relationship. Using the Washington D. It failing when Peter decides to re-join the decathlon team.

Forcing yourself to ignore the gut feeling that Peter is hiding something when you asked him why he decided to re-join. Peter being completely oblivious to your uneasiness. Pushing it to the back of your brain when Liz scolds you for not having your head in the game. Getting irritated when Ned stumbles over his words. Becoming so upset that you tell Ned to tell Peter that he better have an explanation or else they would be over.

Visiting the monument with everyone with the exception of Peter obviously and Michelle who passed on the tour. Ignoring Ned when he tries to talk to you. Liz concerned that you were upset and asks if you want to talk about it.

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About to confide in her when the elevator of the Monument starts to malfunction. Trying to stay calm even though your heart is about to flip out of your chest. Getting mad all over again because you were going to die pissed off at your boyfriend.

Spider Man saving you just in the nick of time. Being so traumatized over the ordeal and Peter not being there, you lash out on him when he finally decides to make an appearance. Please, I can explain. Can you give me that? Ned trying to diffuse the situation. Getting even more pissed off and breaking up with Peter. You gonna be okay? Having your parents stop Peter from coming into the apartment even though they felt you were being silly. They adored Peter Sitting in your room with a pint of your favorite ice cream while watching stupid rom-com films.

Crying when the guy gets the girl. Hearing a knock on your bedroom door and getting mad because you just know your parents let him in.

peter parker ? michelle jones story // love me like you do

Yanking open the door to find a worried Aunt May. Spending hours before finding him sulking in hello kitty pajama pants and an awful touristy tshirt. Awkward tension as you text Aunt May and telling her you found him and that he was on his way up. Knowing that there was something wrong but not wanting to engage because you were still mad at him Eventually breaking because you still love him.

I know how much that meant to you. Regretting not hugging him or comforting him. Going back to your apartment to sulk and eat another pint of ice cream. Witnessing Spider Man and Iron-Man save a bunch of people on a ferry. Dropping your spoon and ice cream as it hits you. Running into your room to grab your journal. Finding a consistent pattern. It dawning on you that Peter Parker is Spider Man.

Banging on the door. Aunt May answering with a concerned look. Busting in and then closing the door behind you.

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Marching straight up to his startled, adorable, puffy eyed self. Punching him in the arm and then covering his mouth when he lets out a yelp. What the hell, dude. Standing there in complete silence for almost half and hour. Him finally explaining how it happened. Him showing you all his nifty tricks. Feeling bad that he got his suit taken away.

Will refrain dating peter parker tumblr for council

Ned being ecstatic that you know. Because now he can finally talk about it with someone other than Peter. Ned not shutting up about it. Peter showing you a different view of the city. Planning romantic dinners on roof tops. Or well, kind of romantic. Making you promise that you will run away whenever something bad happens. Vowing that he will never let anyone hurt you for as long as he lives because aside from Aunt May, you are the most important person in his life and he does what he does to protect you.

Dat ing Tra ns! Pe ter Par ker wo uld inc lud e Pride Prompt 10 Trans! Peter x Reader Request: Please could you do hcs for dating trans! It was only when you started going to high school that you might have been realizing you started to love Peter in a different way Had he always been this cute? Ned caught on immediately the next day at school He even squealed when he caught you holding hands You announced your relationship openly two weeks later You were cute af, everyone pretended to be grossed out by you, but if they were to be honest they would have had to admit that they adored you Hand holding.

Exchanging kisses in the hallways between classes He always got you a coffee before school I mean he already did that before you started dating but now he always asked the barista to draw a little heart on top.

Lie. dating peter parker tumblr understand you

You freaked out How could he risk his life like that? Basically you two just being the cutest couple and always being there for each other. Dating Peter Parker and being bored would include Originally posted by alyciadebnamcarey Request Are Open!!!!!!

If both of you are constantly fighting, Peter would in no doubt break off the relationship. Peter absolutely hates fighting with you. Peter would want to have a big family of his own. He would enter from the window and see you lying awake. Peter would be so overcome by emotions, realizing how much you mean to him. He would give you a long speech about how much he loved you and asked you to marry him. After a week or two, Peter would give you an official proposal, with a ring and all.

He would ask Tony to help him by holding a big party.

are absolutely right

Peter would just lead you outside to the balcony and everyone would be watching him propose to you. Everyone would be cheering for you and would be so happy that Peter found his true love.

Peter would constantly worry about you. He would even take days off when you were feeling sick, choosing to plan everything for you for a few days. This boy calls you Mrs. Peter is absolutely one of those guys that keeps count of the days.

They would goof off around all day but Peter would find himself missing you a whole lot. Peter would have a hard time trying not to kiss you. The loving looks you gave him just made him want to grab your face and kiss you. The wedding looked really expensive, and it was. Tony outdid himself with this one, he wanted the best of the best for both you and Peter. Peter will engulf you in a hug twenty-four seven and kiss your lips all the time. Peter will make love to you every night, showing you how much you mean to him.

Also, picture galore. Peter will take pictures of you everywhere. He will have no shame walking into a meeting next time and showing you off. Peter would be proud of you, no shame. Aunt May would pay you a lot of visits, knowing how lonely you get since Peter is in and out of the house a lot. You would facetime Peter every night, checking in on him. It was the day of your anniversary and you both were drunk. Aunt May was finally proud. Although it would be a hard decision for Peter to make, he would ultimately resign from being Spider-Man.

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He wants to be there for his child. Both of you agree to not have the gender reveal. Peter secretly wanted a girl, if he was being honest. Your mood swings were also out of the park.

One day you would be horny and in a moment you would be crying, saying you were fat and ugly. Peter would be stumped and be stressed in general. One day, you would get into an argument with Peter and accidentally revealed the gender of your child.

He would hug you tightly and tear up. While out with Aunt May, your water would break.

variant, yes Bravo

Peter instantly dropped from his chair. He left everything behind and raced to his car, driving to the hospital as fast as he could. After the labor, you both would admire your small daughter, naming small things that reminded you of each other. Going back home, Peter would take care of his daughter, no questions asked.

Being Deadpool's daughter, and dating Peter would include Being plus-size, and dating Peter would include Being lab partners with Peter would include Dating Tom Holland, and running a fan account for Sebastian Stan would include Being Wade Wilson's sister, and dating Peter Parker . She didn't know why she had agreed. Maybe she thought it would make Peter love her, or maybe a selfish part thought it would push Liz away. Unfortunately, Peter's plan was working. Liz looked at him more. Talked to him more. Smiled at him more. And Peter couldn't get enough. It was a Friday afternoon that Y/N finally broke. Dating Peter Parker Would Include: (HC) Originally posted by underoos-tom. A/N: just a quick little thing I felt like doing! Requests and tags are open. Masterlist + Prompt List - Knowing he's Spider-Man before dating. Because you guys were best friends first. Your relationship slowly just became more touchy.

He would make you rest while he spent time quality time with his daughter. After his daughter would successfully sleep, Peter would crawl back to bed and hug you. Peter felt like the happiest man in the world. Having an understanding and beautiful wife along with a beautiful daughter too.

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader Description: You and Peter have been best friends for about a year now, and one day you get a call from your dad, Tony Stark, and he starts to act super weird.

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Dating Peter Parker Would Include:. Whoever wants to be tagged in my Dating Peter Parker, like and or reblog now. SO, wanna be notified? Press that heart or arrow or even write a comment. I gotchu fam. Also teenage pregnancy is not a joke! Genre: Fluff Summary: You and Peter decide to have some harmless fun. Trust me?

Dating peter parker tumblr

Peter Parker X Reader. Your lips are the wine and I want to get drunk Peter feels like a sin and you would be gladly be the sinner. You have to meet her!!

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