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These qualities make it excellent for regular recreational shooting and for introducing new shooters into the world of handguns. In this guide, we'll expand on the benefits of. You can compare them in the table below or continue scrolling down, where we cover each handgun in more detail. Ruger SR Walther P

Jan 15,   Dating back to , Llama Firearms has a long celebrated history; however, this isn't the pistol your grandfather knew. Now manufactured by Metro Arms in the Philippines, the old classic Llama designs are being built with improved materials, quality and workmanship. Spanish traditions, durability and a sense of uniqueness are all hallmarks. Dating Llama Pistol En quelques minutes vous beneficiez d'une base de donnees Dating Llama Pistol elargie de celibataires serieux! Creez votre profil personnel en indiquant votre age, pays, nationalite, situation de famille, annonce de rencontre, et charger votre photo (vous pouvez charger autant Dating Llama Pistol que vous le voulez). Manufacturer: Stoeger Model: Luger Caliber: 22lr Finish: Black Capacity: 10 Magazine(s) included: 3 Barrel Length: for sale by VD on GunsAmerica -

If you are only able to use a. We've compared the dimensions of each of our picks, so you can find the best. Before getting into. First up is Ruger, a manufacturer known for a their. Prices accurate at time of publishing. Featuring an exposed hammer, on double action, the trigger pull requires somewhere between 8 to 11 pounds of pressure, but the single action 4 to 6 pound trigger pull is relatively crisp. Nearly all. The SR22 offers an ambidextrous thumb safety and magazine release.

This is a nice feature if you plan to use this pistol to teach gun "newbs" how to shoot. When the hammer is in the rear position, the safety also acts as a decocker.

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The pronounced three-dot sights on the SR22 are great. The rear sight is fully adjustable for windage and elevation. As with every firearm on our list, the SR22 has an excellent overall aesthetic.

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The barrel is made from stainless steel, and the slide is made with anodized aluminum. The slide comes in a dark matte finish or silver, which gives the SR22 a sleek look. Finally, the SR22 features easy-to-handle front and rear slide serrations. The textured rubber grip feels extremely comfortable, though the grip texture could be a lot better. The curves in the rear make a natural beavertail, and on the whole, the SR22 has a great ergonomic feel.

Jun 26,   Mod. IV.-This was the original Llama pistol, dating from , in 9 mm. Largo (Bergmann) caliber. It is a full-size reproduction of the Colt-Browning recoil-operated pistol Mod. When first issued no model number was assigned but the factory catalog designation was No. The gun was an instant success: between the years to over 2 million Mark series pistols were sold, making it the bestselling LR semi-automatic pistol in the world. The latest iteration in the Ruger Mark Series is the Mark IV 22/45 LIte. Jan 03,   On a Llama it is usually on the left side of the frame just above the trigger guard. On that pistol it will probably be a letter followed by a number, with an * between. The codes are the same whether it's a Llama, a Star, or an Astra To get the year for your code, google "Spanish pistol date codes" Here's the one I use most.

The only real complaint I have about the SR22 is that, due to the rubber grips, the magazines sometimes require an extra-firm push to lock into place. The gun was an instant success: between the years to over 2 million Mark series pistols were sold, making it the bestselling.

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The top half of the firearm is made from an aluminum alloy, and the bottom half is made with reinforced polymer. One of the biggest improvements of the Mark IV when compared to its predecessors is the ease of disassembly and reassembly.

On the back of the firearm below the bolt is a button, which when pressed allows you to remove the receiver and bolt with a gentle pull.

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The easy-to-use magazine ejector is spring loaded so that the magazine is pushed out of the firearm when activated. Also new in the Mark IV is its ambidextrous paddle safety, featuring a similar design to the Dating back to the original Mark I, this firearm has always had a button safety, but in my opinion, the paddle safety is a clear improvement.

Ruger also provides a washer with the firearm that can be used to disable one of the safety paddles if necessary. The Mark IV uses a bolt-style design to feed ammunition from the magazine into the chamber. Unlike previous versions, the Mark IV allows you to pull on the back of the bolt, feeding a new round from the magazine into the chamber.

The polymer frame has a classic design, and the rubber grips are textured for added comfort and control.

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There is also checkered texturing on the back and front strap. The sights are all black and fully adjustable.

Without any dots, aiming down the sight may take some getting used to. However, customization is easy for those who want to upgrade to more sophisticated sights.

One thing I really like about Mark-series pistols is that the tubular design keeps the barrel in a fixed position. This helps ensure that the firearm is always kept in perfect alignment, ensuring consistent accuracy.

Dating llama pistol

The trigger pull feels nice and crisp, requiring an average of pounds. There are a wide variety of aftermarket triggers available for additional customization, but the original trigger works great.

It feels and looks great, and on the whole provides a great deal of fun at the range. You might find that you want to make some adjustments to find the perfect look and feel, but as mentioned before, customization is typically cheap and easy.

Aside from the overall size, the P22 differs from the P99 in that it has an external hammer and safety and is of course chambered in the smaller. The P22's frame is made from polymer, and the slide is made from zinc alloy. One of my favorite features of the P22, along with most Walther pistols, is the general comfort stemming from their firearms' ergonomic design. With that said, grip texture leaves something to be desired on many Walther pistols, and the P22 is no exception. The P22 features both front and rear slide serrations, texturing at the front of the squared-off trigger guard, and a small cavity at the base of the trigger guard for added space for gloved hands.

All of the controls on the P22 are ambidextrous, including the safety and European-style magazine release at the back of the trigger guard. Earlier iterations of the P22 had some problems with the steel slides, but product recalls have fixed most of these concerns. The gun only comes with one magazine, which is a bit disappointing.

On the whole, the ated round magazine is easy to load and lock into the firearm.

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The front of the firearm has a picatinny accessory rail, and Walther makes its own laser that fits on to the P22, for those who are interested. As far as overall aesthetic is concerned, the smooth, rounded edges give this gun a really nice flowing look, which is complimented perfectly by a comfortable polymer grip.

Gabilondo would produce 10, guns, carry out overall quality control and arrange delivery to the French authorities. As the number of pistols required increased, the company agreed to purchase any pistols in excess of the agreed number at the same contracted price.

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As the French became more desperate, the procurement process spiraled out of control. Eventually Gabilondo contracted with another three companies and at least 45 other companies contracted with the French directly to produce Ruby-type pistols in a variety of calibres, barrel lengths and magazine capacities. Estimates of Gabilondo Ruby production are betweenan pistols in total. While most Gabilondo produced pistols were of good quality, others were less well made. French officials quickly became aware that few of the Spanish Ruby-types had interchangeable magazines, and insisted the manufacturers mark the base of all magazines.

This was to prevent the possibly fatal consequence at the front line of either not being able to insert a new magazine, or having a loaded magazine detach from the gun in action. Many Ruby-types were plagued by poor finish and incorrectly hardened steel parts which after a short period of use wore so badly that pistols fired on full-auto.

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On other pistols, the safety mechanism wore out. The good quality Rubies were reliable and accurate, although some users were disconcerted by the lack of a visible hammer. AboutRuby types were accepted by the French from all sources and byaboutwere still serviceable and in French army stores.

Many other allied nations, and some of the new nations created after the War such as Finland and Yugoslavia also used Ruby-type pistols. Gabilondo ceased production in and switched to more advanced models, but other firms continued to produce the Ruby-type until the Great Depression wiped out many arms producers. While resembling the closely externally, the mechanism had some features carried over from the Browning model The striker was replaced with a concealed hammer, and in those models fitted with a grip safety, the Browning design was replaced with a native design patented in Spain.

The Bufalo was manufactured in 7. The Danton, introduced in to replace the Bufalo, was very similar but also available in 6. Despite being marked "War Model" and being fitted with a lanyard ring, these pistols attracted no official military sales, but were popular private-purchase and police weapons.

Both guns were a great success, with one exporter alone shipping pistols a day to the US. Production of the Danton was stopped in The Ruby Plus Ultra was made between and It was an improved version of the earlier Ruby but had a round double-stack magazine.

These features were most popular in the Asian market, and sales to both Chinese warlords and Japanese pilots are recorded. These were not purchased officially by the Japanese forces, but as private purchase weapons through the Japanese equivalent of the Army and Navy Stores.

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During the Spanish Civil War volunteers in the International Brigade also favoured these early high-capacity weapons. Around Gabilondo began to make copies of the Colt in. These were simply marked with the Ruby trademark and the calibre. The Llama [5] trademark was registered in and pistols started to appear in There seems to have been a desire by Gabilondo for a clean break with the Ruby brand, given the adverse reputation that wartime Ruby-type pistols acquired the majority of which, ironically, were not even manufactured by Gabilondo.

These were based on the Colt M and later the improved Colt model A1 model ofbut without the grip safety. Very early models were advertised in.

The Llama IV was the first model to appear, but was not numbered until a later date. There are reports of a Llama being bought by the British in for use by the S. The Llama I was manufactured from to and resembled a miniature copy of Colt in 7.

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As a locked breach was unnecessary for a pistol in this calibre, it was eliminated, as was the grip safety. Similar to previous Gabilondo models it had a nine-round magazine.

The Llama III was introduced with a grip safety, locked breech and continued to be made until It was made in the same calibre and magazine capacity. Llama never made a Stainless Steel gun as some report them to be, they are all chrome plated either bright or Satin.

In the s, Gabilondo manufactured its pistols under the brand names "Tauler" and "Mugica" for worldwide export, mainly to the Americas and Asia.

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Tauler was a famous Spanish target shooter and Olympic medalist who became a gunsmith, opening a shop in Madrid and he eventually began exporting weapons. He had the full range of Llama pistols manufactured bearing his trademark and name, with a variety of minor improvements of his own design. Markings on the pistols were in English, suggesting he had the British Commonwealth and North American markets in mind, although in the past other firms had also used these in an attempt to mislead semi-literate customers that they were buying American made weapons.

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He was also an agent of the Spanish secret serviceand used his connections to encourage sales to his fellow agents, government departments and police authorities.

Tauler pistols were only manufactured between and Jose Cruz Mugica was the owner of a large shotgun factory located in Eibar. In the s he contracted to export pistols to the Thai government, but after the occupation of that country by Japan he was forced to concentrate on other markets, mainly in China.

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Most of his products were Llama models marked with his own brand name. Mugica pistols were made between an with some interruptions due to the Spanish Civil War and its aftermath. In the late s, the Spanish military began modernizing their handguns. The extensive trials continued into the s and Llama-Gabilondo proposed first, the Omni series, and then later a new model, the M Both entries were radical departures from their normal products and used the latest technology.

The first Omni dispensed with the Browning style swinging link in favour of the Browning type fixed cam to lock the breech. Apart from the method of locking the breech, other features of the pistol were highly innovative.

In , company began to produce a semi-automatic pistol based on Colt Model They were of high quality and have been sold around the world. After Spanish civil war, company moved its facilities to Vitoria, Spain, where it continued to build handguns under Llama trade name. Dec 19,   Not much is known about the Llama serial number sequencing, so we are attempting to do a database spreadsheet. For all practical purposes, we are looking at the handguns produced under the "Llama" name, and not the earlier Gabilondo y Cia products. I strongly suspect that Gabilondo y Cia started a continuous one ascending number system from the point where they adopted the Llama . Jan 03,   Your pistol was manufactured by Llama and imported by Stoeger. Llama was/is an old line Spanish gunmaker extablished in in Alava, Spain. In , they went bankrupt and were bought out by a bunch of their employees and moved to Vitoria, Spain.

Three new magazine designs were tried. Omni I was a. Quality workmanship and durability are hallmarks of all Llama products. Founded inEagle Imports is proud of its history and tradition of being an exclusive firearms distributor in the United States. I need to purchase magazines for this handgun, where can I find them or what on line company carries them. Thank You. I can only find a few parts for series 2 and 3 models.

Specifically, I need the firing pin retaining mechanism a flat bar and pin, I believerear site, and magazine release. Does anyone know where to get these parts for series 5?

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I have a llama cal. I need to purchase clips for this pistol.

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Where can I purchase the clips for this pistol. Thank you, William Adams. Want to know if you a llama style in cal.

Jan 14,   Dating back to , Llama Firearms has a long celebrated history; however, this isn't the pistol your grandfather knew. Now manufactured by Metro Arms in the Philippines, the old classic Llama. Jul 15,   I found this site which lists the production/proof date codes for Spanish pistols. I was able to date my Star Modelo Super A as a model. This will apply to Star, Astra, Llama, etc. pistols. Modern pistols. Newer pistols have a model name or number, sometimes with a type suffix, clearly on the sides of the gun. Any brand names (e.g. "Firestar Plus") are on the slide and any listed model numbers are on the right side of the frame above the grip panels. Some pistols will .

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